Last Hurrah in London, England

Travel Diary
Day 1-5:

For our last little while left in the UK we decided to go to London to see some more of the city. There is always something going on in London so we knew it would be an entertaining way to end our time in the UK.
Day 1: 
We got all our possessions packed up and went to Birmingham New Street. It was not busy because it was late morning so that made it a lot easier to walk to the train station with all our bags. We brought some leftovers to eat in the train station too.

We were on the cheap London Midland train that takes forever (2h 40min) and we were at London Euston by 3:00. We booked the Tune Hotel Kings Cross so we just walked there from Euston Station.

National Rail has these vouchers you can get online where you get 2for1 at different attractions if you show that you travelled there by train. We got one for the Cartoon Museum and because of the terms and conditions we had to go there right away to use the voucher the same day we travelled.

The Cartoon Museum is near the British Museum. We walked there from our hotel as we don't mind walking at all.

It is a cool little museum showing off all kinds of British Cartoons through history. We were happy to get 2for1 admission. This isn't the first time we've been to a cartoon museum. We also went to the Cartoonmuseum in Basel Switzerland to see and exhibit on Robert and Aline Crumb.
Due to copyright we weren't able to get any close up photos of the artwork but this is what it looked like inside.
We can't resist these things whenever we see them. 

After the museum we met up with our friend and went out to dinner at this pizza place called Picky Wops
They have lots of vegan options and they do a stuffed crust pizza. The thing that makes this place unique is that they have pizza bases made with different types of pizza dough. They have multigrain, kamut, spirulina and regular pizza dough as well. 
We headed back to our hotel for the night and relaxed with a bit of TV.

DAY 2: 
We finally made it to Shoreditch to see all the excellent vegan restaurants. Our friend lead us to all her favourite spots on Brick Lane. Shoreditch is sort of a hipster neighbourhood that has lots of interesting places to see along with many vegan places. We checked out Mooshies, Vida Bakery, Boxpark, Cook Daily and went to Soho for ice cream at Yorica. Read more: Shoreditch: Graffiti, Food and Vegan Gang
DAY 3:
We walked around London and had coffee. We were really taking it easy and trying not to over do it in London. We didn't want to wear ourselves out.

We had surprisingly never been to the National Gallery in London before. It was on our bucket list so we went there to check out some paintings. It was a perfect day for it too since the weather was not the greatest. It was raining a little bit and looked like more rain was on the way.
We were impressed with the skill involved in the artwork we saw. 
We tried to perfect our skills at the backwards selfie.
There was paintings by all sorts of famous artists like Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh.

We found a painting that looked surprisingly similar to our friend 12yearsavegan so we sent it to him.
We really liked these epic paintings of battle fields but if you look closely some of the soldier's faces are repeated.
We took a picture of Canada House in Trafalgar Square which was outside the National Gallery.
In Trafalgar Square the Mayor of London was speaking as they were screening the film The Salesman as a celebration of London's diversity. They also had some music from some Syrian musicians.
We went to the Southbank Centre and looked around for a while taking pictures.

We wanted to take some cool pictures of London at night. We were also waiting for our Ghost Bus Tour to start. We headed to the meeting point for 7:30pm. When we were looking for stuff to do in London while we were there we saw all these ads for the Ghost Bus Tour and it sounded pretty fun and we ended up checking it out. It's like a London bus tour but they tell you all the ghost stories and there is a dramatic, scary, and comedic story to go along with the tour. 

DAY 4: 
We did a day trip to Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes. Bletchley Park is where codebreakers broke the enigma code during WWII which shortened the war by about two years according to experts. Now Bletchley Park is a museum showing off how the codebreaking was done and how it helped advance technology. Read more: Bletchley Park: Top-Secret Operation

After returning to London from Bletchley Park we ate some dinner and went for a walk through London down to the Victoria Apollo Theatre to see the play Wicked. We passed Buckingham Palace which was all lit up with cool lights. 
The theatre was huge. It was a lot bigger than all the other theatres we have ever been in but this was a big production so it makes sense. From the sounds of everyone's accents everyone was a tourist in the audience.
We enjoyed Wicked and thought the cast were excellent singers. It's based on the Wizard of Oz but the story is told from the Witch's perspective. We thought it was a creative concept.
DAY 5:
We stopped by VX which is a vegan boutique that serves coffee and vegan junk food.
We got a cafe latte, a chai latte and some cheese toasties. This was our breakfast.
We ate our food while we walked. We were headed to another place to eat called Cookies and Scream. It's a desert place but we knew the walk was going to take us awhile so by the time we got there we'd be up for more food.

We hadn't really been in Islington before. There wasn't all that much to see on our walk as it was mainly residential and some regular businesses you'd see anywhere in the UK. It was great weather for a walk though.
Cookies and Scream is located on Holloway Road. They have a market stall in Camden Market that we've been to before but we've never been to this location. We made it there and ordered some dessert. All their stuff is vegan at Cookies and Scream.
We got an ice cream sandwich.
And we got a milk shake. I think it was a chocolate fudge milk shake and the icecream sandwich was with a double chocolate cookie.

They have a good selection of desserts there.
We were so glad we made it to Cookies and Scream before leaving the UK.
We started to wandered around back somewhat towards our hotel. We ended up in Exmouth Market which was a cool street.

We saw this hand drawn map in one of the windows there which was very well done. We made our way to our Tune Hotel Kings Cross and got all our stuff packed up and ready to go. We had paid for our hotel to store our luggage while we were out since we no longer had the hotel room.

We had to do some last minute sorting of our stuff and ended up donating some excess stuff to one of the charity shop donation bins. We took all of our stuff to the St. Pancras train station and caught the train to Gatwick airport.
We decided to get a hotel at Gatwick airport rather than having to make the journey to the airport in the morning fighting rush hour traffic and whatnot. The hotel wasn't the cheapest but it was located right in the airport which made things a lot simpler. It was not more expensive than our hotel in London though and it was a bit nicer too. We bought food from the supermarket in the airport for dinner and we also got Cornish Pasties from the West Cornwall Pasty Company as they have a vegan Pasty.
We chilled out, went to sleep and then woke up and went to through security and went to our gate. Our friend who was flying out the same day as us to Vancouver on another flight was nice enough to come visit us at our gate before our flight. Then we boarded our flight and before we knew it we were back in Canada.

If you are considering a trip to London, please book here. It will be great help to us and won't cost you any extra money!

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  1. Loved your pictures of London at night, and those ice cream sandwiches looked amazing! Also how great is Wicked, one of my favourite musicals :)

    1. Thanks. Yeah Wicked was very clever and the Ice Cream Sandwiches were something we didn't want to leave London before trying.

  2. You saw a lot, you ate some fine food and you totally had some time to chill too! Love it. And am making a note about the cartoon museum!

    1. We were really happy with how our trip went. Definitely check out the cartoon museum.

  3. You know - no matter how many times I go to London, or how many articles I read - there are ALWAYS things new to me. I never heard of the cartoon museum, it is on my list now though!

    1. Yeah same. I almost don't like reading other people's London blog posts because then I get jealous when I missed out. At the same time we found a lot of places to see in London from other blogs.

  4. This post brought back so many memories! I've been to the British Museum a billion times but didn't know that there was a cartoon museum! Thanks for sharing :D

    1. No one seems to know about the cartoon museum.

  5. So many fun things to do...I'm pining for London again! The first thing I would do is go lie under a tree in Hyde Park.

  6. That ice cream sandwich is enough to make me want to go!

  7. It sounds like you had a great time in England :) Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  8. Looks like you had a great experience in my home city. :)

  9. Love London; I'm making a note of the cartoon museum for my kids! I'll have to check out some of the vegan places to eat - the ice cream sandwich looks amazing...

    1. Yeah Cookies and Scream is great and the cartoon museum was cool too.

  10. Amazing photos of your travels! I can't get over that ice cream sandwich. I need it in my life.

  11. I love Brick Lane!! I think I will put the cartoon museum on my list for the next visit, so much fun!

    1. Brick Lane was great. I'm surprised we had never been there before.

  12. Very nice spent 5 days in London! Great itenerary

  13. It sounds like London is one of the best place for those who travel for food. That was a very informative post on London city. The pictures are amazing

  14. Sounds like fun. That Cartoon Museum seems interesting. And how was that Syrian music at the Trafalgar Square? :) You had some nice time guys, thanks for sharing!

  15. That ice cream sandwich will be my highlight during my trip if I were you :)

  16. London has so many amazing attractions to explore! The Cartoon museum looks fun and the food you had looks delicious. Looks like you had so much fun on your trip!

    1. We had a great time hanging out in London, before heading back.


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