Last month we gave you STREET ART AND GRAFFITI OF BIRMINGHAM. This month we are talking about some of Birmingham's biggest musical acts.

We lived in Birmingham UK for 2 years and we really enjoyed it. Before moving to the UK, we didn't know a lot about Birmingham and we were interested to learn that there are quite a few iconic/famous bands from Birmingham.

Without further ado these are some of the biggest bands to come out of Birmingham.

Duran Duran - This is a New Romantic pop group from the 80's that you are probably familiar with. This is definitely well before our time but we are no stranger to hearing this band probably from a combination of radio, TV advertising and from back when they used to play music videos on TV. They definitely make some catchy tunes.

The (English) Beat - This is one of the original 2 Tone ska revival bands from the late 70's early 80's. In the UK they are known as The Beat but in USA/Canada they are called The English Beat. They come from the same scene as ska bands like nearby Coventry's The Specials and The Selector. Also I remember watching a show on TV called Bands Reunited back in 2004. From the looks of it they are still making music as you can see by this video which happens to be shot in Birmingham.

Judas Priest - Probably one of the most famous heavy metal bands of all time, Judas Priest are one of the pioneers of heavy metal back in the 70's and 80's. Their look and style are iconic to heavy metal culture. If you are a fan of metal you've no doubt heard them. Even if you aren't a fan you've still probably heard of Judas Priest. In the 1990's they were brought to trial by the parents of two Judas Priest fans who committed suicide. The parents accused Judas Priest of causing their kid's suicide by putting suicidal subliminal messages in their music. The case was dismissed.

Black Sabbath - Speaking of heavy metal pioneers, Black Sabbath have got to be the most important heavy metal band of all time and probably the most widely known as well. Who hasn't heard of Black Sabbath or Ozzy Osbourne? Ozzy went on to reality show fame with the reality show The Osbournes reaching a broader audience. Recently Black Sabbath finished their farewell tour called The End Tour. Their last show took place 4th February 2017 in Birmingham. Another interesting fact is that bassist Geezer Butler is vegan. Way to go Geezer!

Charged GBH - Birmingham seems to has quite a number of loud and fast bands in it's history. Charged GBH or just GBH are a punk band started in the late 70's. They were part of the UK82 punk scene which was the second wave of punk. They have the iconic punk look with leather jackets, studs, and spiked hair. They are actually still active and touring to this day. If you're a fan of 80's punk should check out GBH as they may be coming to a town near you.

The Streets - A lot of these Birmingham groups are from the 70's and 80's which seems to be a huge era for the Birmingham music scene. More recently rapper Mike Skinner aka The Streets made it big in the UK Garage/UK hip hop scene. He received quite a bit of good press and reviews in North America as well. I think I may have won one of his CDs in a contest draw if I remember correctly.

There you go. Birmingham has produced pop, ska, heavy metal, punk and hip hop acts that have been quite successful in each of their genres and around the globe. Of course this is just some of the bands to come out of Birmingham as I'm sure there is many more great bands that we've never heard of especially since there is all sorts of different music genres out there that we wouldn't know the first thing about.

Birmingham's music scene isn't just in the past either. If you want to see music in Birmingham than you will have plenty of choice. Birmingham has lots of venues to see live music such as the O2 Academy, O2 Institute, The Flapper, Hare & Hounds, The Rainbow, Mama Roux's, The Asylum, Night Owl Bar & Club, Barclaycard Arena and Genting Arena.

There is music covering all sorts of different genres and scenes so there is something for everyone. Next time you are travelling to the UK make sure to check out a show in Birmingham. Who knows you might end up finding the next big thing and having your life changed forever.

What's your favourite Birmingham band? Did we leave out someone important and now you'd like to complain? What's your favourite Birmingham venue?