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Ultimate Vegan Guide to London, England

London is the capital and largest city in England. It is home to many sights such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, Wembley Stadium and numerous renowned museums.

Returning to Vancouver BC

Travel Diary
It felt strange to be back in Vancouver after 2 years in the UK. It was all familiar but it seemed odd to hear people's accents and to see Vancouver from more of an outsider perspective. We were staying at Grandma's house outside of Vancouver so we had to get the bus and the Canada Line train into Vancouver.
Vancouver had some pay as you go travel cards like London's Oyster cards. It was a piece of cake to make it to downtown Vancouver. We decided to hit up one of our favourite food carts, the Loving Hut food cart in Yaletown. We got some tasty burgers from there. Luckily we had $20 cash as the burgers were $10 each and they only take cash at this food cart. The burgers are pricey but we were still thinking in UK prices which made them not seem so bad at all.


Last month we gave you STREET ART AND GRAFFITI OF BIRMINGHAM. This month we are talking about some of Birmingham's biggest musical acts.

We lived in Birmingham UK for 2 years and we really enjoyed it. Before moving to the UK, we didn't know a lot about Birmingham and we were interested to learn that there are quite a few iconic/famous bands from Birmingham.

Without further ado these are some of the biggest bands to come out of Birmingham.

Duran Duran - This is a New Romantic pop group from the 80's that you are probably familiar with. This is definitely well before our time but we are no stranger to hearing this band probably from a combination of radio, TV advertising and from back when they used to play music videos on TV. They definitely make some catchy tunes.

Last Hurrah in London, England

Travel Diary Day 1-5:

For our last little while left in the UK we decided to go to London to see some more of the city. There is always something going on in London so we knew it would be an entertaining way to end our time in the UK.
Day 1:  We got all our possessions packed up and went to Birmingham New Street. It was not busy because it was late morning so that made it a lot easier to walk to the train station with all our bags. We brought some leftovers to eat in the train station too.

We were on the cheap London Midland train that takes forever (2h 40min) and we were at London Euston by 3:00. We booked the Tune Hotel Kings Cross so we just walked there from Euston Station.

National Rail has these vouchers you can get online where you get 2for1 at different attractions if you show that you travelled there by train. We got one for the Cartoon Museum and because of the terms and conditions we had to go there right away to use the voucher the same day we travelled.

The Cartoon Museum is…

Best Places [Veganised] to Visit in United Kingdom

After spending two years exploring the United Kingdom, we have put together a list of our most favourite places we have had the pleasure of visiting. These places will usually be found on the top places to visit in the UK on most travel sites. What makes our list different? We have veganised the destinations with our favourite vegan finds. So start packing your bag, you should probably include a pair of stretchy leggings, cause you will definitely gain 10 lbs when visiting these places around the United Kingdom.

Lake District

This is one of those regions of the UK that people will keep recommending that you visit. The UK has a huge population for such a small island and people there definitely feel a need to get out into nature. If you're making a trip to the Lake District you can stay at the Fox Hall Vegan B&B like we did. We found it easy to get to and they cooked us delicious vegan meals. They will even make you a lunch to bring with you if you would like. It is a lot of fun…

Bletchley Park: Top-Secret Operation

Travel Diary Day 4:
Before leaving the UK we wanted to meet up with my uncle one more time. He suggested that we go to Bletchley Park which was a great idea. Bletchley Park is located near Milton Keynes so we had to get a train from London Euston to Bletchley. You may have heard of Bletchley Park before if you've seen the film the Imitation Game or the film Enigma.