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Wanderlust Tofu Scramble Wraps

Welcome to the Wanderlust Vegans Kitchen! We will be providing you with simple, easy recipes every Friday for healthy meals on your travels.
Today we will be making Tofu Scramble Wraps. (2 wraps)


1 brick of medium tofu
2 clove of Garlic
1/2 Onion
1/2 Bell Pepper
2 TBSP Soy Sauce
1TBSP Turmeric
Sriracha sauce (optional)
TBSP Oil (optional)
Flour Torillas
Salt and Pepper to taste.


Dice onions and peppers. Mince garlic

Add all the ingredients to a frying pan.

Use a wooden spoon to scramble the tofu.

Cook the mixture until there is no longer excess water from tofu and the mixture is suitably dry.

Scoop the mixture onto a flour tortilla/wrap.

Fold the sides of the tortilla and then roll to form a burrito looking wrap.


If you want you can add all sorts of veggies to the tofu scramble or field roast sausages for example.

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What's your favourite tofu recipe?

If you missed last weeks recipe find i…

Ghost Bus Tours of London

Before leaving the UK we decided to spend our final days in London checking out the city one last time. When we were looking for stuff we might like to do in London while we were there we saw some ads for the Ghost Bus Tour. We got some tickets and our friends that we met at the Foxhall Vegan B&B in the Lake District joined us as well. We had never been on a bus tour of London before but this wasn't just another bus tour since it was a scary Ghost Bus driving us around. 
The Ghost Bus Tour is great because they show you around the sights of London telling you about the dark side and all the frightening things that have happened in London throughout it's history. There is plenty of crazy stories.
The bus looked awesome and we had perfect mood lighting for all the scary stuff going on. The guide was great and there was a storyline and scary stuff would happen just as you let your guard down.
There was also a lot of laughs as the show was not only creepy but also quite hilar…


Last month we gave you the Ultimate Guide to Birmingham. This month we are talking about street art in Brum. One thing we enjoyed about walking around Birmingham is the street art everywhere, especially in Digbeth. Digbeth is known as Birmingham's cultural quarter with many creative exhibitions and music venues around.

Wanderlust Smoked Tofu Wraps

Welcome to the Wanderlust Vegans Kitchen! We will be providing you with simple, easy recipes every Friday for healthy meals on your travels.
Today we will be making Smoked Tofu Wraps.

A Visit to South Yorkshire and East Midlands.

We had a little bit of a change of plans when we left Durham. We were headed to Lincoln, but unfortunately our friends we were due to visit were very sick with the flu. We didn't really want to catch the flu before a 15 hour flight back to Canada! We had already bought our non refundable train ticket, so we had to figure out where we could go that would allow us to use at least part of our train ticket. We had a train switch in Doncaster, and googled searched around that station for places to go. As I zoomed out I saw a star on my maps. CARLA'S HOUSE! We didn't really remember where in England she had lived. (We had been before, but didn't pay attention to where we were actually going.) It is easy to just hop on a train and not really know where you are going. We made our way to Carla's house for a much needed visit. First though, we needed to take a selfie with her...

How we Visited NINETEEN Different Countries in Two Years

For a long time we wanted to travel but just never got around to doing it. Both of us have always had pretty entry level jobs that don't pay that well. Nevertheless, we decided to find a way to do what we want. We made it work and now we've travel to more countries than we ever expected a couple years ago. Here's how we did it.

Wanderlust Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

Welcome to the Wanderlust Vegans Kitchen! We will be providing you with simple, easy recipes every Friday for healthy meals on your travels.
Today we will be making Chickpea Salad Sandwiches.

Visiting Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Travel Diary
Day 2-3

After a 50 minute train journey from York, we made it to Durham which is a well known university town. Durham University is one of the World's top 100 universities. The town was therefore full of students everywhere. There were massive queues for Subway at all the Subway locations in Durham. I guess those students are hungry and Subway is cheap student food.

...but I digress.

Vegan Guide to Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and the most populated city in the country as well. It is a very cosmopolitan city with interesting culture and things to see. Everyone can find something to appreciate in Amsterdam as it is a diverse city with different sights for a variety of tastes.

Why You Should Go: It is a beautiful city with lots of greenery, canals, and bikes. The public transport, trains and airport connect you to the rest of the Netherlands and Europe.
They have a hop on hop off bus for tourists but also hop on hop off boats so you can see the city from the Canal. Amsterdam also has lots of museums like the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, plus restaurants and neighbourhoods to explore. You might know that Amsterdam is well known for the Red Light District which attracts lots of tourists and also the Coffee Shops where people smoke Marijuana which is decriminalised in the Netherlands.

The Blogger Recognition Award

Another award! We have been feeling a bit down lately after leaving England. We were losing motivation to continue writing about our travels as it was depressing to look back at so many wonderful memories in the UK knowing that we had to leave our life there behind. Then this morning we woke up to a message on Facebook saying we were nominated for the ‘Blogger Recognition Award’. We want to thank Hang Around the World for nominating us. This really brought up our spirits, and we started working on our blog immediately.

The blogger recognition award lets you learn a little bit more about why we are doing what we are doing, why we started blogging and some advice we have to other bloggers.

A Day Trip to Newcastle Castle

Travel Diary
Day 2:
We arrived in Newcastle upon Tyne in the morning. We took the train from Durham and it only took about 20 minutes to get there. First things first, we found a tourist map of Newcastle to guide us and save us from using up all our phone's battery.

Bidding Farewell to Birmingham

If you missed last month's update, find it here:  "Veganuary: The Month to go Vegan"
Well, our last month living in England. Already? Wow, did that ever go fast. This month we decided we would stay in England. Usually we try and get to another part of Europe for an adventure, but we thought we would continue exploring England before we left. We started cancelling bills, and quit our jobs for good. See, I've quit my job about 6 times now, so nobody believed me when I put in my notice this time. 
For dinner one night we ordered curry with our flatmate The Vegan Engineer. It was delicious. We also created our 'Bucket List' to help ourselves get through this hard time of moving away from this life we built in England. 

Looking Back On Our Two Years Living Abroad.

Two years ago we boarded a plane from Vancouver to England not knowing what our ultimate plan was. We knew that we wanted to do a little bit of travelling in Europe, but we also knew we wanted to live the 'English' life.

Here we are on top of the Library of Birmingham when we first arrived.

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