Veganuary: The Month to go Vegan.

If you missed last month's update, find it here:  "Tis the Season to be Vegan"

We jumped into the new year with both feet. We also made a post of our "Best Memories of 2016"

We are pretty emotional about our YMS visa coming to an end, but we are trying to stay positive. As much as we want to go back to Canada and see our family that we haven't seen in nearly two years, we just aren't ready to leave England yet. 

We spent the month wallowing in our sorrows, and eating delicious food in Birmingham. On a positive note it is Veganuary so lots of restaurants have deals of their vegan options. 50% off here, free cupcake there, 2 for 1 offers and much more.

Our friend 12yearsavegan came for a visit and we got to enjoy some food with him. We went to 3 threes, for sandwiches and cakes. 
We stopped by Mr Singh's pizza for a slice or two.. okay a whole pizza. One of us hit the big 3 0.
We celebrated by making our way to Cafe Soya for some yummy vegan eats. 
And we were so thankful that some of our friends could join us for a meal.

One of us lost our job again (happy birthday), and the other got their job back. We both can't seem to be employed at the same time. I celebrated with colleagues at Wetherspoons with their vegan chilli.
We were offered free tickets to the Vegan Life Live festival the following weekend. We headed to London for the day to attend and to support our friends doing the Earthlings Experience in Leicester Square. London always seems to have something going on, and we were happy to be able to attend! Read more on our day trip "Spontaneous Trip to London/Vegan Life Live event!"

We also took losing a job as an opportunity to go to Madrid!  
Saw these signs in the toilets at Birmingham airport.
We had an excellent time touring around Madrid and made a VLOG to remember our trip by. The trip was pretty last minute and we managed to keep costs down by doing free activities and staying in a budget hotel. 
We checked out the parks and plazas. We also checked out the Reina Sofia museum during the free entry hours. We did spend money eating out at restaurants but luckily most of them were inexpensive. If you really want to save money you could eat at Shi-Shang which is an all you can eat vegetarian Chinese restaurant. €8.95 at lunch €9.95 at dinner. Enjoy the vlog. Read more of our trip to Madrid "A Beautiful Day Exploring Retiro and Reina Sofia" and "Self Guided Walking Tour of Madrid are Free and Fun"
After our return from Madrid. We remembered that Handmade Burger had their Veganuary 50% off deal still going on. We gathered up our friends and headed there for some delicious burgers. (Side note: We had to visit all 3 locations as the first 2 sold out of the vegan buns.. Why they sell non vegan buns, I will never know. )
The next evening we headed to Zizzi's Pizza for their 2 for 1 offer on vegan mains. (Not before stopping at 3 three's again for lunch) 

We were also invited to a Veganuary Conference at Warwick University. Someone had seen our presentation on Vegan Travel at the West Midlands Vegan Festival and suggested to the coordinator that they get us to speak at their event. We said yes and updated our presentation a little bit!
They also provided a chilli dinner.

Oh look, There we are presenting our talk.. Do we look nervous?
Photo Credit: Warwick Vegan & Vegetarian Society
Since we love burgers so much, we made our way back to Handmade burger to take advantage of their Veganuary deal again.
We've been working hard on getting rid of our unwanted stuff. Our goal is still to only have one main suitcase plus carry on between the both of us. The flight that we have booked back to Canada charges $25 per checked suitcase. This is the start of wrapping up loose ends and preparing for heading back to Canada. We only have a limited time to see everything we want to see before we leave.

To see what we get up to next month, check out our post: "Bidding Farewell to Birmingham"


  1. I think it's great to try and be a minimalist traveler! Unfortunately I'm still too attached to all those unnecessary things you put into your suitcase and never EVER use during your holidays! I which I could get rid of those. Kudos to both of you!

    1. Thank you. It can be a difficult task. But travelling light sure does have its advantages.

  2. Just discovering your blog and love it. I am not vegan but I really enjoy your posts and adventures. I am also very hungry when I finish reading. My doctor is vegan and talks to me about it (because I ask)when I visit but he warns me that it would be difficult to do with my travels. You seem to do a great job.

    1. Thank you. If you have any questions let us know!!


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