Birmingham is the second largest city in England, located in the West Midlands. Birmingham is known for its extensive network of canals, industrial history, Jewellery Stores, Ozzy Osbourne and Peaky Blinders.


We spent two years living in Birmingham and we love the Brummy accent. It's so different from our Canadian accent that we didn't pick it up. We can hardly imitate it. Most of the people we met in Birmingham were from all over so they have all sorts of different accents. Birmingham is a multicultural city with people living there from all over the world. This is one of the things that makes Birmingham great.

People in Birmingham tend to be friendly and relaxed compared to some other places in the UK. They have a bit of an underdog complex because of their accent and the city being known as just a concrete jungle. You may not be aware that Birmingham has tons of parks. Brummies aren't snobby that's for sure. From our experience, they are a social bunch and like to get together and hang out. They love to banter and they're quick-witted from all their banter experience. The more you banter the better you get so be prepared.


Birmingham Vegans: "This is a group for vegans and vegan-curious in the Birmingham (UK) area. We encourage all our members to invite their non-vegan friends to join the group and to promote veganism in their lives in a friendly and positive way, helping to educate others on animal rights, nutrition and environmental sustainability."
This group is intended to be a friendly space which celebrates and promotes veganism. We welcome respectful interaction which shares vegan information and ideas, such as:
• Vegan product finds.
• Reviews and recommendations for local shops and restaurants.
• Local vegan events
• Non-vegan events that you think might be of interest to vegans (these may be removed at an admin's discretion).
• Requests for advice or support.
• Photos and posts about what being vegan means to you as an individual.


Birmingham has come a long way towards being vegan-friendly. It's not as vegan-friendly as London but to be fair, not many places are. It is definitely manageable for vegans and has a few vegetarian/vegan establishments. What Birmingham lacks in the number of fully vegan establishments it makes up in having many vegan options available at different non-veg restaurants around the city.

Vegan Grindhouse: Is a 100% vegan food truck that can be found in various locations around the city. Follow their Facebook to find out where they are next. If you like American style street food, you will love Vegan Grindhouse. Try their Original Grindhouse Burger or attempt the Death Proof II burger challenge.

Natural Bar & Kitchen: 100% vegan bar and kitchen with a buffet and other options as well. Everything looks nice, fresh and healthy. They have a lot of amazing stuff that and it's a great way to try out a lot of different kinds of food. They also have delicious desserts.

Mr. Singhs Pizza: Only the best pizza we have ever had. Mr. Singhs is a vegetarian pizza place offering a wide range of vegan pizzas. They offer 'Vegan Pepperoni, Sausage, Meat Feast, Supreme, etc. as well as burgers, nuggets, and starters. Try their vegetarian supreme pizza with vegan cheese.

Cherry Reds Cafe: It has vegan breakfast, burgers, sandwiches, and wraps, all at reasonable prices. They also have a wide range of vegan drinks, from coffee with soya milk to vegan beer and cider. Try their jacket potatoes (baked potatoes) that you can fill with various vegan toppings.

Damascena: This is a coffee shop that has a menu with excellent vegan options such as plates of falafel, hummus, flatbreads, pickled vegetables, salads, and the are desserts available as well. Their coffee is great and everything we tried was delicious such as the avocado hummus.

Cafe Soya: Is a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant that has a large vegetarian menu, that can mostly be made vegan. Try their Malaysian Rendang curry with mock chicken or lamb.

Wrap Chic: This is an Indian Burrito place. As you may have guessed, their burritos are filled with Indian curries rather than traditional Mexican fillings. There are two vegan options that they offer: the soya Amritsari and a potato curry burrito.

Jyoti Indian Vegetarian Restaurant: Birmingham is known for its excellent Indian food and this is our personal favourite place to check out. The curry is great but all the deep fried fritters and sweets are what make this place the best. You can get a mixed platter of different fritters and it is worth. You will be stuffed. Get some sweets for the road as they have a big selection of Indian baked goods like you've never seen.

3 Threes Cafe: This is a vegetarian cafe that offers all many plant milk options for your hot drinks. They also have an assortment of vegan sandwiches and cakes. They have sandwiches like the BLT, Club, Ploughmans, Falafel, Chicken Salad and they are all vegan. Try their red velvet cupcakes.


Train: Railcard, if you live outside of the city centre, or enjoy exploring England. Getting a rail card gives you 33% off of all your train journeys. We had the Two Together Railcard. Check to see which one you are eligible for.

National Express: Though it can be quite expensive to take the bus- the local buses go to most places that you cannot get to by train or tram. Bus passes are a lot cheaper than paying for the bus every day though. You can get week passes or four week passes.

Walk: Birmingham city centre is a pretty walkable city centre. From one side to the other you are looking at around 30 minutes. It is unlikely that you would be walking from one side to the other though.


Super Drug: They have their own range of products that are not only cheap but vegan and not tested on animals. You can find toothpaste, deodorant, hair products, hair colour and everything else here.

Aldi/Tesco/Coop: There are many supermarkets in the UK that are great for vegans. Aldi is very reasonably priced and carries the cheapest hummus in town. Tesco and Coop have a wide range of vegan products. Coop is very good at labelling their products that are vegan.

Lush/Body Shop: Both stores offer high-quality vegan toiletries. This includes hand creams, soaps, shampoos, deodorant, bath bombs, body sprays. Lush is where you will find your handmade products.

Holland & Barrett: A chain of health food shops all over the UK. They offer supplements, vitamins, mock meats, nuts, etc.


Agencies: We have found work in Birmingham through recruitment agencies and directly through employers too. Online job boards such as Reed and Indeed are useful for posting your resume/CV for employers and recruitment agents to find.

All of the times that we ended up getting interviews or jobs through an agency were because we submitted our CVs online or applied for a specific job online. The agencies tend to contact you if they have a job that suits you.

We did register at a few agencies that didn't have a job lined up for us and none of them ended up finding us any work. The registration process does take an hour or two plus travel time. Some of the agencies could be based on the other side of town where it will take you an hour to get to so registering could be an all-day affair. We felt a bit disappointed the times we travelled far to register and then they failed to find us any work.


We shared a two-bed house with another couple just outside the city centre that had a back garden, then later rented a bedroom in a flat in the city centre.  It was actually cheaper to live in the city centre and pay a little more rent than living in the outskirts and have to pay for a bus pass every month.

Month's Rent: £175/per person

Month's Bills: £90/per person (Including: Council Tax, Water, Gas, Electric, Mobile, Internet)

Month's Groceries: £130/per person

Month's Transportation: £60.50/per person (City Bus)

 £455.50/per person

Other Expenses:

TV License £12/per month

As you can see, living in Birmingham worked out great for us and it could work out great for you as well. It is England's second city. It's much more affordable than London and a lot of other major cities. We found it easy to find work in Birmingham which was quite a relief. Birmingham is right in the middle of England which makes it great for seeing other parts of the UK. There are lots of vegan options available all over the city and they have an active vegan social scene. Visit Birmingham today or maybe even move there!

To Learn more about Birmingham, UK, Read about our time living in Birmingham 2015-2017.

For information on tourism in Birmingham, see our city guide.

What do you think of Birmingham? Do you think you would head there for a visit?


  1. The more you banter the better you get so be prepared.haha so true!I felt like i was talking to my friend when reading this post. Great share

  2. Had no idea Birmingham was such a multicultural city, it is definitely very underrated! Love that there are so many vegan and vegetarian options :)

    1. Birmingham is a great place. Very up and coming.

  3. That's pretty cool, I hope we'll get to go to Birmingham before we leave the UK! Some of these vegan restaurants really sound delicious!

  4. I am definitely going to use this next time I am in Birmingham! Thanks for all the mega info :)

  5. I'm looking at moving to the UK soon, so this has been so helpful... Definitely bookmarking this to refer back to later ;)

  6. I enjoyed reading this post as it is a useful resource for anyone visiting or moving to the city whether vegan or not. I'm from another famously friendly area of the UK, the North East! glad to hear you're enjoying living in the UK. June :)

    1. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed our post. We loved living in Birmingham.

  7. my wife and I need to some just to try that vegan pizza! Looks like a really fun place to live

    1. It really is amazing pizza. BEST EVER!! And we are real pizza fans.

  8. Birmingham is one of those cities where I've never really thought to visit! But It looks awesome so I may have to go check it out

  9. That pizza!!!, I haven't tried vegan cuisine but that is definitely delicous, living there must be great for you guys, lucky for you.

  10. I underestimated Birmingham when it came to vegan food. My perception has surely changed after taking a look at this article. Some of the vegan restaurants sounded very delicious. Would love to try them myself.

    1. Glad to have changed your perception. The vegan scene is fantastic in Birmingham.

  11. I am really excited to see such a big vegan community and so many vegan food options in Birmingham. I would love to visit here. Thanks for the guide. Mr. Singhs Pizza seems particularly yummy!!

    1. Oh yes, the pizza is amazing. The vegan scene is spot on.

  12. Indian vegan burritos?? Holy moly! I need to make my way to Birmingham now to try some of this food! I love how much fusion is happening in the culinary world nowadays, its super inspiring!

  13. I am hoping to go to Birmingham for a few months. This guide is the real deal. I have noticed it gets difficult when you go to a new place and have no idea about stuff esp diet and hotels that are vegan friendly. Thanks for this post!


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