Best Vegan Food of 2016

*Warning, do not view this blog post on an empty stomach!* Now that you have all been warned, prepare yourself for some amazing looking food that we found in our travels in 2016.


In London, after going to the London Vegan Youtube Meetup to meet all the YouTube stars, we went to My Village Cafe for some Mediterranean food. We had falafel and dolmades.

In March, we went for a quick trip to London again just for fun and to see a bit more of the city. We went to an all vegan sushi restaurant for dinner called Itadaki Zen. It was delicious and great to be able to order all sorts of things off the menu, not just the usual avocado roll and cucumber roll.

A new vegan ice cream shop opened up not far from our hotel called Yorica and we had to check it out. I believe their ice creams are made using rice milk. They have all kinds of flavours.
It's a good thing that we don't live in London because Cookies and Scream would be responsible for serious weight gain. This place does incredible soya milkshakes with all kinds of delicious flavours and I particularly like the Chocolate Fudge Milkshake.
At the Leicester vegan fair we came upon a vegan fried chicken stand called Temple of Seitan which we absolutely had to try as it looked incredible. We saw people walking around with these and had to get some of these southern fried tenders with coleslaw. Lucky for us and everyone, Temple of Seitan has opened up a shop in London called Temple of Hackney. We hope they do well. We are definitely going to visit before we leave.

Brighton VegFest was full of good food but two the stuck out were this cheesecake from an unknown burger stall and this doner kebab pita from Beelzebab.

Evesham vegan festival was pretty small but still had excellent cupcakes. We bought a box and shared with plantbasednurse.

We finally made it to the Lake District after people had been recommending we go since we moved to the UK. There wasn't that much in the way of vegan restaurants in the area so staying in a Vegan B&B definitely made things a lot easier as we had our breakfast and dinner covered. They will even make you a lunch to bring with you for the day if you want. The food was good but the best thing they made was this trifle which reminded me of the one that my Grandma makes.
I can't stress enough that if you go to Edinburgh you need to stop by The Auld Hoose for their nachos. We got the smaller size because the bigger size feeds 5 people of something. It is massive. 
Nottingham is a very underrated place to visit in the UK. Annie's Burger Shake alone is reason enough to go there. The have a menu with a multitude of burgers and every single one of them can be made vegan. They don't make them vegan in a half-assed way either. They have vegan alternatives for every burger and topping. Woot! I really enjoyed the Mushroom Swiss burger with curly fries.

Birmingham has a South American restaurant called Bodega which has a delicious burrito with sweet potato fries. Burritos are a pretty safe bet for vegans looking for good tasting food.
One of the most liked places in Birmingham for vegan food is Cafe Soya which has various Vietnamese and Chinese dishes including mock meats for those who would like something tasting meaty but vegan. The dish we liked the most is the Malaysian curry which tastes amazing and is really spicy.
Glasgow unexpectedly had so much vegan food. It's hard to pick one thing we enjoyed there but the donuts from Kind Crusts were excellent and had a variety of creative flavours.


Prague has a few Loving Hut locations and one of the food highlights of our trip was going to the Loving Hut buffet. The fried cheesy cauliflower was definitely a standout. We were asking ourselves, "what is this amazing food and why didn't I put more on my plate?"
We went to Prague when it was still pretty cold so one food that really warmed us up was this vegan Gloulash from Etnosvet Bistro.


We are always on the lookout for good pizza. In Gothenburg our friends highly recommended this bar called Kelly's Bar which has some vegan burgers as well. The pizza was excellent.
Also in Gothenburg we went to a punk metal bar called Blackbird Vegan Kok Och Bar which had a bunch of delicious appetisers. There was fried cheese balls and the vegan cheese platter.


Amsterdam we discovered a place near our Easy Hotel called Sir Hummus which wasn't a vegan place, surprisingly, but had delicious hummus plates. They offer beef and eggs as a hummus topping. Why? Amsterdam also had a place called Vegabond which we got some quality open faced sandwiches from.


Berlin had excellent vegan Vietnamese food such as this curry from "Soy".
Brammibals in Kreuzburg was a place we heard about long before planning the trip to Berlin and the donuts were impressive. Our burger buns from Vego World were burnt but regardless this was one of the most tasty burger we have ever had. What a great junk food place.

Stopping in Munich to visit our friend was a great idea because she showed us the best spots for vegan food. We got kebabs from Royal-Kebabhaus which were reasonably priced and delicious.
She also showed us Bodhi which is a place that does vegan versions of German food. It was so cool to try as we have never had anything like it. It is definitely a must stop place while in Munich.


In Zagreb, our friend brought us to a little place that made massive seitan burgers for the equivalent of £2. What a deal and they tasted great!


Basel was pretty expensive but Tibits was such a great deal. They had a wide variety of dishes which were all on point. Check out our vegan city guide for more delicious food in Basel.

It's been a fun year and food wise it's been a yummy year. We've found lots of places to eat with great food and atmosphere as well. If you ever get the chance, check out one of these amazing places.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I literally had no idea that vegan food could be so yummy! I can't wait to be back in London to try some!!

  2. My husband and I had our favorite meal so far in Edinburgh - right outside the castle, when it was freezing cold and raining. That might have made it that much better too because it was an escape from the freezing outdoors!

    Have you ever had Ethiopian food?!

    1. You should have gone and got those nachos! Amazing.

  3. What a beautifull parade of deliciousness! Great post, looking forward to read more of your travel insights! :)

    1. It was all pretty amazing. We look forward to having you on our journey.

  4. Oh no, I was hungry and now I am hungrier!! You take amazing photos, and thank you for sharing the wide breadth of options when traveling and how it *can* be done :)

    1. Sorry about that! You will have to go get some delicious food!

  5. This is making me hungry.


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