Tis' the Season to be Vegan

If you missed last month's update, find it here: "Happy World Vegan Month"

As the excitement for our next trip was starting to sink in.  We decorated our offices for Christmas and continued to work for a couple of weeks before our road trip and the holiday season. 

Getting our trip mapped out!
Birmingham was getting decorated with the Christmas cheer. 
During the first week there was an Against Me! concert at the O2 Academy. We decided to go pretty last minute because we felt like seeing a gig. The opening bands were Mobina Galore which was a two piece punk band and Milk Teeth which was a 4 piece grunge band. They were alright.

We ended up running into another vegan couple from the Birmingham Vegan's group. So we hungout with them for the evening and watched the show.

Against Me! put on a great show and we were happy to have gone.

The weekend before our road trip Plant Based Nurse invited us to join him at Costco and then go for some lunch.
We found a ridiculous big bear at Costco.  Afterwards we went to Shobha's for lunch. It was pretty good curry and reasonably priced. The curry we got, Samosa Chaat, was curry on top of samosas. We also go Aloo Tikki Chaat which was a curry on top of potato cakes. That's something we've never had before. Plantbasednurse got some mogo chips which are chips (fries) made out of this root vegetable called Cassava. They are good.
After another couple days of work, we were both off until the new year.

We caught a four hour train from Birmingham to Edinburgh to meet our friend 12yearsavegan to embark on our road trip around Scotland. We started in Aberdeen and made our way around the North Coast 500, over to the Isle of Skye, then onward to Glasgow.
After an amazing trip around Scotland, we hibernated to our flat for the next week. With it being Christmas and New Year most of England shuts down for the week.

We stocked up on food and planned our own 'Wanderlust Vegans Christmas'

We spent the last week of December organising our life because lets face it, it should really been done every once in awhile. We seem to do this every 4 or 5 months.

We let go of what's bothering us - this can be stuff, memories, people, doubts, failures, what ifs etc. We think it is really good to cleanse yourself of everything. It really helps move forward.

We have had mixed feelings about heading back to Canada in a couple months and we had been putting off getting ready for it. (As if it would go away if we didn't plan our journey home) It's not that we don't want to go home and see our family - it is just that we aren't ready to leave the UK yet.

On New Years Eve, we decided to make ourselves a delicious green curry with tofu for dinner. We watched the NYE fireworks from our bedroom window and enjoyed the relaxing evening.

Well 2016, you've been a great year and you will be missed. Check out our "Best Memories from 2016." and join us for an amazing 2017.