United Kingdom Vegan Festivals

We got the bright idea to go travel around all of the vegan festivals as a way to see the UK. There is both the VegFest festivals and the independent vegan festivals. These are some of the ones we've been to in the UK and what we liked about them.

United Kingdom:

  • Coventry: We made it to our first vegan festival of the year. It was put on by the charity Viva! and was held in Coventry Cathedral. There were food stalls outside in the bombed out portion of the cathedral and a bunch more stalls inside the new cathedral.  We've been to a lot of vegan festivals in the past but not for a while. Coventry is fairly close to our friend's place so we all decided to check the festival. Plus, we won a pub quiz so we had extra money to spend on vegan food.


  • LondonWe headed to London for the day to attend Vegan Life Live festival, We had a fantastic time at the festival and were very happy we decided to go. It was bigger than we thought and had oodles of stalls that we'd never seen before. There were many talks and demonstrations as well. We watched a cool demonstration by Chef King CookDaily who runs CookDaily in Shoreditch Boxpark. He showed how to make different kinds of Vegan Mylk and gave out samples. It was great.

  • Brighton: The Birmingham vegans planned a trip to Brighton VegFest and this year we went with them. Brighton is a nice seaside city and the VegFest is a pretty big one. There were many different stalls there and they had stand up comedy which was a highlight. It wasn't strictly vegan based jokes either which was a relief. We saw Carl Donnelly and some others that were pretty funny. Brighton is definitely worth exploring and they have a lot of places that have vegan food aside from at the vegan festival.

  • Bristol:  Again we ended up meeting quite a few people we knew from Birmingham Vegans at the festival. Bristol is a good sized city which has plenty of scenery. It has a nice area down near the water and also a suspension bridge! The festival is outside and has live music and DJs.

  • Evesham: There are many little towns in the UK that have their own little vegan festivals and when you go to them you end up seeing different stalls than the ones that show up at the VegFest ones. It's also a great way to see little towns that you'd have no reason to check out.

  • Leicester: There is a pretty big market area in Leicester and it is not used on Sundays so they started having Vegan Fairs using the space. Leicester is a place that most people probably hadn't even heard of until recently when Leicester City FC won the premiership surprisingly. As it turns out they also have quality vegan fairs with lots of great food.

  • Wolverhampton: Our local vegan festival! And a great one with that. We had an amazing weekend. We got to reunite with some friends we've met all over the UK, hangout with some Birmingham Vegans, and meet some awesome people. We ate some very delicious food and we even presented a talk "Beginners Guide to Vegan Travel". 

  • Bristol: The first time we went to Bristol Veg Fest we had a great time especially because it was our first Vegan Festival and this is the one that made us become addicted to going to festivals. We got to see Bristol and we honestly wanted to move there because it has a good vibe.

  • Glasgow: It was pretty cold in Scotland during December but it was worth it and this Veg Fest had all kinds of vegan celebrities like Patrik Baboumian. Glasgow itself has a bunch of vegan pubs cause some rich guy, who is presumably vegan, decided to open about 6 of them. I'm not complaining and they are all awesome. Highlight of this Veg Fest was stopping by a friend of a friends house who made us some epic vegan nachos and vegan white Russians.

  • Leeds: City centre seemed pretty happening but we didn't see much as the Greater Yorkshire Vegan Festival occupied us for most of the day. We helped some new friends out with their Population Matters booth while they did a talk on the effects of overpopulation. We also gave out free vegan condoms which made a lot of people blush.

  • Manchester: We had a really good time in Manchester because the city has lots to offer and the food at the festival was great. The Northern Vegan Festival was extremely crowded though. It was almost hard to breathe it was so crowded in the building. Luckily we were able to find fresh air to eat some delicious Ital Jamaican food. Manchester has lots of used clothing stores, record stores, hipster stuff and they have a football museum obviously.

We went to a lot more vegan festivals in the UK than we planned on originally and it was all because we liked following them around in order to see other parts of the UK. We got to see Evesham and Leicester which we probably would have not had a reason to visit otherwise. We had fun seeing all these places. Following the vegan festivals also made vegan travelling easier since we knew we were covered in getting delicious vegan food there. We also got to see the different vegan places local to the area. All around we would recommend checking out vegan food festivals and fairs.

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  1. I love the idea of picking a theme for your travel. It can lead you in so many different directions. Whether it's looking for Vegan Festivals or fine dining, the possibilities are endless.

    1. It definitely makes it easier to travel with a theme in mind.

  2. I've heard about the music festivals in the UK before but have definitely NOT seen a list of the vegan fests there. Looks like there's a rather good selection of places to try some good vegan eats. Vegan condoms... I might blush too haha

    1. Vegan Festivals are amazing. Even if you aren't vegan, you would still enjoy it.

  3. I'm not from the UK so I don't know much about the food festival scene there, but I'm glad to hear there are quite a few options for vegans! Your Jamaican dish from the festival in Manchester looks yummy, I'd love to try it. Will keep these events for my future trips to Britain.

    1. Yeah most of the vegan festivals in the UK have some Jamaica food which is good every time.

  4. This blog post is awesome. I always wanted to go vegan and this made a good impression for my decision.

  5. I'm a big meat eater, but this made me want to go vegan for a week at least!

    1. You should try Veganuary. You take the pledge to go vegan for a month. They send you recipes, meal planning and helpful tips. https://veganuary.com/


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