Backpacking Central Europe: Zagreb, Croatia

Travel Diary
Day 10-13:

We did it! We made it to our final destination of our trip! We had a few bumps along the road, but nothing that was easily fixed. We caught all our trains and buses and found all our accommodations.

We arrived in Zagreb in the evening and our friend met us at the coach station. He threw us on a tram, yelled at us to get off in 4 stops and met us near his house.

We went in, dropped off our stuff then headed out to grab a bite to eat.
He took us to Wok Me for a stirfry. We both got teriyaki with tofu and veggies. It was cheap and delicious.

After eating we walked around the city centre a little bit.

We then grabbed some alcoholic beverages and made our way to some friends house for a board game night.
We played Settlers of Catan. We hung around for a few hours before heading back to our friends flat.

He set up his couch for us to borrow for 3 nights. It folded down into a double bed. 

We were starting to get a little tired from all the travelling so we ended up sleeping in quite a long time. Our friend showed us around Zagreb after we got ready for the day. 
Fountain Sculpture of a child taking a piss?! Right.....

We walked around the old town a bit and found some food.
We got seitan sandwiches from Bonita that where the equivalent of £2 and they were huge.

Our friend told us a lot of stuff about Zagreb but most of the time he was yanking our chain.

He told us that the necktie was invented in Croatia and we assumed that he was just making stuff up but it turned out to be true! Good job Croatia.
The old town is very nice with lots of beatiful buildings.
We made sure to hit up all the tourists hot spots in Zagreb like this church behind us.

We walked around some more and we went up a big set of stairs to a park.

The park was pretty high up on the hill and our friend had never been there before.

There happened to be a little church up on the hill and there was a bunch of cats roaming around.

We walked back down the hill towards the old town.

Next our friend took us to one of our favourite sights in Zagreb!
He took us to Art Park which is a park with lots of cool street art everywhere.

The park also has a tunnel you can go inside that was built in WWII by the Nazis. It was pretty cool.
There was atmospheric music playing in the tunnel.

We walked around in search of a Croatia magnet. We walked up and down the sort of touristy area with lots of souvenir shops.
We pretty much called it a night and hung out at our friends apartment.

The next day we woke up and went to get a bake potato from Potato House.
It was a pretty good baked potato with chilli in it.

We walked around looking for cool buildings to take pictures of and Zagreb has lots.

There were a few other people setting up pictures as well.

We like Art Park so much that we went back there so we could see it again and get some better photos during the day.

There was a pretty good view of the city from the top of Art Park.

We walked along the road the Art Park lead to and our friend said he was going to take us to see the Shortest Funicular in the world. We thought he was pulling our leg again but turns out the Zagreb Funicular really is the shortest Funicular in the world. What an achievement!

We had some fun taking pictures up on the top of Zagreb.

We looked around and got some photos.
There was a big whale on the side of the building.

We headed back to the town centre.

We went to a shop and found a magnet since we hadn't bought one yet.

Our friend told us that the facade on the cathedral was woven 300 years ago by monks or something. That turned out to NOT be true. What a guy.

Back in the square we saw a little train ride that was meant for kids.
It turned out to be free so we climbed aboard.
We were all thrilled to go on a tour of Zagreb in a little blue train. Completely thrilled. Every last one of us was excited.
After a very eventful train ride we took a walk in the park.
Our friend told us all about how awesome Zagreb is during the summer.
Apparently in the summer time there is lots of people having a good time in Zagreb. Our friend pointed out all the cool spots to hang out in the summer.

The architecture is Zagreb is really cool. 
And as always we made a lovely video of Zagreb!:

We went into a little shopping centre for a bit and to our surprise there was a restaurant for Canadians to dine at called Canadian Club.
We really had an excellent time in Zagreb and appreciated our friend hosting us and showing us all the sights. The next day we started on our long journey home to Birmingham. We packed up all our stuff and headed to the bus station where we caught a bus to the airport, then a flight to London Heathrow and finally a Coach to Birmingham.

We had an excellent trip overall thanks to our friends for hosting us in Munich and Zagreb. We found that everything went really smoothly and we were happy with all of the places we choose to stop. We were definitely a bit worn out by the time we got to Zagreb but overall the travelling wasn't too much to handle. We tried to give ourselves time to rest and not be too rushed in each place while making the most of our time everywhere.

This really was a trip of a lifetime for us and we will look back with fond memories of our backpacking/flashpacking trip around this part of Europe.

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  1. I really liked Zagreb. And ironically the first thing I ate when I got there was also Asian food. I had just finished 2 weeks traveling the coastal areas of Croatia where all the menus are exactly the same and the food gets very boring (not to mention it's very pricey). Zagreb was the first real city with diverse food option we had seen and we were so happy to go and get some spicy almond chicken with veggies!!!! :)

    1. We liked Zagreb too. We loved how many vegan options they had.

  2. Now I want tp go to Zagreb! Thanks so much for sharing. Do you think there is a best time of year to visit?


    1. Our friend who was touring us around said it was best in the summer.

  3. Seems like a very interesting place, we also heard a lot of good things about this place. Actually its not even that from switzerland, so I should really start to plan a weekend trip next year there .)
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and always happy travelling. Birdie & Hendrik

    1. It was wonderful. I've also heard that Split is beautiful too.

  4. Congrats on reaching your final destination. I love that you played Settles of Catan. Such a fun game.

    1. Agreed, Settlers of Catan is a fun game. It was fun to just hang out and play a game.

  5. As ever, some great snaps guys and the food looks incredible. And really, seitan sandwiches for $2, who can complain? I also really liked the way you included a little trivia in your post, the necktie thing, I always enjoy a post more when I feel I've learned something obscure from!

  6. Nice place to go and pretty easy to get there from Italy! thanks for sharing your experience with us

    1. Thanks. Yeah I think you could take a Flixbus from Italy which wouldn't cost very much.

  7. Art Park looks awesome! I love street art :) Looks like you had a great time - and a great guide showing your around. Zagreb seems like a wonderful city to visit.

    1. Zagreb was awesome. We had a great time visiting our friend and him showing us the hidden gems.

  8. Backpacking through Europe is every traveller's dream. I guess you are having a wonderful time there..your experience will come handy for me one day (thumbsup)

    1. It was amazing. We highly recommend everyone do it at some point!

  9. I just love reading your posts and the way you put down your travel story. Backpacking in a beautiful place like Croatia is absolutely in every traveler's bucket list and you are experiencing such a wonderful time. Nice pictures as always! :)

    1. Glad to hear your enjoying our diaries. We hope to see more of Croatia.

  10. Great overview of Zagreb. I can't wait to use some of this post as I plan my next trip there!

    1. Glad to hear that you can use this post in your planning! Have a great time when you go!

  11. Zagreb looks beautiful! I travelled around the coast and islands of Croatia a few years ago but never made it inland. It looks like a total different vibe to the islands. Seems like it would be a great winter destination when it's too cold for the coast. I also love the street art!

    1. We have yet to make it to the coast. We would really love to one day though! After we left They set up their Christmas market and it looked lovely.


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