A Wanderlust Vegans Christmas

When moving abroad we often only have one thing on our minds. "Travelling!" We tend to forget everything else involved with living half way across the world. You miss birthdays, weddings, holidays and everything in between.

Christmas is especially difficult, not only is all your family getting together to celebrate, but your friends in your current city (The friends who make living abroad not seem as hard) are going to visit their family as well. This leaves you on your own...really on your own, to celebrate (or not) Christmas. 

Luckily being a couple, we aren't completely alone during the holiday season. :)

This year we had planned on going on another adventure, we had been thinking about Paris or maybe somewhere warmer like Malta. In the end we couldn't afford the sky rocket prices in hotels and flights. (Also on a side note, it would have cost us £3000.00 to fly home for Christmas)

We decided if it was just going to be the two of us this year we would still celebrate. 

We put on Micheal Buble's Christmas album, decorated the house, and put up the tree... (Or not) 

No, we didn't put up a tree. The minimalists in both of us were screaming how much of a waste of money a tree and decorations would be. We still have some Christmas decorations in a box back in Canada.

After deciding against the tree and decorations, we instead went to the grocery store and stocked up on our favourite Christmas treats.

We bought enough food to survive the Christmas weekend.
We also didn't want to have to go to any shops during the weekend.

So first things first, We made Vegan Eggnog (In Canada, they actually sell it already made vegan) But in England it's more of a novelty, so if you can find egg nog in stores it's not veganised. We bought all of the ingredients in order to make our favourite Christmas drink Vegan. 
The recipe we used is really nice: http://tasty-yummies.com/vegan-eggnog/

Onto the Christmas Eve snacks! 
We made a little Christmas eve smorgasbord for dinner. We bought various crackers, Violife Cheeze, Tesco Free From Cream Cheeze, Cucumbers (added Dill and Vinegar) , Pickled Cabbage and Pickled Beets. 

This along side our eggnog, we were very full for the evening. 
Michael Buble was singing, we drank vegan nog
Our friends are all gone now, We worked on our blog
We are lucky to travel, but it comes at a cost
Birmingham is raining, we don't even have frost
We made a nice breakfast Christmas eve morning with hash browns, baked beans, Linda McCartney sausage and tofu scramble. With Banana and peanut butter smoothies. It was very nice. We were missing the ketchup though and not feeling up to leaving the flat.

We have more in the way of food planned for tomorrow. We shopped for groceries, forgetting that it is just the two of us so we are going to be set for food for awhile now. We probably could stay in the flat for days.

 We had a couple presents sent in the post for us to open Christmas morning. We stopped buying each other gifts ages ago. We would rather save the money and go on a trip somewhere.

We listened to Michael Buble - Christmas and A Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack while we worked on our blog and got the posts on our Scotland road trip ready to go. We snacked on some leftover cheese and crackers.We went on Skype and talked to some of our family enjoying Christmas and watched them unwrap presents and stuff.

While on Skype we made the easiest Christmas dinner ever. We just boiled some potatoes for mash, boiled some brussel sprouts, popped some nut burgers in the oven along with some Paul Hollywood dinner rolls. It probably took about 20 minutes to cook and then we just put all the dishes in the dish washer. We even had pie and Ice Cream for dessert.

All in all it was a pretty good Christmas. It was a little hard being away from our friends and family but thanks to technology like Skype it didn't seem so bad. If you can get your family to set you up in the corner, then it feels like you aren't really missing anything. We got to eat a pretty good meal that didn't cost much and was easy clean up. Successful Christmas!
Can you spot us celebrating Christmas? 
Both Christmas' we have celebrated abroad have been very nice. Click to see 'Our First British Christmas' from last year.


  1. Looks like you did a great job having a lovely holiday abroad! I've only missed 1 Christmas and it was not easy - I made the best of it with good food, good friends, and skype! Cheers to a wonderful New Year!

    1. Christmas seems to be the hardest event to miss in the year. Glad you had a good Christmas abroad when you were away.


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