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Why Did We Become Vegans?

We thought we would share our story about why we started our journey into veganism almost 7 years ago.

The 7th of February 2010 started off like any other day. I went to my animal care aide course which I was taking for my love of animals. Little did I know I would be in the mist of changing my life and health for good. On that day, we got into teams and did a debate on factory farming. We had to discuss the pros and cons.Two minutes into the discussion I realised there was no pros.

Scotland Road Trip: Epic Dunnottar Castle, Aberdeen, and Cairngorms

Travel Diary Day 1-3
Our friend 12yearsavegan wanted to go on a road trip when he broke up from University for the Christmas holidays. He asked if we would join him on a trip around Scotland. We agreed to plan most of it, so he could focus on his studies. 
Since we had already been on a trip around Scotland, we wanted to plan a trip where we could see more of what we missed the first time. We also planned the route to go in the opposite direction. The first time we drove up the West Coast. This time we planned to go up the East Coast (We didn't actually see the East Coast last time, nor anywhere north of Inverness)
12years wanted to make sure we got to the northen tip of Scotland, and we wanted to make it to the Isle of Skye to see Dunvegan Castle. We booked all our accommodation on Airbnb and we wanted entire suites as we would have to be cooking ourselves dinner in the middle of nowhere!

We researched what else was of interest and planned from there! 
We caught a train from Birmi…

A Wanderlust Vegans Christmas

When moving abroad we often only have one thing on our minds. "Travelling!" We tend to forget everything else involved with living half way across the world. You miss birthdays, weddings, holidays and everything in between.
Christmas is especially difficult, not only is all your family getting together to celebrate, but your friends in your current city (The friends who make living abroad not seem as hard) are going to visit their family as well. This leaves you on your own...really on your own, to celebrate (or not) Christmas. 
Luckily being a couple, we aren't completely alone during the holiday season. :)
This year we had planned on going on another adventure, we had been thinking about Paris or maybe somewhere warmer like Malta. In the end we couldn't afford the sky rocket prices in hotels and flights. (Also on a side note, it would have cost us £3000.00 to fly home for Christmas)
We decided if it was just going to be the two of us this year we would still celeb…

United Kingdom Vegan Festivals

We got the bright idea to go travel around all of the vegan festivals as a way to see the UK. There is both the VegFest festivals and the independent vegan festivals. These are some of the ones we've been to in the UK and what we liked about them.

13 Day Itinerary (Backpacking Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia)

This itinerary will take you to Mozart's home town, inside a spectacular fortress with stunning views, enjoying delicious German cuisine in the heart of Bavaria, through the Austrian mountains, staying at a beautiful lodge with a breath taking mountain view, strolling the beautiful streets of Ljubljana, and finally a visit at the worlds smallest funicular.

That Time We Went on a Road Trip Around Scotland

In June of 2011, I was busily looking for a road trip to do around Canada or USA. We went into a travel agent to get some ideas and he said if it was a road trip we were after to check out "Best of Bonnie" tour. A Scotland road trip leaving in a week for around $950 CAD+tax each. (This included our flights, accommodation, car rental, and a pass into the National trust of Scotland properties.) Uh, SIGN ME UP!

We flew into Glasgow from Vancouver and were extremely jet legged. This didn't stop us from exploring.  What stopped us was getting into the car on the LEFT side of the road and mom refusing to drive and deciding we would be living at the airport for the next week.

Backpacking Central Europe: Zagreb, Croatia

Travel Diary Day 10-13:
We did it! We made it to our final destination of our trip! We had a few bumps along the road, but nothing that was easily fixed. We caught all our trains and buses and found all our accommodations.

We arrived in Zagreb in the evening and our friend met us at the coach station. He threw us on a tram, yelled at us to get off in 4 stops and met us near his house.

We went in, dropped off our stuff then headed out to grab a bite to eat.
He took us to Wok Me for a stirfry. We both got teriyaki with tofu and veggies. It was cheap and delicious.

We Were Nominated for the Liebster Award!

We would like to thank 31 and Over for nominating us for the Liebster Award which is a recognition given to bloggers by other bloggers. This is a way for bloggers to help people discover new blogs and to welcome each other to the community.

Upon acceptance, you must then pass it on to other bloggers to continue sharing the love and discovering new blogs. So please, do not break it! Read the rules at the end if you made it to the “nominees roll”!

Backpacking Central Europe: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Travel Diary Day 9-10:
We woke up in beautiful Bad Hofgastein, Austria and began our walk to the train station. There is a bus you can take, but it would have got us to the train station too early. We also prefer walking. 
We caught the train and had to make a transfer at the Austrian boarder to catch another train. We were a bit nervous as we only had 10 minutes to make our change. A few minutes before we were to make this change a guy came around to check tickets. He told us that we had to catch a coach from the train station the rest of the way to Ljubjana. This was news to us! We booked a train. 
We ran through the train station like a speeding bullet. Then got outside and ran towards the many coaches waiting outside the train station. We started going up to drivers flashing our tickets until one pointed us in the direction of the bus we needed. We hopped over to that bus and jumped on. Within seconds we were pulling out of the train station and on our way to Ljubjana.

Happy World Vegan Month

If you missed last month's update, find it here: "Eighth Month of the Roman Calendar"

Happy World Vegan Day! We celebrated World Vegan Day by joining the Birmingham Vegans for the monthly pizza night. The pizza was delicious as always.

November is World vegan month, starting on November 1st with world vegan day. The reason it is Nov 1st, is because that is the day that the vegan society was formed 72 years ago. This year is the 22nd world vegan month.

Backpacking Central Europe: Bad Hofgastein, Austria

Travel Diary
Day 8-9:

We woke up in Innsbruck and checked out of our hotel. We had some soya milk and cereal that we ate in the hotel for breakfast. We headed to the train station and found the correct platform which was easier to find than we thought.

We could have used some tea and coffee but we decided to wait.

The train ride was pretty amazing.
We went past a big lake.