Eighth Month of the Roman Calendar

If you missed last month's update, find it here: "The Beginning of Crisp Eves and Falling Leaves"

We had a wonderful start to October. The first of October was a miserable rainy day, and it was coming down too hard to even convince yourself to go out in it. We stayed in with Deadpan Vegan and did some blogging. We had a delicious dinner together of a nice Bolognese. After dinner Deadpan Vegan asked us if we wanted to jam. We accepted his invitation and joined him in his lounge. We brought out the keyboard and guitars and we made magic.

We ended up with a lovely song. "It's Time to Go Vegan"

You can watch it here on Deadpan Vegan's Channel:

On Sunday it ended up being a beautiful sunny day. We decided to make the most of our Sunday. We started off with a run on the canal. The canal is a great place for a run by the way. Then we decided to do a little Vlog about Birmingham. We checked our Facebook events and saw something going in Digbeth. We made our way over to Natural Healthy Foods for Sample Sunday. This was an event the store owner put on to help people see what different vegan products taste like. We happened upon an anti tory march and went out for coffee as well.

Check out our video of our day out in Birmingham:
You can also read our post here: "Natural Healthy Foods Sample Sunday and 3 Three's Cafe"

We joined the Birmingham Vegans for the monthly pizza night - as we hadn't been for awhile. It was nice to catch up with some friends. With leaving England in the back of our minds we want to see our friends here as much as possible before we leave.

We finished getting ready for our trip to Switzerland and on the second week of October, we made our way to SWITZERLAND! But not before we stayed at the classy Premier inn at Stansted Airport and slept before our flight.

As most of you already know, Switzerland is quite expensive. We managed to find cheap flights and a reasonably priced hotel so our main concern was keeping the cost of food down. We managed to eat some good food and keep costs down while in Basel which we feel was quite an accomplishment. Check out what we ate.
Basel is a beautiful little city with plenty of things to see. We had a great time in Basel and these are 10 of our favourite places we saw on our holiday. We hope that you enjoy and are inspired to travel to Basel as it is well worth a visit. If you are thinking of heading over to Basel, check out our city guide.
To read more on our trip to Basel, check out our travel diary: Three Countries Triangle - Merian-Garten

When we returned back to Birmingham we rejoined the workforce and started saving more money for holidays. "Work, Save, Travel, Repeat!"

We have a big trip coming up in November so we had to sit down for a couple days and plan our route. We are super excited for this trip.

On the weekend after our return we had Plantbased Nurse over, Us, along with Deadpan Vegan headed over to The Veggie Chippy for some grub. The Veggy Chippy is a new vegetarian/vegan chip shop in Birmingham. They are quite good, and very reasonably priced.

On the Sunday we thought we would enjoy the last of the sunshine before winter sets in and enjoyed a walk along the Birmingham Canal.

While most of our friends made their way to London for the UK's largest Vegfest, we stayed behind. It was lovely to have the flat to ourselves. We continued planning our November holiday and relaxed. We also thought it would be nice to go to Cherry Reds for their vegan breakfast. We had a great breakfast and topped it off with a delicious salted caramel cupcake.

 The following day we attended Hawkyard goes vegan! There was about 10 food stalls and a great atmosphere. We had plenty to choose from! There was food stalls for Mexican, Thai, Italian, American, and a lot of desserts.
We went for the Burgers from Vegan Grindhouse - Mmm, they are delicious. We finished our lunch off with salted caramel and vanilla cake and coconut and vanilla cupcakes. 

We returned back to work after a great weekend. We've also put our notices in! oh my. We have so much more we want to see in Europe before we leave and thought it was best to do that. "It's better to regret the things you didn't do, than to regret the things you did" 

We agreed to do a PowerPoint presentation for West Midlands Vegan Festival on Vegan Travel - so we spent our time after work creating our slides. 

On the last Friday night in October, we went out for drinks with work for a couple birthday celebrations. We had a lot of fun. 

For the final weekend we went to our local vegan festival! And a great one with that. We had an amazing weekend at West Midland Vegan Festival. We got to reunite with some friends we've met all over the UK, hangout with some Birmingham Vegans, and meet some awesome people. We ate some very delicious food and we even presented a talk "Beginners Guide to Vegan Travel".  Click to read about our time at the West Midlands Vegan Festival.

We had a fantastic month abroad, and we are so sad that we are counting down the days until we leave the UK.

To see what we are up to next month, find it here: "Happy World Vegan Month"


  1. Is there any chance we can see the presentation? Was anybody videoing your talk?

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. We did have someone film us, but it isn't the greatest quality as it was dark in the room. You also cant see the slides as the projector was too bright. We have been playing around with editing it and hopefully we can add the slides to it. We are hoping to have it up soon.


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