Backpacking Central Europe: Munich, Germany

Travel Diary
Day 3-6:

The coach from Salzburg to Munich was about 2.5 hours. It was a lovely drive with snow and mountains. 
 We arrived in Munich at around 3pm. We organised ourselves and headed towards a cafe where we were to meet our friend. We arrived about an hour before she was done work, so we wandered around the area we were to meet her in. It was raining, and the leaves were so pretty. We just had to take photos. For more information on getting around Munich see: 'How to travel fast and easy in Munich'

Travelling in autumn makes for great photos.
We continued on our walk to find the vegetarian/vegan restaurant that our friend said she would meet us at.
We ended up walking in circles for an hour because we were sure that the restaurant was 'just around the corner' - It wasn't. It was a little further up the street.

We found Frisch Futter with only about a 20 minute wait for our friend instead of an hour. We ordered some tea and coffee and waited for her. When she arrived after work, we all ordered food and had a nice time catching up. This is the Cococurry. It was delicious.
After we were all done eating we went to explore Munich! It was getting dark - as it does at 4pm in the winter months. This is one down side to travel in the winter. 
Our first point of interest on our journey around Munich was  Königsplatz. 
Continued on our way
Odeonsplatz was next on the list. 
Then onto Marienplatz, It is the central square in the city centre. This will also be where the Christmas market will be set up for the winter season. Opens November 25th, so we just missed the opening. New Town Hall (This great building behind us, was a very busy tourist attraction.)
Despite how dark it was, the city looked amazing. We were getting very chilly as Munich was a tad colder than Salzburg, so we took the train back to our friends house for the night.

The next morning we got ready and headed to Basic - their health food type shop for some breakfast. We both got vegan burgers. They were delicious and a great way to start the morning.
After we finished we all headed to Olympic Park to go up the Olympiaturm (Olympic Tower) for an amazing view of the city. You may be noticing a trend. We love finding the highest points of cities for the best view in the house. 
It cost €7/ea to go to the top. The highest point that you can get to is 190 m. 

Also at the top of the tower is Munich's Rock Museum. (Random we know.)

After we took in the views we headed back down to walk around Olympic Park and watch the sunset.

It was getting a bit chilly.

What a beautiful sunset. We continued walking through the park until we all got hungry. We caught a bus to the city centre and made our way towards Royal-Kebabhaus a place that specialises in veggie döner. Not all of there kebabs are vegan, so you will have to ask which ones you can have when you go. This place is very reasonably priced, for both of us to have a wrap and a drink it was €11. 
After we stuffed ourselves with these amazing döners, we headed to the tourist sights again. 

Apparently we only like to explore Munich's city centre when it's dark out!
We made a stop at Karlsplatz/Stachus which is a large square in the centre to get our photos.

We took a walk down Kaufingerstrasse - Munich's high street and also one of Munich's oldest streets
Checking out Munich Frauenkirche, "Women's church" The cathedral that serves as the landmark of Munich
By this point we couldn't feel our fingers or toes so we thought it may be a good idea to go somewhere warm.
We walked through the city gate to old town called Sendlinger Tor before making our way to the Drunken Dragon Bar for a warm beverage. - Not before walking into a men's only bar and being told 'Men Only' over and over before we got the hint that they didn't want us ladies inside the bar! I'm sure they would have gladly accepted Mr.Wanderlust Vegan into the club though!

The following morning we decided to do a little day trip to Starnberg Lake which is about a 30 minute drive outside of Munich. 

The lake was very pretty, but unfortunately the temperature was even colder.

We snuggled together to stay warm, that's how cold it was!

We continued to walk as much as we could to take in the beautiful lake and to stay warm!
After we walked around the little town.

It had some great little buildings 

By this point we were all very numb and needed to get back to the city! 
Munich was a couple degrees warmer.
We went back to the city centre to see if we could experience Munich with some day light!
Our first stop was Isar river. This river runs through Germany and Austria.
We continued walking to take in some more sights before the dark fell upon us.
Across the street you can see The Isartor, one of the gates of the medieval wall.

On to Residenz, the former royal palace. 

We were getting a little chilly, so we started heading towards a cafe.
Lovely art work, displayed in the window!
We made our way to 'Lost Weekend' (a hipster cafe) and had lattes and a vegan croissant!
Once we were warmed up, it was time to make our way to Bodhi (A vegan German restaurant) for our 7pm reservation.

All of our food was amazing! Granted we don't know what these dishes taste like unveganised! Veganised they were delicious and we recommend everyone looking for some authentic cuisine to head here when in Munich. They are very busy though, so it would be best to make a reservation like we did.

After dinner we headed back to our friends for the night. Packed up our belongings and sunk into a deep food coma. 

We enjoy making videos of our travels and we had a lot of fun making a great video of our visit to Munch. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we liked making it.
In the morning we woke, headed for the coach station and caught our bus to Innsbruck, Austria where we spent the next few days. 

Our drive was stunning - We drove up mountains into the fog and the snow and saw some amazing mountains. No sleeping on this coach ride for us! 
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  1. I always enjoy reading your posts to hear about the places you go to eat! I get so hungry! I'm not vegan, but the places you always go to eat look so, so good. What did you have at Bodhi? We're going to Germany in a few weeks and unfortunately Munich isn't on our itinerary, but I'm kind of wishing it was. I will just have to start planning the next trip there!

    1. Thanks very much. We try to find the best places we can find to eat. I'm sure non-vegans would enjoy eating out with us as well. We had Chili-Cheese-Nuggets, "Rahm"schwammerl, and Schupfnudeln. We also had some Spaten beer.

  2. I am here for the first time and let me tell you that I really enjoyed your travel diary. Reading and looking at the pictures in your post gives a feeling like I am getting live updates from this place and as if a dear friend is showing their photo album while telling their travel story sitting beside! Amazing. Thank you for this warm feeling. Keep it up. I just hope I can visit this place soon :)

    1. Thanks very much for the kind words. We started the blog to share with our friends back home and we're happy that others enjoy it as well.

  3. I really love visiting Munich and your post took me back to the trips I have had in the past. I adore the architecture in Munich and I am pleased to see you have captured so much of it in your photos. Thank you for sharing :-)

  4. I prefer Berlin over Munich although this city fully represents the German culture. Anyway, you got there amazing photos. Of all of the places I love the scenes at Marienplatz. I just can imagine how it looks like during Christmas time :)

    1. We've been to both Berlin and Munich and we like them equally. It's hard to compare them as they are very different. You're right, I think when people think of Germany they imagine the Bavarian culture.

  5. Looks like you guys had a fun but chilly few days! I've only been to Berlin when I was in Germany but I've heard such wonderful things about Munich and your photos brought them to life for me! I'm not vegan but your food pics made my mouth water, everything looked delicious!

    1. Thanks. Yes Munich was the coldest place we went to on this trip even though we went into the mountains in Austria. I'm glad you like Munich and our food pictures.

  6. Munich looks like such a great place to visit for a few days! I always find whenever I book a city break in Europe that it is cold and drizzly - even in the summer months! Great post :)

    1. Yeah there is lots of things to see there. We kind of went there in the off season so the weather wasn't that good. It could have been a lot colder and it didn't really rain much aside from when we got there so we were lucky.

  7. Being a German football fan, visiting Germany is high up on my list. Looks like you guys had a nice time there in Munich. Loved the pics.

    1. Thank you, we did have a great time. Hope you get to Germany soon! It's a great country.

  8. I love Munich - especially the architecture. All your photos are incredible great blog

  9. Looks like you still had lots of fun despite the weather. Would love to wander through all that old architecture, so much history. The food looks very tasty and food is all part of the travel experience. In warm weather of course, it looks like there is some cool hiking areas there.

    1. Yeah it was fun and we enjoy the cold to a certain extent. It would be nice to return in the summer though.

  10. Interesting post - it was really nice to read it and look at all those pictures (more than on Instagram where I passionately follow you:)). Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for stopping by our blog for a visit from instagram. :)

  11. Wow..what a lovely way to post your travel experience.thanks for sharing the pictures.they look so inviting .the pictures surely take us on a tour to Germany along with you peeps. thanks for the share.:-)

    1. Glad you felt like you were along for the ride! We love blogging about our experience.

  12. So gorgeous, hopefully one day I will be able to make my way to these places. Every photo makes it look like a photographers dream!

    1. We really wish we had more daylight. I'm sure Munich photographs very well in the summer!


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