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Backpacking Central Europe: Innsbruck, Austria

Travel Diary Day 6-8:

The coach ride from Munich to Innsbruck was 2 hours and 20 minutes. If we thought driving through the snow and mountains to get to Munich was beautiful, we were wrong. The drive to Innsbruck was even more beautiful.
We arrived in Innsbruck and were taken away by these mountains in the city! Everywhere we looked, we were surrounded by these beautiful mountains.

Backpacking Central Europe: Munich, Germany

Travel Diary Day 3-6:

The coach from Salzburg to Munich was about 2.5 hours. It was a lovely drive with snow and mountains.   We arrived in Munich at around 3pm. We organised ourselves and headed towards a cafe where we were to meet our friend. We arrived about an hour before she was done work, so we wandered around the area we were to meet her in. It was raining, and the leaves were so pretty. We just had to take photos. For more information on getting around Munich see: 'How to travel fast and easy in Munich'

Backpacking Central Europe: Salzburg, Austria

Travel Diary
Day 1-3:

We knew we could not leave England without having done a backpacking trip. So we planned a two week trip through Central Europe.

Our flight from London was at 7am, so we had to catch the last train for Birmingham the night before and set up camp at the airport for 6 hours. (This sucks - if you can avoid sleeping in an airport, do it)

Unfortunately we didn't see it being worth it to get a hotel for 5 hours.

We tried to sleep on the floor with about 20 other people. When we went through security in the morning we were very tired. We also fell asleep while waiting for our gate to open and almost missed our flight. Again, Avoid Sleeping At Airports!

We finally got going and we both fell asleep on the plane - only to wake up to flying over these beautiful mountains. Our trip seemed worth the sleep at the airport now.

 We arrived in Salzburg, Austria at 10am. We caught the city bus to city centre. We couldn't figure out how to buy tickets from the machine, so we…

Vegan Guide to Liverpool, England

Liverpool is a port city in North West England which is known for being the home of the Beatles. If you like music, football/soccer, history, art, and festivals then check out Liverpool.

Why You Should Go: Liverpool is a good sized city (population 470000) with tons of history. There always seems to be something going on. When we went, it happened to be the same time as LIMF (The largest free music festival in Europe)

Getting to Liverpool: If you are travelling to Liverpool from other parts of the UK you can take the National Express coach or you can get the train to Liverpool Central or Lime Street. Otherwise you can fly in to Liverpool John Lennon Airport. It might be cheaper to fly in to one of the London airports and take the train but it will definitely take more time. Check which option works best for you in terms of time and money.

Working on a Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

We moved to the UK on a 2 year Youth Mobility Scheme visa which allows us to live and work in the UK, while we travel around Europe. There are some restrictions to what work we have. We aren't allowed to work as a professional sportsperson, doctor or dentist but we can own a business as long as our equipment isn't worth over £5000. We decided that moving to the United Kingdom was worth it, even if we had to put our sports careers on hold. ;)
At first we were uncertain about how easy it would be for us to find work. We wondered what sort of jobs we would be able to find considering that we're not permanent residents, all our prior experience is in Canada, our references are in Canada as well, we planned on taking a lot of holidays, our education and credentials are different than in the UK and there is a bit of a language/terminology/accent barrier between us and Brits as well.
Lucky for us we have had no major problems finding work and a lot of our fears were pretty unfoun…

5 Things To Know When Moving Abroad

We would have liked to know these things before moving abroad. We feel knowing this would have helped us when we moved abroad to the United Kingdom.

1. You Should Register with a Doctor ASAP.
  When travelling to other places, we buy travel insurance, and you can't buy travel insurance without having a doctor. If you get a youth mobility scheme visa like we did, then it is a good idea to register with a GP as soon as you can. Also, in England, most places won't give you travel insurance until you have lived in the UK for 6 months. If you plan to do some traveling outside of the country you just moved to, look into an extended travel insurance plan through your home country. ie. 6 month plan. Most insurance companies won't let you purchase a policy if you aren't in the country at the time of purchase. You can consider getting back packers travel insurance as well but it might be a little overboard if you have a youth mobility scheme visa.

Eighth Month of the Roman Calendar

If you missed last month's update, find it here:"The Beginning of Crisp Eves and Falling Leaves"
We had a wonderful start to October. The first of October was a miserable rainy day, and it was coming down too hard to even convince yourself to go out in it. We stayed in with Deadpan Vegan and did some blogging. We had a delicious dinner together of a nice Bolognese. After dinner Deadpan Vegan asked us if we wanted to jam. We accepted his invitation and joined him in his lounge. We brought out the keyboard and guitars and we made magic.

We ended up with a lovely song. "It's Time to Go Vegan"

You can watch it here on Deadpan Vegan's Channel:

Minimalist Packing

We had some people asking us how to pack for a trip as a minimalist.

Here is a video of what we would pack for a 4 night holiday:

If you would like to see what we pack for a longer trip - let us know and we will take you on our packing journey on our next trip.

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Three Countries Triangle - Merian Gärten

Travel Diary

Basel is a wonderful city with a lot to offer. Check out our Guide to Basel if you plan on going!

We took advantage of the Ryanair Brexit sale and got some £10 flights to Basel. We've wanted to go to Switzerland for a while now but the flights are always £100 each or more. The only catch was that we had to fly out of London Stansted.

We decided to take the the train to Stansted the night before so we didn't have to wake up super early in order to catch our morning flight.

We stayed at the Premier Inn which is kind of close to the Stansted Airport and train station. It was not very pedestrian friendly to walk there though. We thought it was so we decided to forgo finding the shuttle bus to the hotel. We were lucky that we arrived at night when there was no cars on the motorway since we had to cross some busy roads and the motorway a few times.

Premier Inn is good for a basic clean room when there isn't any Travelodges around. It is a little bit more money. but …