West Midlands Vegan Festival 2016

We finally got to go to West Midlands Vegan Festival! Last year we had to miss it because we were setting sail on our Iberian Peninsula Cruise.

This year though, we were able to attend both Saturday and Sunday PLUS we gave a talk "Beginners Guide to Vegan Travel" - We can't believe that we have come this far in our travels that we were asked to do a talk on vegan travel.

Photo Credit: Mikey Thompson-Attwell 
We knew lots of people at the festival and it was pretty fun to see everyone.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Novakovic at Vegorium

We carpooled both days rather than getting the train. The first day we showed up around 12. We took a look around at all the stalls in the main room first and then we got some breakfast sandwiches from Unless.
Unless - Hardcore Vegan Catering made a mean breakfast sandwich. They didn't look like much but we were really impressed. It had a vegan poached egg on it. We have no idea how they did it but it was absolutely delicious.

After breakfast we walked around the rest of the festival. There was another area downstairs in the other hall. We took a look at the stalls there and they had some performers. We delivered a film to our friend that was behind one of the stalls because she needed it for the festival.

Afterwards we got a smoothie from one of the booths and then headed over to the Art Gallery close by that was hosting the Vegan Festival as well. There were a handful of stalls in the art gallery but it was not quite as big as the main festival in the Civic Hall. We took a look around and tried some free food samples before heading back to the main event.

We stopped by a food cart called Green Vegan Catering to get some tea. We waited in the line up for so long that we felt compelled to get food as well. They had a little samosa and pakora combo which was only £3.

We went to the room where we were giving our talk at 4pm and watched our friend give a talk on Plant-based Dogs. It was very informative. Then we set up our stuff for our talk and got ready. We had a power point presentation and we wrote a script for our talk on vegan travel. We were in a small room and about 13 people showed up to our talk which was not bad. The talk went pretty good. It seemed like people learned something from it based on the questions people were asking.

To our surprise one of the people in the audience was someone that we had met years earlier in Vancouver at a vegan potluck. He came to the talk with another vegan we had met through Birmingham Vegans and at Brighton VegFest. Small world.

We got some dinner at a Caribbean food stall. They had some delicious food. Jamaica Ital vegan food is some of our favourite food to get at vegan festivals because we don't know how to make it at home and it is always delicious.

After eating we checked out our other friend's talk on the importance of vegan social events which was great. We saw quite a number of people we knew and it reminded us of how lucky we have been to have met so many great people while in the UK.

The next day we carpooled again and once we got to the festival we all split up for a bit while we explored. We headed straight for the pizza and got a couple slices. Then we went around getting footage of the festival to make a YouTube video. We met up with our friends we carpooled with again as well as some more friends that were there already. We hung out a bit and watched the performers on stage. One of our friends was performing so we stuck around and watched her play guitar and sing. She has some nice tunes.

We ate some curry that we got at one of the stalls as well as some pineapple/ginger juice from the Caribbean food stall. We wandered around and took video while looking at all the stalls while our friends we finishing up looking at the stalls. We pretty much just came back the 2nd day to get some lunch. It was cool though that we got some free vegan coffee creamer on the way in as well as a festival program which has our name in it because of the talk we did.

It was a great experience going to the West Midlands Vegan Fest this year. We're glad we got to go this year since it was a bit of a shame we didn't go last year it being our sort of local vegan festival. We are now seasoned vegan festival veterans. We've vegan festivaled our way around the UK and enjoyed every minute of it. What started as a weekend trip to Bristol as attendees, ended in Wolverhampton with us giving a talk on vegan travel.

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