The Beginning of Crisp Eves and Falling Leaves

If you missed last month's update, find it here: "Our Last 'Summer' in Great Britain"

A blink of an eye and Septembers over. We didn't manage to leave the country this month, as we were super busy with organising ourselves and local events.

On the first weekend of September we made our way to a little village in Yorkshire for a friends party. There was the most adorable dogs there and they made the most delicious food. We forgot to get photos of the food, so you will just have to take our word for it that it was to die for.
Our new best friends. 
We attended a little childfree party. 
We spent the majority of the month in Birmingham. We got hit with a couple thunder storms and also had some lovely sunny days.

We put together a little video of some of the places we go in Birmingham. 
Birmingham has a great vegan scene with all sorts of meetups and events. Also Birmingham has plenty of cool places to explore. We hope you like our video on Birmingham.

Five Ways.
Our flat that we were living in was having a damp/mold problem and it was getting really hard to live comfortably there. We had a hard time breathing at night, and found going home was becoming unbearable. 

Our friend Deadpan Vegan offered us a room in his flat and we decided that it was probably a good idea for our health to move in. We had been thinking of other options of what we could do to stay in our flat, but it just wasn't possible. We decided that in order to enjoy our last few months in England and not move back to Canada sooner, that moving in with him was our only option. 
Goodbye Old Room
We had a great time living in this house, but it was time to part our ways with it. Moving flats is also another great experience to living abroad.

We spent the weekend cleaning and moving our stuff to Deadpan Vegans flat. We spent the day putting together IKEA furniture and making the flat comfortable for three people
IKEA Furniture 
Deadpan Vegan made us an amazing curry as our welcome meal and it was unbelievably delicious. Despite the fact we all reeked of garlic, we went to a friends birthday party at the Actress and Bishop. We had a wonderful evening, even though it had a few mishaps.

The next day we woke up with slight headaches, but had to finish setting up the flat. We went to the store and bought some groceries, finished unpacking and relaxed.
Hello New Room
We made a lovely bibimbap for us for dinner that night and Deadpan Vegan made falafels the next night.
We carried on making amazing meals for each other. It is really nice to only have to prepare or think about what to do for dinner not as often. Also to be able to come home to a lovely cooked meal. Vegan Power.

We had quite a few vegan events to attend this month.

We made a little compilation video of the events this weekend:

First we went to Birmingham Vegans Drinks night, which ended up turning into a giant board game night. It was awesome. We played a game called dingbats and Jenga as well.

The next event we went to was 3 Three's Lounge night, where they have an open mic night. 3 Three's is a vegetarian coffee shop that has lots of vegan food and drinks. Our friend Deadpan Vegan preformed, as did a couple of poets. We also all wore our Vegan T-shirts and had 50% off our hot drinks!

Not far from Birmingham is Leicester where the National Space Centre is located. We decided to go on a little road trip to Leicester to check out the National Space Centre with our friend Plant Based Nurse. We also stopped at the Dog Trust to drop off some donations for their charity shop since it is near Leicester. Next time you're in Leicester check out the National Space Centre. They had a cool planetarium theatre where we watched an educational video on the universe called We Are Stars. Check out our video we made on our trip to Leicester here:

For more on The National Space Centre and The Dogs Trust, see our blog:

When we got back to Birmingham from Leicester, we got ready for another Birmingham Vegan event. It was a meetup at the Gunmakers Arms. They have recently started doing a special vegan menu, so we went for some food, drinks and good people. Tonight they had two really good curry's. It was a lovely night, and it's awesome that we have new vegans coming to every event.

The curry was really tasty and all the Beers they make in the attached Two Towers Brewery, named after Lord of the Rings, are vegan as well.

We had a grand ole time playing darts at the Gunmaker's. They have darts, table football (Foosball), and TVs, etc etc.

For the last Birmingham Vegans event of the month, we went to Handmade Burger for a vegan take over. They recently started offering vegan milkshakes! We had an Oreo shake, burgers and chips. There was a lot of new comers to the event, so it was lovely to meet some more vegans in Birmingham.

On the last day of September, we got word that Vegan Grindhouse was set up in Brindley Place for lunch time. We decided to meet for lunch and enjoy their Original Grindhouse Burger. It was really tasty and well worth the visit. It could get dangerous if they set up there on a regular basis though.
 Vegan Grindhouse is a food truck that specialises in Americana food; Burgers, Nachos, Cakes.. etc. The most delicious tasting food there is.

Birmingham Library.

With another month abroad behind us, we are busily working at planning the best five months that we have left in the city of Birmingham.

To see what we get up to next month, check out our post: "Eighth Month of the Roman Calendar"