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West Midlands Vegan Festival 2016

We finally got to go to West Midlands Vegan Festival! Last year we had to miss it because we were setting sail on our Iberian Peninsula Cruise.

This year though, we were able to attend both Saturday and Sunday PLUS we gave a talk "Beginners Guide to Vegan Travel" - We can't believe that we have come this far in our travels that we were asked to do a talk on vegan travel.

Vegan Guide to Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and is located on the west coast. Gothenburg is known for the amusement park Liseberg, Music Festivals, Volvo and the Gothenburge archiplagos.
Why You Should Go: Gothenburg is a smaller city with a lot to offer. There is the amusement park of course but there is also many museums, unique restuarants, cool bars and beautiful scenery. It is especially fun to go island hopping around the archiplago.

Getting to Gothenburg: Ryan air often has very cheap flights from London Stansted to Gothenburg. We got our flights for £10 each which was a steal but we've seen them as low as £4.49 each. There is only one airport in Gothenburg (GOT) and the airport is about a 30 minute bus ride from the city centre. The public transit is very good in Gothenburg and a 3 day travel card includes buses, trams and ferries which is excellent for tourists. There is even the Gothenburg City Card that gets you free transit and admission to the theme park Liseburg an…

Vegan Guide to Basel, Switzerland

Basel  is a smaller city on the Rhine river close to France and Germany. Basel is known, amongst other things, for it's architecture, museums, culture, art and Basel football club.
Why You Should Go: It is a beautiful city with great natural scenery, parks, the Rhine river, and architecture, mixing the old with the modern. There are impressive museums for every interest you can imagine. The public transport is excellent making it easy and friendly for tourists seeing the sights.

Getting to Basel: The closest airport to Basel is 'EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg'. Getting to city centre from the airport was super easy. We caught the #50 bus right outside. We bought bus tickets from a machine at the bus stop (Which said it was 2 zones to get to Basel, Bahnhof SBB). The buses came very often and bus ride was about 20 minutes.

Vegan Guide to Birmingham, England

Birmingham is the second city in England located in the West Midlands. Birmingham is known for its various canals, Jewellery Stores and of course Ozzy Osbourne.
Why You Should Go: Birmingham is worth a visit for the good restaurants, pubs, and happening city centre. There is plenty of events and places to see and the locals are approachable. It has all the advantages of a big city but at a more manageable size for those that are overwhelmed by London.

Getting to Birmingham: Birmingham International Airport is only a 6 minute train away, however, it is quite a small airport. Getting to Birmingham Airport can be quite expensive and/or require a stop over. The best airports in London to fly to are Stansted or Heathrow, as they are the easiest to get to Birmingham by train from. There is also East Midlands and Manchester airport near by.

That Time we Went on an Epic Kayaking Trip

We got word of a trip kayaking from Telegraph Cove to Hanson Island. A family we met does this kayaking trip every year as a family holiday. Lucky for us they invite others to come along. We did a little researching and thought it sounded like something we would like to join in on. (Funny side note though, when we researched 'Hanson Island' the first article that came up on Google was 'Murderer lose on Hanson Island' ... Turns out there was a guy in Eastern Canada who murdered his multiple wives, fled to Western Canada and hid on Hanson Island. He was caught a couple years before we went on our trip.) Phew!  

How to be Vegan Onboard a Cruise Ship

As vegans we have been on four cruises. We have sailed with a few different cruise lines, and have come up with some tips and tricks for vegans travelling via cruise lines. We wish we would have had someone to give us this advice before our trips.


How do you know if someone is vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, heard that one before, but seriously, don't be shy. You've got to let people know you're vegan so they can cater to you.

Natural Healthy Foods Sample Sunday and 3 Three's Cafe

We had a lazy day on Saturday since it was pouring rain. We planned on going to the Malvern Hills to do some hiking but we weren't up for hiking in the rain. We had thought about going today, but the trains aren't that reliable on Sunday's.

We decided to make the most of Sunday. We started off with a run on the canal which is an interesting place to go for a run. Then we decided to do a little Vlog about Birmingham. We checked our facebook events and saw something going in Digbeth. We made our way over to Natural Healthy Foods for Sample Sunday. (An event the owner put on to help people see what different vegan products taste like.)

The Beginning of Crisp Eves and Falling Leaves

If you missed last month's update, find it here: "Our Last 'Summer' in Great Britain"

A blink of an eye and Septembers over. We didn't manage to leave the country this month, as we were super busy with organising ourselves and local events.