Our Last 'Summer' in Great Britain

If you missed last month's update, find it here: "Working Hard to Hardly Work"

Wow, August has already come and gone. We started off the month using up some coupons for meals that we acquired.

The first week we went to Handmade Burger after work to use one a buy one burger, get one for a pound coupons. We get these coupons from seeing movies at Cineworld. The burgers were delicious as always.

Next we went to Pizza Express to use our coupons for two free pizzas from our Nectar Points (We gain Nectar Points from booking holidays with Expedia).

We then headed back to Handmade Burger to use our second coupon from the Cineworld tickets. Yummy.

That weekend went to the Lake District to relax. A lot of our trips are cities breaks as they are the easiest and cheapest. We wanted a break from all of that and choose the country side.

The Lake District is known for being one of the most beautiful areas of England. We wanted to make sure that we had a visit while we're living in England. We searched online and found the perfect place to stay as well, Fox Hall Vegan B&B. We spent two nights there.


Lake Windermere is a massive lake in the lake district. We were lucky enough to get to spend the day walking around the lake, along the foot paths and exploring the towns. There were plenty of places to visit, sights to see and the weather held up nice. It's temping to stay longer next time.


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After a much needed relaxing weekend, we headed back to Birmingham.

We continued working and planning for our friends visit in a couple weeks. Mr. WLV came across a lovely tick that caught a ride home with us from the Lake District. Be careful for ticks if you head there. He went to the doctor and everything seems to be fine.

We also started writing Travel Tip posts which will be posted on the second Sunday of every month now, so look out for those. This month's Travel Tip is "Should You Go Cruising? Pros and Cons of Cruising" Be sure to check out our pro's and con's if you are considering cruising.

After what seemed to be a very long work week, we packed our bags and caught a train to Edinburgh for the weekend. Let's face it, who doesn't love Scotland.

Ever since we went to Edinburgh back in 2011, we've wanted to go back. This time we were lucky enough to go at one of the most exciting times to see the city, during the month long Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was a blast and I'm sure we will return to Edinburgh again as it is such a nice city.


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Going back to work wasn't as difficult as we thought, as we had only a three day work week this week. We spent our evenings blogging, cleaning for our friends visit and planning an amazing week for his trip. 

Our friend from Canada came to visit us in Birmingham.  On Thursday afternoon we picked him up and brought him home to sleep off his jet leg. Once he had a few hours of rest we took him into Harbourne to Arco Lounge. This is a basic restaurant with tasty food. We like it, as they have a great vegan menu for us. 

The next day we all slept in to rest up for our busy weekend 

Deer Park in Nottingham
First we took him around the explore Birmingham.

We took the bus into city centre and took him to the library since the Birmingham library is really cool.  We didn't take many photos at the library, as we have a lot already. If you are keen on seeing more or Birmingham's Library, check out our post from when we moved to Birmingham  "Living it up in the City.. of Birmingham"

There was a little exhibit on Shakespeare that we took a look at.
 These benches that look like books were all over the city.
  We walked along the canals to the Gas Street Basin.
 We took a quick look in the cube and then we walked into the mailbox which is a Swanky shopping centre.

 There is a BBC office in the Mailbox so we had a quick look in there but none of us are really Dr Who fans so there wasn't a lot to see there.

There was an art dealer in the mailbox that was selling prints of Marvel comics cover. These ones were going to £999

 We picked up our theatre tickets from the New Alexandria Theatre and then headed over to Digbeth to check out the Custard Factory.

 There is lots of cool graffiti in Digbeth because the area is somewhat abandoned. There used to be lots of factories running there but now most of them are shut down and abandoned.

 It seems like graffiti is fair game in Digbeth since people are doing it in broad daylight in most cases.
 The Custard Factory is a art space/retail area that is literally in an old custard factory. We went to the board game store to check it out and then we walked around looking at the cool pictures.

Next to the custard factory is the Old Crown which is the oldest pub in Birmingham at 648 years old. We hung out there for a little bit before making our way to the theatre to catch our show.

 Grease was maybe not our first choice but we wanted to see some sort of show with our friend and it was this or Mama Mia. It turned out to be really good, much better than the movie and it was pretty funny.
Here we are before the show.
After the show we headed to the Stable for some pizza which was good. The Stable has a good atmosphere with a DJ who was playing James Brown and 90's hip hop. We finished our pizza and then went back home to get some rest before our day trip to Nottingham.

We were trying to think of cool places to visit for a day trip, not too far away, and Nottingham caught our eye. Nottingham has a bit of a bad reputation as being a really rough city but we found it to be really nice and there was lots of cool stuff to see there. We really had a great time there and I hope you enjoy our video.


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We've been to London a few times now and we haven't even come close to seeing it all. Since our friend came to visit us, we decided to go to London for a couple days so we could hang out with him a bit more and also so we could show him around a little bit. It always helps to have someone show you the ropes and while we wouldn't consider ourselves experts on London, we do know our way around the tourist spots a little bit. We had a great time showing him some of our favourite sights and seeing some things we've never seen before as well. We hope you enjoy our video.

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We left our friend in London and we headed back to Birmingham.

We jumped back into our working lives and continued planning our next adventures.

On the last weekend in August, we met up with Plant based Nurse. We went to the new vegetarian fast food place Veggie Chippy,  that opened up at the end of July.
Not before stopping to check out the Ferrari.
 Veggie Chippy opened at 4pm, so we have to wait a couple minutes. Luckily we didn't show up earlier.
Soo many chips!!
Breaded Vhicken
Vhicken Wrap
Everything we ordered was really good. They have a huge menu and we're looking forward to getting back there to try out some more of their Vegan options. We also met a few vegans there and had a nice chat.

After we ate, we went to Costco for some shopping. Then we headed back home and got changed. We went with Plantbased Nurse on his evening run. He started C25K 14 weeks ago, and he is doing brilliantly with the program. He finished C25k, ran some 5k's then started C210k. We are still on C25k, but we pick it up when we have some time. We think because we walk to work and back that we are able to pick up from where we left off in the program. We are now starting Week 5.

We rested for the remainder of the weekend and caught up on stuff that we had to do.

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