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Dogs Trust and The National Space Centre

For a nice day trip, we decided to hit the road with Plantbased Nurse.
Not far from Birmingham is Leicester where the National Space Centre is located. We decided to go on a little road trip to Leicester to check out the National Space Centre. Next time you're in Leicester check out the National Space Centre.

From Hoarders to Minimalists

"Let's go back to the 8th of August, 2010. We were at the Travelodge hotel for a mini honeymoon celebration. We kicked back with a little "telly" and Hoarders the American television series was on. We were captivated by the episode that was on. The lady seemed normal, she just had a lot of stuff. One quote in particular that stuck us was "How could one person have five garbage bags of yarn in their closet" We looked at each other, there was in fact five garbage bags of yarn at our home. When we got home from our mini holiday, we took to getting rid of stuff we didn't need immediately." - Why Minimalism Improved Our Lives

Hoarding is a mental disorder where people compulsively acquire stuff, and don't want to get rid of it, to the point that it negatively affects their lives. Often hoarders' living spaces become cluttered with their possessions making it hard to navigate around their homes comfortably. For example, a hoarder might save sta…

That Time we Spent the Weekend in Seattle, WA

When we lived in Canada, we used to do a lot of local tourism. We enjoyed hikes, random adventures and weekend trips. 
For us, we feel this trip was the beginning of our need for 'Wanderlust' We walked during our whole trip in Seattle, and enjoyed every minute.
For a spur of the moment weekend trip, we decided to go to Seattle after work and spend the weekend  as tourists with our friends.

Money Saving Tips and Tricks While Travelling

We've put together some money saving tips for while you are travelling. We hope this list will help you save money while you are on your next adventure.

Walk - Not only is walking free, but it is also a great way to explore the city. Plan out each day by choosing the destinations closest together. That way you can walk to each one.

Tower of London and the Crown Jewels

We've been to London a few times now and we haven't even come close to seeing it all. Since our friend came to visit us in Birmingham we decided to go to London for a couple days so we could hang out with him a bit more and also so we could show him around a little bit. It always helps to have someone show you the ropes and while we wouldn't consider ourselves experts on London, we do know our way around the tourist spots a little bit. We had a great time showing him some of our favourite sights and seeing some things we've never seen before as well.
We got in from the train to London Euston and headed to our friends hotel. He was able to check in early no problem so we all dropped our bags off there and started formulating a plan.

Our Last 'Summer' in Great Britain

If you missed last month's update, find it here: "Working Hard to Hardly Work"

Wow, August has already come and gone. We started off the month using up some coupons for meals that we acquired.