Working Hard to Hardly Work

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "The Calendar Says it's Summer, but England's Still Raining"

Our 16th month in England came to an end. The months are just flying by. We flew to Berlin on the 2nd of July and spent 5 nights exploring this amazing city in Germany. We can't believe how fantastic Berlin was. We were in vegan heaven. Check out our blog post: "Welcome to Berlin, Vegan Paradise"

We made a few videos while we were there.

Check out our Rock 'n' Roll Berlin Video:

Check out the Berlin Wall video:

Check out what we ate in Berlin:

Also, check out the Best of Berlin video we made:

We returned to Birmingham the evening of the 7th and jumped right back into working. How we see it, is if we are in Birmingham, we should be working to fund our amazing habit of travelling.

The following night we had drinks with work, as a friend will be off for 6 weeks due to surgery. Work won't be the same without her; can't wait for her return. After drinks we went to Blue Piano in city centre to celebrate a birthday with friends. The food was pretty good and it was a wonderful evening.

Curry at Blue Piano

On the Sunday we met up with our friend crazy banana lady (who moved back to Munich) She was in Birmingham for the weekend and wanted to have lunch. Plant based nurse also joined us. We went to Cafe Soya and had the Malaysian bowl, which was delicious.

Later that week we headed on over to Cherry Reds for Birmingham Vegans monthly drinks night. We showed up earlier after work for some dinner before drinks. We had a lovely meal and a great evening with new and old friends.

That weekend we went slack lining for the first time, and it was great fun.

On Monday it was our friend Broccaholic's birthday. We celebrated her day at Cafe Soya and we ordered the Malaysian bowl again. We had been hit with a heat wave, so hot food on an even hotter evening wasn't ideal. But it was great to get together with our friends.

On Wednesday an old friend from Canada stopped by Birmingham for a visit! We took him to Pizza Express and enjoyed some pizza and drinks. We hadn't seen him in nearly 2 years, so it was great catching up. We brought him back to our place for more drinks and a place for him to crash for the evening. He headed to Edinburgh the next morning.

That weekend we stayed in and spent the evening drinking and chatting with our flat mates and also watching the new star trek film, which we can honestly say, is the best star trek ever made - seriously, go see it.

We spent the remainder of the month making money and focusing on our goals for the next year. Our visa is coming to an end, and we need to figure out what we are up to next. This whole adventure has just sped right by faster than expected.

We had a very successful minimalism challenge, and got rid of quite a bit. We will continue to get rid of our stuff until we get on a plane back to Canada. If you missed the challenge or want to see what we got rid of thus far check out our "30 Day Minimalist Challenge"

Our goal is to fit everything we have in England in this case!
To see what we get up to next month, check out our post: "Our Last 'Summer' in Great Britain"