Welcome to Berlin, Vegan Paradise

July 2-7,2016:

We have been looking forward to going to Berlin for a long time. Lots of  our friends have been to Berlin before. We've heard nothing but good things about Berlin from our friends. Many have reported back saying that Berlin is one of the best cities to visit in Europe.

Check out our guide if you are planning a trip to Berlin! 

We decided to fly out of Birmingham for this trip, as we were a little tired of always travelling through London to go to the airport. We had a stop over in Amsterdam on our way. It was a little more money to fly out of Birmingham, than to fly out of Stansted, but we wanted to save time. 

We took the train from our house to the airport and boarded the plane. It went smoothly. We booked our trip on Expedia and went for the flight + hotel option. This costs a little more to do, but we had searched for awhile on better deals for Berlin, and unless we flew out of London, this was the best option for us.

This is KLM's vegan option for lunch. It was free though. If you ask sometimes they have cashews.

Figured out the transportation!
We arrived in Berlin and went straight to the tourist information booth to figure out how to get the bus into town and found a usable map of Berlin. The girl at the booth printed us out some simple directions. We only had to catch one bus and then walk a couple minutes. We bought the bus tickets from the bus company's booth and then made it to the general area of our hotel.

We used the map to figure out where our hotel was from the bus stop.
Our hotel looked pretty nice. We stayed at Alexander Plaza in Mitte which is just around the corner from Fernsehtrum (TV Tower). It was a great location and we would stay there again. We picked this hotel because they had a deal with Expedia that if you booked 5 nights, you get 3 free. It was a little more than we usually pay for holidays, but it was a special occasion.
The room was spacious. We were ready to move in.
Checking the map of the hotel floor plan on the door it looks like ours was one of the biggest on the floor. We were surprised there was such a big discount on this room
The view was the hotel restaurant, maybe that's why.
We always take pictures of the bathroom

We rocked out on our first day in Berlin! Check out our video: 
The Ramones museum was really close to our hotel. We got a bit lost trying to find it but we found our way.
The museum has vegan/vegetarian food and drinks. It was cash only when we went so bring some cash for food and souvenirs. This was not a problem for us as we bought some Euros back in the UK.
The cafe walls were filled with pictures of the notable visitors to the Ramones Museum. We paid for admission and had a look through. Dee Dee Ramone grew up in Berlin so it's not completely random to have a Ramones museum in Berlin.

There was a lot of stuff in there.

Autographed baseballs.

Movie posters.
Gig posters.
Gold records.
After we had our fill of Ramones memorabilia we walked around Berlin some more.

We walked near the water and found the Berliner Dom. It's a Cathedral.

We found museum island where a bunch of the museums in Berlin are located.
This is the Spree River

Here we are in Lustgarten in front of the Altes Museum. This is a museum with Roman and Greek artefacts.

It was hard not to take lots of pictures of the buildings.

This is the Alte Nationalgalerie.
Over there is the Neues Museum.
We were having fun around the pillars.
We enjoyed exploring the canals and city centre.


There was a Kaiser's supermarket near us and we had fun looking for all the German vegan products.
We got some discounted tortellini to bring back to England which turned out to be pretty disappointing. Worth a shot though. We've had great ones in the past. We also got some Veganz chocolate bars, and fruit juice.
We spent the evening planning what to see the next day and marking our tourist maps.
Awesome light for the evening
The next day the plan was to walk to Mauer Park.
We spotted one of the strawberry stands that are all over Berlin. The lady in the strawberry stand was staring at us so we took this picture from a safe distance.
Our walk was pretty good. We got to see the neighbourhood Mitte.

There were Murals.

We found the well loved Fast Rabbit cafe. They had a wide selection of salads.
We got the Asian rolls which were burritos filled with Asian inspired food. It was great, a lot less weird than it sounds.

We walked to Vego because we are huge fans of their chocolate bars. To our surprise it was not a chocolate store but more of a vegan fast food restaurant. We decided we'd come back another day if we felt like burgers.
According to the tourist guide, on the top tourists sites in Berlin, Mauer park is a must visit on Sundays. The locals hang out in the park eating BBQ, drinking beer, and watching Karaoke in the amphitheatre.

There were people painting the wall.

There wasn't any Karaoke but there was a street performer acrobat dude.
He was talented. There were people selling snacks and drinks to the spectators as well.

Despite a lot of activity in the park, there really isn't much to the park. It's just a place to hang out in the sun I guess.
There was a market nearby that we walked through but apparently didn't take any pictures of. It was pretty crowded so not the greatest for pictures. The markets was selling just about everything and there were lots of food stalls. There were surprisingly a lot of vegan options at the different carts. We weren't hungry but we are still always curious about what places are selling.
We took a short walk over to the Berlin wall memorial. It was blazing hot outside. 

There was a bit of information on the memorial. German and English information was available.

This was a unique looking church nearby.

This is an outline of the Berlin wall.
Across the road there was a bit of a museum going into more history of the wall and everything.

It was a multi media exhibit on the Berlin wall.

We learned about people attempting to escape East Berlin and watched a video about the fall of the wall.

At the top of the Documentation Center there was a viewpoint.

We walked into the city centre.

There were lots of canal boat tours going on.
We went in this store dedicated to the Berlin traffic light dude where you could buy anything with the traffic dude on it.
Berlin had bears everywhere so we tried to pose with as many as possible.
We didn't even notice these cool drain covers until we spotted a fellow tourist getting her whole family to pose with one.

Our must see guide led us to Checkpoint Charlie which is the old crossing between East and West Berlin.
We found the "Beach" area nearby called Charlie's Beach.
There it is, the tourist trap that is Checkpoint Charlie.

There was a bit of info nearby on the history. This is how Berlin was divided.
For a fee you could get your picture taken with some guys dressed as soldiers.

East Germany made these Trabant cars that were terrible but they're kinda fun in retrospect. I'm sure the people stuck driving them back in the day weren't thrilled with them.
Our guide of things to do in Berlin also suggested getting a Currywurst which we thought was probably out of the question but they had vegan currywurst everywhere so we gave it a go.
Wheat meat sauasages with ketchup and curry powder. It was not bad. We'd eat it again for a snack.
We found another bear.

We looked at the museum called the Topography of Terrors which is on the site of the Gestapo and SS during the Nazi Regime.

There was another bear to take a picture with.

On our walk back towards our hotel and we found lots of beautiful buildings.

We made it back to our neighbourhood near the hotel.

It was easy to find our neighbourhood because of the TV Tower.

We got a picture of the naked people mentioned in our Berlin guide.

We did a lot of walking and it was starting to make us a bit tired. Especially considering how hot it was outside.

We went to a bar, that was open 24 hours, near our hotel where they had these crazy swinging seats.
We got one of those big beers you always see tourists with and a Bellini.
After resting up a bit we could not decide on where to go for dinner. We wanted to go somewhere we hadn't gone yet and we were considering going to Vego but we were in the mood for something a bit more healthy. We couldn't decide on anything so we decided to go to Vego anyway.

Check out our video we made on what we ate while we were in Berlin:
On our walk their we ended up finding a Vegetarian Vietnamese place called Soy that was much closer than Vego and had healthier food.
We got some Pho and a Curry.

We got this picture of the outside. Those dudes tried to tell us we owed them 5 euros for the picture. Nice try guys.

After resting up for the night we got up and headed for the TV Tower

The thing that makes Berlin one of the most vegan friendly cities is that aside from the vegan/vegetarian restaurants there is lots of vegan options in regular chain coffee shops and other unexpected places.
There was a bear in the tower too.

The view from the top was cool

They had the city drawn out at the bottom of the windows so you could see what you were looking at.

The building with the round thing on the top is our hotel

We left the tower and started to head towards other touristy stuff

Nearby the Tower is the Marx and Engels Forum. Remnants of the communist German Democratic Republic.

We made a Vlog of our favourite places we explored in Berlin:

I don't think we have a picture with the Berliner yet, do we?

We took a bit of a walk and made it to the Brandenburg Gate. It was big.
We walked into the big park called Tiergarten
That's the Berlin Victory Column in the background.
The park was pretty peaceful but in a few days it is going to be full of German football (soccer) fans watching the Euro 2016 on massive screens.

It is a huge park. You could spend a whole day in the park easily.

We went to the Reichstag but unfortunately in order to go inside you had to get tickets and our guide never told us about this. We didn't bother getting tickets because we weren't that worried about it.

We left Reichstag and headed to the canal. We enjoyed walking the canal.
We were tempted to get on a canal boat, but they were quite pricey.

...so we just watched the boats go by.

We headed back to the hotel and enjoyed ourselves some beer.


The next morning we headed out towards the East Side Galley.

We used the TV tower as our mark.

We had a 40 minute walk to get to the East Side Galley. We also got caught in a rain storm that only lasted a few minutes. We just stood under cover until it passed.

Still see the TV tower in the distance.

We made it to the East Side Galley, and it was quite beautiful. There is some amazing art work on the wall.

Some of the art work was behind a fence and some wasn't

This piece of art is just amazing

This is how thick the wall was.

The side without the fence is just full of regular graffiti.
Albert Einstein.

Got to touch the wall!

There is also a museum, but we didn't go in it.

Another really cool piece of art.

The wall was next to a canal, so we sat down and enjoyed the day.

Once we left, we headed to Veganz which was right down the street. They had a café and restaurant in the building as well. We didn't get any photos, but we hit up Veganz at another location later on in the trip and got some photos there. We also got some video footage for our What We Ate in Berlin, Germany Vlog.

After we left Veganz, we made our way to Markt Halle Neun, where Sun Day Burgers had their stall.

Found them!

Waiting for my burger!

These burgers were really good. We will definitely be back.

There was another vegan shop in the market called Tofu Tussis. They sold burgers as well, and also shakes and tofu.

We got ourselves a shake to support the business.

We left the market and headed towards Brammbel's, which is a vegan donut shop. We bought a box of donuts for later.

Afterwards we headed towards the hotel. We like to walk through parks to find our way home. It's much better than always walking on the streets, and you never know what you can discover.

Wow. We found a beautiful park

As you can see from the clouds, a storm was chasing us. 

This would be a good festival to see.
We continued our walk and found more bears!

Went through another park and along the canal.

We went back to the hotel to relax and have a donut.

Donuts from Brammbel's

After some relaxing we got a bit hungry and went on search from some food. We made our way to Cat Tuong.


We had so much to choose from, and it was hard to decide.


After dinner we hit up the grocery store and got ourselves some beer and wine.


We went back to the hotel and watched some German television and had our drinks.

The next morning we enjoyed the last of our donuts, then went to find some breakfast.

The city is just so cool looking.

Love this wall art!


Really cool face on the wall

We made our way back to Vego for some greasy burgers.

If you are craving an amazing, greasy burger check out Vego.

Cool, vintage store.

We went on a search for other vegan establishments in the area, just to see them.

Most non vegan business's advertised their vegan option in the windows.

We went to Veganz, and got ourselves some cake for dessert at goodies.
Chocolate and Cheeze cake

We walked back through Mauer park. Not a lot was going on this day though.
The best thing about Berlin's streets is how many trees they plant in the side walks. It really makes the city look beautiful.

We continued to walk around the city. We walked a lot while we were here.
The sun was setting.

Tree's that fell down from the wind and rain storm we had.

For dinner we went back to Soy, as we liked it a lot and it was close to our hotel.

Tonight we ordered some dumplings to go with our main dishes.

Smile, the food is delicious.

We left the restaurant and headed back to our hotel for some more drinks.

The next morning we had to check out of our hotel. Our flight wasn't for a few hours, so we had time to continue exploring.

Bear in our hotel.

We went back to Café Neundrei for some breakfast.
From the Lulu Lemon sign.

We found some more parks to walk through
The station where we catch the bus to the airport was a 40 minute walk away. We decided to slowly make our way in that direction.

We walked along the canal again. It's just so beautiful.

This was a cool model of the area we were in.

Hmm, have we seen this yet?

BEARS!! These guy are the best part of Berlin! We were searching for them the whole trip.

We headed back to the park Tiergarten, as we only saw a little bit of it last time.

We were so happy that the sun was shinning and it was a beautiful day to relax in the park.

On a more serious note, we walked past the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. It is quite a striking memorial.

These are some more vegetarian, vegan establishments that we randomly walked by.

We got to the station and were easily able to buy our bus tickets to the airport from a ticket machine. It was hard to leave Berlin.
They even had a bear in the airport. :)
We enjoyed KLM's vegan option on the flight back. ;) At least we got cashews this time.
We were watching the sun set as we flew.We arrived back in Birmingham in the evening and went right to bed. It was an amazing trip and we were exhausted.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed on post on Berlin, You may enjoy our post: "
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  1. Loved Berlin, just loved it! Vegan paradise? Not a surprise...it has such a huge variety of restaurants with the most number of cuisines we have ever seen in any city of Europe. A foodie's delight!

  2. Wow, you managed to fit a lot in there. Would love to see some of the beautiful architecture you photographed, as well as some of that awesome art in the park. Berlin seems like such a fun city to visit, and so much history too.

  3. I have always wanted to go to Berlin. I have a friend that is in the process of planning her move there, and she's a vegetarian. I've heard wonderful things about the food and restaurants in that area, so I'm not surprised you were spoiled for choice!

    1. I hope you make it there some day. Go visit your friend.

  4. I would never have thought Berlin is such a great place for vegans since Germans in general are such meat lovers... Then again, Berlin is also such a modern city so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised

  5. I hope to return to Berlin one day. I have only spent a few hours in the city during three visits. Two of them were sadly only spent at one of the train stations. Luckily we were able to explore a small area during our third stop in the city. :)

    1. No worries. I'm sure you get to see more of Berlin one day.

  6. You guys got some good weather in Berlin. There is sunshine and blue skies in so many of your shots. That's pretty rare. It gives Berlin a whole different look. It's a beautiful city, but usually in a dark "german" way. You're showing a different side. very cool.

    1. Yeah the weather was fairly good while we were there but it did rain. We were there in July.

  7. You've found some great food choices. Veggies are so colorful! We are not vegan or vegetarians but we love trying new cuisines and try to bring back a recipe as a 'souvenir' from each trip. We try hard to find a vegetable dish and each time I make them at home...it brings back great memories. Most recently, we found a wonderful lentil recipe in Turkey which we just love!

  8. Hey not sure why but your pictures took forever to load! Anyways, since I am not a vegan I don't think about all the vegan friendly places around the world. It's nice to see cities become so accommodating!

    1. Thanks. Good to know. This is an old blog post with way too many pictures on it before we knew better.

  9. This post makes me want to go to Berlin now! I have heard so much great things about Berlin as a city. Sounds like it caters to all diets which is great! Plus the sights and the sounds add more to the joy of the travel experience.

  10. Berlin looks amazing through your lens. Yes, those buildings do make it hard to resist taking a picture and the best part of it all, you have shared the best food options for a vegan. Thanks for the same

    1. Thanks. Yeah we're just trying to help other vegan travellers find good food.

  11. I've been there twice, it's strange how I felt being there, considering all that passed in the previous decades. You feel history, you see history and you can link what you see to some of the worst pages in modern history. It was almost oppressive for me, but I enjoyed the city anyway, I really liked it.

    1. It is surreal to think about everything that has happened in Berlin and they definitely aren't hiding anything. It's all out in the open which makes for an interesting visit. You end up doing something care free and fun one minute like watching street performers in Mauer park and then visiting a serious memorial like the Topography of Terrors the next.

  12. I would love to visit Berlin. All these photos look so awesome. Those doughnuts look delicious too!

  13. We loved Berlin and you've highlighted all the things we liked. The Bears were awesome, and we also loved the walking light guy. Museum island is just a beautiful place to visit!

  14. I have never been to Berlin but I would love to go since there are so many vegan options to try out. Never heard of a Vegan currywurst and would love to try them out. I guess Berlin has lots of history associated with it.

    1. Berlin is one of our favourite places. It is extremely vegan friendly! Hope you make it there one day.

  15. I've been in Berlin several times and I must say that it's a really cool city :-) I enjoyed it very much. The food look so good, especially Pho :-)

    1. The Pho was delicious! All of the food was really!

  16. Well, huge variety of restaurant from all around the world, I am not surprised this lovely city is Vegan paradise!! You took wonderful pictures, I can see its amazing architecture and art! :-D thanks for sharing, great job

    1. Thank you. Berlin is quite the wonderful city. We loved all the vegan food!

  17. I just went to Berlin too! I wish I saw this post before though because I just ended up having pasta everywhere I went. I'm no longer vegan or vegetarian but I try not to eat so much meat and dairy. Great recommendations!

    1. Thank you. I'm sad to hear you are no longer vegan. May I ask why you stopped?

  18. Ah, Germany. Makes me miss my time studying there. I agree that it is the best place for vegans. I was a vegetarian all the time I was there! Like seeing the photos of you enjoying the city. Your photo of the bathrooms is always funny!

  19. Looks like fun! All that food looks great – guess it's time to plan a trip to Berlin ;) Haha!

    1. It really is! I would love to go back to Berlin.

  20. I've never been to Berlin... and now I think I would love to! Thanks to your journey pictures and advices, especially from vegan point of view, which is always valuable! :D

  21. Wow what a detailed post ahah I felt like I was there with you 🙈 I'm planning a trip this summer and I really like the idea of going to Berlin! Thanks for posting

    1. Haha yeah we got a little carried away. It is just so hard to cut anything out in Berlin. It is just such an incredible city. You should really go there.


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