Hiking around Lake Windermere and Wray Castle

Travel Diary:

During our time in the Lake District and Cumbria we figured we'd check out a lake. We were planning on going to Lake Windermere and walking around the lake. It's a large lake so we were just planning on walking to some of the towns around the lake and taking the ferry across the lake as well. We met a couple at the Fox Hall Vegan B&B that offered to drive us to the lake rather than taking public transport and walking. We got in their car in the morning and they drove us up through Windermere to Ambleside.

We passed through Ambleside. Then they drove us around the other side to the lake to Claife which is where Wray Castle is located. It was not a castle they were familiar with.

We went exploring in Wray Castle.
Wray Castle is a Victorian era building that has been just recently open to the public. It's not an ancient castle, more of a mansion created by some rich guy to look like a castle. Oh, the things that money can buy. This is probably why it wasn't known to our new friends.

View from the highest point in the castle that we could get too.

You may have heard of Peter Rabbit before but just in case, he is a fictional character that was created by Beatrix Potter in the early 20th century for a series of children stories.
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The inside of the castle was pretty neat. The format of the castle and its rooms is definitely geared towards children and would be a lovely day out for families.

It was cool that we were allowed to sit on the furniture. 
Fake Books

Cute Rabbit Mugs
These are fake arrow holes as the castle wasn't built during the times that these would have been used.

View from the Castle

Wray Castle

We left Wray Castle and started heading along Lake Windermere towards the town of Windermere. The castle was a great starting point for our walk around the lake. There was a nice footpath to follow around the lake.

Following the signs on the foot path

Boat House

Life Goals: Make this our front yard.
We couldn't have asked for a nicer walk. 

We continued along the lake, following the path. We have a 3 3/4 mile journey ahead of us to the ferry.

Check out our video on the lake Windermere:

When the scenery is this nice, it's hard not to enjoy the walk. 

Walking near the lake was a welcome change from living in Birmingham. We like living in Birmingham but walking around a lake like this is very relaxing.

Here is the house we will move into one day.

Enjoying the nature

Cows just lounging by the lake.
I don't think that we've ever seen cows hanging out on the beach before. 
We stumbled upon Claife viewing station in Hawkshead and Claife. We didn't really know what to expect to see on this hike so everything was a pleasant surprise to us.

A very lovely viewing station indeed. The weather was overcast but it was good for a walk like this. We weren't getting too hot or anything.

We love seeing the old ruins all over the UK. These ones were great since they were high enough to give us a view of the lake.
We left Claife Tower and headed toward the ferry. Most of the people on the ferry were in vehicles but there was a handful of walk on passengers like us. 

The ferry cost 0.50p each to cross, and it was about a 7-minute crossing. This is a charming ferry ride for Vancouver Islanders like us since we are used to 2-hour ferries.

We got to the town on the other side of Lake Windermere which is called Bowness-on-Windermere. It is on the eastern side of the lake.

Mirror in the trees

We walked along the foot path towards the town of Windermere.

We later learned the foot path we were on was called Cockshott Point. So if you are ever in Bowness and want to take the ferry to Claife this would be the one to take.

We walked through the town, and it was very busy with tourists. It was a short walk into Windermere, and we headed toward the train station.

We took the train from Windermere to Oxenholme. The Oxenholme station is the station closest to our bed and breakfast.  

We had a 45-minute walk to get back to the bed and breakfast from the station.

If you enjoyed this post then you'll enjoy reading about the rest of our time in the Lake District.