Hidden Gems of Nottingham

Our friend from Canada came to visit us in Birmingham. We were trying to think of cool places to visit for a day trip, not too far away, and Nottingham caught our eye. Nottingham has a bit of a bad reputation as being a really rough city but we found it to be really nice and there was lots of cool stuff to see there. We really had a great time there and I hope you enjoy our video and our blog post.

We (wanderlust vegans and friend) arrived in Nottingham after a rough start. We walked to the closest train station to us which is a 30 minute walk away. I forgot the umbrella and had to go back to the house after 2 minutes into the walk. Then I realised that I forgot my phone half way into the walk so I ran back to the house and then ran towards the train station to catch up with the other two. We just barely made our train. It all worked out though.

Anyway, we booked our train online using trainline which is the best site in our opinion. They also had an option called "plus bus" where you add an all day bus pass onto your train tickets for only £2. £2 is a steal for an all day bus pass. In Birmingham it costs £4.40 to get the all day bus pass on the National Express buses but then your pass won't work on the tram, or any of the other buses like the diamond bus. With out £2 Nottingham plus bus we could use any bus company. The buses we used were advertising all day passes for well over £2.

The bus we went on was clean and it announce you next stop!

Nice Lake

We had a great time walking around the park. A lot of naysayers were making me doubt my choice of taking our friend to Nottingham but my fears of tour guide failure went away quickly because Nottingham is a great place to visit. Wollaton Hall was used as Wayne Manor in the film The Dark Knight Rises.

It is also a deer park so there are lots of deer all over. These are the first deer that we've seen in England.

We were pretty close it these deer.

Where's Batman's house? Oh maybe it's that huge one over there!
There were a few other people visiting the park and Wayne Manor.

I can see why they used this location in the movie because it's such a nice park and the house has a bit of a Batman vibe to it.

It was free entry into Wollaton Hall.
The architecture was neat.
The house is a natural history museum.

Here's a scale model of the house.

If you look really close you can see her.

It's a big house.
We had to stop and get out photos for instagram and facebook.

Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the Candle Stick.

We finished with the Hall and the park so we started walking back to our bus stop. We wanted to get back to the city centre to be able to explore Nottingham.

We spotted some doe in the field on the way out.

Our bus wait was about 7 minutes because we didn't flag down the bus and it didn't stop for us so we made sure to be clear the second time around. We made it to city centre and then navigated ourselves to Annie's Burger shack. Nottingham has lots of hills so we were walking uphill most of the way.

Annie's is more than a shack and it was really busy. We decided to wait in the tavern downstairs because there was a 45 minute wait to get a table in the restaurant.

The tavern was pretty nice and the whole place was New England/American themed. It's funny that in North America they have Irish bars, English pubs and Scottish pubs and in England they have American Burger restaurants.

"Every. Single. One" can be made vegan!
We were pleased by the selection of burgers at this place.
Mushroom Swiss

After finishing our tasty burgers we headed to The National Videogame Arcade. We had heard lots about it but it ended up being bigger and better than we imagined.

They have every video game system you could imagine and lots of arcade machines, console games, handheld games, PC games and experimental games to try out. The games are all on free play so included in the £8.50 price of admission. The only downside is that people hog some of the games so you might have to hang around to make them feel awkward until they move on. Or you could ask them politely if you can have a turn next, if that works for you.
It was a bit difficult to get our camera to focus in this place for some reason.

There was 4 levels of video game galleries.

This shot looks like we were being pretty anti-social.


Some jackass played Time Crisis the entire 2 hours we were there.

The gallery closed so we headed out. Next to the gallery in the same building was the Toast Cafe which served food. I think more than just toast? It had some more games that you could play and served all sorts of drinks as well.

We didn't stick around as we were keen to see more of Nottingham.
Posing with Sonic on the way out.

All we did all day was play some vids and hang out on the sofa.

Nottingham Old Market Square.

The castle was closed but we got to see the outside at least. There was an event going on in there so we were able to check out the gift shop and take a quick peek inside the castle.

We didn't come to England to just go to American restaurants so we made a visit to the close by self proclaimed oldest inn in England  Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem which was quite old.

The pub is partly built into a cave. It was not busy when we got our drinks.
As soon as we sat down the bar was busy.

Walking around town we saw lots of people wearing hockey jerseys which is a pretty unusual sight in England but it turns out Nottingham has a hockey team called the Panthers and there was a game on that night. They are part of the EIHL, Elite Ice Hockey League. In England the specify that it is Ice Hockey not to be confused with what we would call Field Hockey in Canada.

Lots of people pokemon hunting in the park.

After having a good time exploring Nottingham it came time to head back to the train station to catch our train back to Birmingham.

We just missed our planned train so we had to catch the next one. Little did we know there was a football (soccer) match between Aston Villa and Derby County which had just finished. Our train made a stop in Derby and suddenly our train was packed with drunken Aston Villa supporters (fans) singing, chanting and hitting the walls of the train. Their shenanigans lead to an argument with a miserable lady who claimed to have just returned from a lovely holiday only to have it ruined. The lady and her family were shouting at the Villa fans and the Villa fans were making fun of her. The cops were called and our train was delayed for a long time. The cops ended up having to ride with us all they way back to Birmingham. 

We were not thrilled to be delayed for so long considering that we had to wake up early the next day to get to London but at least our friend got to see some stereotypical drunken English football supporters.

Good times. ;) If you enjoyed this post, you may like our post "Mega Manchester Vegan Bus Trip"

Thank you for reading.


  1. I love that the Batman house is there, so cool! I'd love to see that. And the deer park is awesome! They were so close and didn't eve mind that you were there, so cute ♡♡

    1. It is definitely worth the visit!! Nottingham is awesome.

  2. What a great day trip! The Batman house would be so cool to see in person. All the video games I could skip, but the deer would be a delight!

  3. I'd love to see the Batman house too!!! So many beautiful pictures in this post <3 And so much greenery too.

  4. I love going to little towns around England! They make for some of the best day trips, because they each have such an interesting and unique personality! I would visit Nottingham just for the National Videogame Arcade!

    1. You could spend hours in The National Video game arcade. We arrived later in the day, so we didn't have much time there.

  5. Got to admit, I don't know an awful lot about Nottingham apart from Robin Hood. Looks like an interesting place, I'll have to visit when I come back to England for the summer!

  6. Wow I had no idea Nottingham had so many things to offer !! I loved the mansion and the park, it would definitely nice to visit this if I get the chance to come around ! Also super happy to know there's a vegan option in town ! So many things to do there, thanks for sharing !

    1. Thank you for reading. Also, those burgers were probably the best burgers we have ever had!

  7. I've only been to London in England and I'd really love to see more of it. This post has definitely inspired me to visit Nottingham, it seems to deserve a much better rep than it has! Very informative and of course, I HAVE to see the Batman house, I love Batman!

    1. Yeah there are a lot of great places to visit in the UK. It's funny because after planning the trip we started having second thoughts about doing a day trip to Nottingham because of all the things people in Birmingham were saying. Then it turned out to be one of the best day trips we've been on in the UK.

  8. The Wayne Manor looks super awesome and the fact that to it is a natural history museum makes it really cool. I've never seen a park with deers in it unless it is a wildlife sanctuary. Great place to visit. Will add to my list. :)

    1. Yeah, Wayne Manor was awesome. We were definitely not expecting to see those deer so close up. Yes it's called deer park but we haven't seen any deer since moving to the UK so we kind of thought it was just a name. It was pretty exciting.

  9. Random wildlife spotting. Nice. I agree - avoid American restaurants as an American when you travel - good thing to keep in mind.

    1. It wasn't really random cause it was Wollaton Hall, Gardens and Deer Park. I wouldn't say avoid American places cause Anne's Burger Shack was great.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Very well documented trip. Specially liked batman's house and the deers. Must be great to get so close to such lovely animals.

  12. Your friend had a great day. Nottingham has a lot to offer i must say. The park is so beautiful and spectating the Dears walking on the green carpet is amazing


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