A Weekend Away in the Lake District

Another place that everyone has been telling us to visit is the Lake District. We had heard about a vegan bed and breakfast in the area and thought we would look into booking there.

We were able to get a two night stay at the Fox Hall Vegan Bed and Breakfast. It was really easy to book. We went on their website, and emailed them with the dates and room we wanted.

We booked our trains on train line, and it took about 2.5 hours for us to get there. Fox Hall Vegan B & B is pretty secluded so we had a 45 minute walk from the train station. This isn't a big deal for us, as we love walking. However, some people may find this difficult. Calling a taxi may be a better option. If you get the train into Kendal then you can catch the bus to the motorway 10 minutes from the B & B as well.

We arrived in Oxenholme around 2:30pm. We googled how to walk to the Fox Hall, then we were on our way. 

We were fortunate enough to have beautiful weather. It was a lovely summers day. 

Sometimes the clouds in England make the photos look unreal. (at least I think so)

Checking Google Maps to ensure we were heading in the right direction.

We continued on our way.

Breath taking scenery

Beautiful landscape.
The roads were quite narrow
A lot of the houses were made of stones.

What a relaxing neighbourhood.

We would love to buy a little escape cottage here.

But living out in the middle of nowhere, would drive us a little mad.

The roads are getting smaller.

Found some cows grazing in the grass. We think these are cows being raised for beef, as we saw other cows in barns being milked.

Beef cow was coming for a visit

We took a little while walking, as we kept stopping to take pictures and videos.

But, look at those hills!

Oh no, We actually have to climb one?

We found the bed and breakfast

View from our room.
Guinea pigs. We had no idea that they would have three rescued guinea pigs in the back garden. We were beyond excited to go meet them.

Back garden of the bed and breakfast.
We made a little video on the Fox Hall, Vegan Bed and Breakfast:

After we dropped off our stuff, we headed off to find the castle that was near by. According to google it was a 24 minute walk.

More cows.

Turns out we got lost. We didn't see the turn off for the castle entrance, because it looked like a small alley way with gravel. It looked like someone's drive.

We were able to do a big loop around, so we didn't have to back track. We found the castle in the end. Sadly it was closed.

We were able to walk around the castle grounds.

Sizergh Castle
We walked around the castle grounds and tried to find the path that should have led us in, in the first place.

We headed back to the bed and breakfast to read our books and relax before dinner.

Patiently waiting for our 3 course meal.
They had a huge menu to choose from and it was really hard to decide what we wanted.
Mushroom soup and bread for starter.

Pineapple Curry with brown rice

Alcoholic Black Cherry Trifle
After dinner we sat in the dining room chatting with another couple that was there. We really hit it off and they offered us a ride to Windermere in the morning.

We met them for breakfast before setting out for the day.
Cold breakfast choices.

Warm breakfast. mmm tofu.

We went for a really fun hike around Lake Windermere visiting Wray Castle and some of the towns along the lake. You can check it out here.
We decided to take the 1/4 mile foot path into Natland. It was a nicer walk, than walking on the street.

What can we spot in the distance?

When taking the foot paths, they lead you through some farm land. At first it felt weird to be walking in someones property, but you get use to it. The walk ended up being a lot better than we expected.

Crossed the river to get the bed and breakfast.
After A LOT of walking, we were very much looking forward to our three course meal that would be waiting for us.
Avocado dip.
For the main course we had a delicious chilli with broccoli and rice. We forgot to take a picture.

Cheese cake!

After dinner tea.
We were very tired after dinner, so we headed to bed to relax and read our books.

The next morning we had to check out of our lovely Vegan Bed and Breakfast. We had another delicious breakfast, said goodbye to the guinea pigs and headed in the direction of Kendal.
One last look from our window!

Good bye cows
We took the public foot path towards Kendal on the canal towpath. Our bed and breakfast had written directions on how to get there.

We only passed a couple people during our walk. 

This is a very enjoyable walk

Hiking through the vegetation. Watch out for ticks!!
We made our way to Kendal and found Kendal Castle ruins.

Kendal Castle
Another stunning view

It was one of the nicer ruins that we have been too.

The castle was situated on a hill, and the scenery was lovely.
You can look out the 'window' onto the town of Kendal

Hello down there!

You can even look inside a little bit.

A few other views of the town

We had fun exploring the castle. Kendal Ruins is free to visit, and we think it is worth the journey to it.

unfortunately we didn't have much time to explore, and had to walk back to Oxenholme to catch our train home.

we made our way down the hill.

And like everything else, a good thing must come to an end. We caught the train at Oxelmholme and headed back to Birmingham. Luckily we only have a 4 day work week then its off to our next adventure!

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