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Hidden Gems of Nottingham

Our friend from Canada came to visit us in Birmingham. We were trying to think of cool places to visit for a day trip, not too far away, and Nottingham caught our eye. Nottingham has a bit of a bad reputation as being a really rough city but we found it to be really nice and there was lots of cool stuff to see there. We really had a great time there and I hope you enjoy our video and our blog post.

Edinburgh: Fringe Festival, Fantastic Food and Friends

After what seemed to be the longest 4 day work week imaginable. We caught the train from Birmingham to Edinburgh, which we booked on Train line. It was a 4.5 hour journey and we were thankful for our books. 
This is our second time in Edinburgh. Last time it was June and still cold as hell. It rained both times but wasn't too bad.

Hiking around Lake Windermere and Wray Castle

Travel Diary:
During our time in the Lake District and Cumbria we figured we'd check out a lake. We were planning on going to Lake Windermere and walking around the lake. It's a large lake so we were just planning on walking to some of the towns around the lake and taking the ferry across the lake as well. We met a couple at the Fox Hall Vegan B&B that offered to drive us to the lake rather than taking public transport and walking. We got in their car in the morning and they drove us up through Windermere to Ambleside.
We passed through Ambleside. Then they drove us around the other side to the lake to Claife which is where Wray Castle is located. It was not a castle they were familiar with.
Wray Castle is a Victorian era building that has been just recently open to the public. It's not an ancient castle, more of a mansion created by some rich guy to look like a castle. Oh, the things that money can buy. This is probably why it wasn't known to our new friends.

You …