The Calendar Says it's Summer, but England's Still Raining.

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "Back From our Holiday Within a Holiday and our Summer has Started Early"

We are loving that we have a vegetarian cafe in Birmingham. We have been stopping by for lunch and evening desserts. The Cafe is called 3 Three's.

Sandwich and cupcake for lunch
The first weekend in June we headed to Stratford-Upon-Avon to do some rowing in the sunshine. It was a wonderful day and it was nice to just relax.

To read more about our rowing trip with Plantbased Nurse and 12yearsavegan, check it out here: "Stratford Upon Avon Boat Trip"
Rowing our boat, gently down the stream

The weather was getting quite nice, and we searched around for refreshing drinks. This is a raspberry iced tea with cucumbers. - yum!
We were happy to make it to Birmingham Vegans monthly pizza night. Last month we missed it because we were in Amsterdam. We had pizza recently after our rowing trip so we decided to go to Handmade Burger Co before pizza night. We had a "buy one burger and get one for a pound" voucher to use. After eating our burgers we went to the Wellington, where the pizza night is hosted, to socialise with the Birmingham Vegans.
Burger for a pound!
Van's the show company launched their new Mario addition apparel. We went to check it out, but in England their shoes are double the price they are in Canada. We're going to wait until we return to Canada to get our Mario Vans.

We had a great time at pizza night, one of the best ones we have been to. If you are ever in Birmingham on the first Tuesday of the month, head over to Birmingham Vegans pizza night at the Wellington.

Birmingham Vegans also had a banner made! How exciting. We are in two of the three photos displayed on the banner! We representing, yo.

Later that week, we went out with coworkers for the monthly drinks with the beeches.

The next weekend we did some planning for trips.. obviously, if you haven't noticed by now, we LOVE traveling. Next, we thought we would check out Zizzi's new vegan cheese. Zizzi's is a chain of Italian restaurants in the UK. They have a vegan wine list!
Vegan garlic bread.
We shared a pizza and a dessert. (Those were too yummy, we forgot to take photos)
View from the toilets in Zizzi's restaurant
On Sunday, we made our way to Leicester Vegan Fair with Plantbased Nurse. It was a wonderful fair. We got to try a lot of food we haven't seen at other festivals. 

Check out our blog on "Leicester Vegan Market 2016"

Awesome Shirts.
We are addicted to 3 Three's Cafe, we found ourselves there again.
Latte and a hot dog.
After work one evening, we met Plantbased Nurse and his friends at The Stable for some pizza. More Pizza! After dinner we went to the Victoria for some improv by the KneeJerks. They were pretty funny. We love improv nights.

If effort to try and get in shape - we started walking to and from work. It is about 3.2 miles each way. It's been saving us money, and we are feeling healthier.

The clouds were looking a little angry - Birmingham City Centre is under a lot of construction.
On one of our walks home we got stuck in a thunder storm. It was a bit scary, but pretty exciting. 

Check out our video here - You can see lightning behind us and hear how close the thunder was to us. 

While we were running for cover, we were loving every minute of it.

That weekend we took the train to Gatwick and flew to France.
While we ate our lunch we noticed that all the WWE NXT people were behind us. 
We flew to France and stayed with our friends 2 Healthy Fit Vegans in Auray. Check out our blog post: "Going Coastal in Brittany, France"
Auray, France
Continuing our effort of getting into shape, we started the C25K program. The day we decided to start running while it was pouring in France. We got out of the house and ran anyway. It also helped that we were running with 2 Healthy Fit Vegans. - They are quite motivating.
Week 1, Day 1 Complete.
We returned to Birmingham after a wonderful trip in France and found ourselves at Pirlo's Dessert Lounge for a Birmingham Vegans dessert night.  (Not very good after a weekend of healthy eating and exercising.) It was delicious though!
Finished off with blended drinks.
It was a wonderful night out. We love Birmingham Vegans, and the group will be truly missed.

The last weekend in June we made our way to Warwick Castle. We bought ourselves a rail card and now get 30% off journeys. Castles always have stocks for taking pictures and we got someone to take a picture of both of us this time. - Our blog on this will be posted shortly.

Check out our vlog on Warwick Castle:

The next day we finally went for a walk in Cannon Hill Park which is a pretty big park in Birmingham. We went with Plantbasednurse and had a picnic on the grass. Good times.
On the last day of June my uncle came to visit from London and we took another train from Birmingham to Kidderminster to catch another train that was powered by steam on the Severn Valley Railway. It was fun and it felt like we went back in time to the 1930s.

Check out our Severn Valley Vlog: 

June was an eventful month for us. We went on many weekend trips and had a great time. All our travels worked out well. We are continuing to have fun in Birmingham and enjoy the trips to different parts of the UK and Europe as well. We've got a few more bigger trips planned in the future. Thanks for reading.

Also starting now, we are doing a Minimalist Challenge. We need to start getting rid of some stuff for our adventure back to Canada. To join in on the challenge go to our post "30 Day Minimalist Challenge" for details.

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