All Aboard the Severn Valley Steam Train. Whooooo Whooo

June 30, 2016:

Going to Severn Valley Railway has been on our list of places to see since we moved to England. We thought it would be a lovely day trip with my Uncle as he likes steam trains. We were considering going on the steam trains on the Isle of Wight while we were there, but he had already been on them. So we waited and went on this one!

My Uncle came to Birmingham from London to meet us, and then we caught the train to Kidderminster. The prices on the train don't vary for places close by to Birmingham for some reason, so we didn't have to book ahead of time.

The train station is right beside the steam train, so it is really easy to get here by train.

We took the Steam Train from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth which is £19.00 each for the return. It's quite pricey and it can be cheaper if you book to get off at an earlier station. We wanted to see it all though.
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Outside of the steam train station

It's really cool seeing the station all dressed up like the 1940's 

In front of a news agents

Here comes the train!

We love how everything looked like you've stepped back in time.

The train was awesome!

The seats were quite bouncy.

Here we go!

We got some spectacular views.

First stop: BEWDLEY

The stations are all decorated!

The conductor caught me taking photos.

Alright, where to next? Lets look at this handy map they gave us.

They also have a couple stops for people who live nearby, you have to request to get off here, as it's not part of the steam train experience.

Here we go again,

We got a cabin to ourselves.
Beautiful day for a train ride.

Next Stop: Arley

They did such a great job making it feel as if we had gone back in time.

It was fun sticking our heads out the window.

Note: Do not do this while the train is moving, you WILL get a face full of smoke. (There are signs telling you this)

And again, here we go!

Lovely hills. We saw a lot of sheep too.

Next Stop: Highley

Another train

Even the conductors were dressed up.

And we are off again,

Next Stop: Hampton Loade

One more stop..

Last stop: Bridgnorth

Everybody off!

Well, you could stay on board, but the train didn't leave for another 40 minutes.

We got off and went exploring in Bridgnorth

Side of the train

This was a pretty cool station.

We got to watch another train leaving. If we had hurried we could have been on it heading back. But we wanted to explore the town a little bit.

Planning our next route.

We left the station and headed across a huge bridge and towards a castle. Unfortunately the castle was too far for us to be able to make it and get back on the last steam train.

View from the stairs heading towards the castle.

We went back to the station, got something to drink and walked around

We got back on the train and headed back towards Kidderminster.

Back at Kidderminster station

We got back on our train to Birmingham and went to Handmade Burger for some dinner. It was close to the train station, as my uncle was heading back to London the same night.

Delicious as always

May as well ride the bull while I am in the Bull Ring.

Selfridges and some of Birmingham - view from a crossing from a car park to the shopping centre.  
We had a great day trip and we really enjoyed riding the steam trains.

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  1. Seems like a very cool idea to discover English landscape by train and as I can see from your pics you really had a lot of fun. The places look really cozy and beautiful, somehow exactly how I imagine such places in England :)

    1. Yeah, this train trip really gives you the 'English' feel from back in the day.

  2. This is a really good idea to travel by train. Thank you so much for sharing the information and photos, it makes me want to visit now!

    1. We hope you make it there. It was a really great day trip.

  3. Looks like a exciting visit. Something about old timey things that really gets me excited. I might just suggest cutting a few photos to focus on the best ones and displaying them bigger as is hard to see. But thanks for sharing!

    1. We had a great time visiting. All of our photos are able to be clicked on to view bigger. This puts them on a scroll to see all the photos. We write our blog very picture heavy because this is the style we enjoy seeing ourselves. We like for our photos to tell the story, and the bits we do write are to help the story along.

  4. I love train rides! I love that this was a steam engine too. Lovely views through the English countryside and quaint towns. My kind of travel. I will pin this for a future visit.

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed! It was a wonderful trip.

  5. Growing up in India, train journeys have been a regular part of my life for about 30 years now. But even today a 24 hour train ride excites me more than a 2 hour flight. There is something about sitting by the window and watching the world go by or landscapes changing that makes it very romantic.

    1. A 24 hour train ride must be epic! We enjoy taking the trains rather than flying too.

  6. England has maintained a few valley railways intact still. When I was in London, I managed to check out the Avon Valley Railway in Bath. Unfortunately the day I went they weren't functioning, they work only once a week. I should have checked the timetable before I ventured!!!! Glad you were able to enjoy the spectacular experience of this traditional mode of transport.

    1. Oh no! That sucks. We made sure to check all time tables for this one before we left, as my uncle came up from London to join us.

  7. Steam trains are such a great way to visit the countryside because they're generally slower than more modern trains. We recently did a tour on a steam train just north of Toronto and it was a lovely experience, though they haven't been able to restore many stations along that line as yet.

    1. Yes it was definitely slower than the regular train lines. haha. Glad to hear you had a lovely time in Toronto!

  8. I love steam trains. Would be happy to try this one! Thanks for taking me on a photo tour! Loved your pictures! Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year! You should totally check out Severn Valley. It was a great ride.


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