Join along with us, and get rid of your stuff! Anything you don't love or don't need in your life donate it to your local charity. You all know that old saying "Someone's trash is someone else's treasure!"

So the idea behind this challenge is to get rid of one item per day for the 30 days. While there are other variations to this challenge such as The Minimalist game, where you get rid of one item on day one, two items on day two and so on. We thought that one item per day is a good place for people to start. Also, we don't have 465 items to get rid of here in England. We will both be getting rid of 30 items.

Another variation of a 30 day minimalism challenge is this one by Minimalism is simple / 30 Day Challenge - In addition to getting rid of 30 items - they show other ways of simplifying your life each day. for example "Day Sixteen: Tackling sentimental items." This challenge is a little harder than ours, and would be worth doing once you get used to the idea of getting rid of your stuff.

We recommend starting to get rid of items from junk drawers, bathroom toiletries, kitchen ware and clothing. These will be the easiest items to sort through.

To find out why we love living a minimalist lifestyle, check out our post "Why Minimalism Improved Our Lives."

As we knew we were starting this challenge, we started sorting through our things. As of now we have 3 shirts, pair of trousers, bathing suit, and 2 lanyards for donation. We have discovered that our local H&M will give £5 credit per bag of clothing donated. We are going to fill the bag for donation. The reason we started sorting before the challenge is because we are never in England for 30 consecutive days.

3 shirts, pair of trousers, bathing suit, and 2 lanyards
We will post photos of everything we are donating to help give you an idea of what to donate.
Next lot! Jeans, runners, boots, hat, skirt, cardigan, 2 pillow covers.
2 Magazines, pack of postcards, 2 books, tights, shirt, ear warmer, various pins, 2 small bags

Shoes, Sweater, suitcase

Have fun!

“Ask each item, "What are you and what do you do?" "How did you come into my life?" "Did I buy you, or were you given to me?" "How often do I use you?" "Would I replace you if you were lost or broken, or would I be relieved to be rid of you?" "Did I ever want you in the first place?" Be honest with your answers–you won't hurt your stuff's feelings” ― Francine Jay

Update: After the 30 days, we didn't end of donating 30 items each. Yes, we narrowed down our 60 items, but some of these items we need until we move back to Canada. We will get rid of them then. This includes our bedding, towels and kitchen stuff. There are also a few items of clothing we will be donating before we leave. Such as PJ pants, old shirts and socks. We need to replace these items, but we will wait until we get back to Canada. We also have some clothing in Canada that may replace these items.


  1. Minimalism is a challenge. It's a process to get there. Once you're there, I don't think it's possible to reverse the thinking. It does add quality to life. A 30 day challenge sounds like a great way to motivate one's self to get there. Nice ideas.

    1. Thanks. Minimalism is definitely a journey on its own. We love the lifestyle.


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