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All Aboard the Severn Valley Steam Train. Whooooo Whooo

June 30, 2016:
Going to Severn Valley Railway has been on our list of places to see since we moved to England. We thought it would be a lovely day trip with my Uncle as he likes steam trains. We were considering going on the steam trains on the Isle of Wight while we were there, but he had already been on them. So we waited and went on this one!
My Uncle came to Birmingham from London to meet us, and then we caught the train to Kidderminster. The prices on the train don't vary for places close by to Birmingham for some reason, so we didn't have to book ahead of time.
The train station is right beside the steam train, so it is really easy to get here by train.
We took the Steam Train from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth which is £19.00 each for the return. It's quite pricey and it can be cheaper if you book to get off at an earlier station. We wanted to see it all though. Check out our Vlog:

Going Coastal in Brittany, France

June 18-21, 2016:
We went on a trip to Auray France to visit our friends. On this trip we used Google Flights to find the cheapest days to travel around the dates that we were considering. Google Flights is really useful to find cheap flights. Once we found the flight through Google Flights, they informed us that it was cheaper to book on the EasyJet website so we did that. Our friends were nice enough to let us stay at their place and pick us up from the airport in Nantes so we didn't have to book accommodations or a train in France. Nantes was the closest flight that we could find. We flew out of London Gatwick so the only train we had to book was Birmingham to London Gatwick. We booked the trains through We considered using the Eurostar but the train would have taken about 20 hours to get to Auray. Flights to Paris were reasonable as well but the train to Auray was pretty long compared to what we did.
We've been trying to plan a trip to France for awhile now …

The Calendar Says it's Summer, but England's Still Raining.

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "Back From our Holiday Within a Holiday and our Summer has Started Early"

We are loving that we have a vegetarian cafe in Birmingham. We have been stopping by for lunch and evening desserts. The Cafe is called 3 Three's.
The first weekend in June we headed to Stratford-Upon-Avon to do some rowing in the sunshine. It was a wonderful day and it was nice to just relax.


Join along with us, and get rid of your stuff! Anything you don't love or don't need in your life donate it to your local charity. You all know that old saying "Someone's trash is someone else's treasure!"

So the idea behind this challenge is to get rid of one item per day for the 30 days. While there are other variations to this challenge such as The Minimalist game, where you get rid of one item on day one, two items on day two and so on. We thought that one item per day is a good place for people to start. Also, we don't have 465 items to get rid of here in England. We will both be getting rid of 30 items.