Leicester Vegan Market 2016

During our time in the UK so far we have been traveling around the country on mini weekend holidays and day trips. It's pretty cool because we wouldn't have been able to see so much of the UK if weren't for our working visas. Our friend plantbasednurse found the Leicester Vegan Market on Facebook and offered to do the driving to Leicester. We'd seen Leicester mentioned in the news before because Leicester City FC surprised everyone and won the 2015-16 premier league.

Statue of Liberty

Plantbasednurse used to live in Leicester and he took us on a little tour of his old stomping grounds. For some reason Leicester has a statue of liberty. It's not something you'd expect to find in England.

We arrived at the market and scoped out the food situation. We've all been to enough of these vegan markets that we recognise the regulars. Vegan Grindhouse is a great burger cart but they are from Birmingham so we see them often.
Vegan Spock shirt for all the vegan trekkies.

We were sucked in by the comfort food. This is the first time we've ever seen Temple of Seitan. Seitan means wheat meat. We ordered Southern fried tenders with coleslaw, yum.
The breading, the sauce and the coleslaw where spot on. We made a vlog about our time at the market as well.

For dessert we shared a New York cheesecake. It was delicious. New York cheesecake! We could have eaten it next to the statue of liberty.

The market was cool. Once we had our fill of the food we hit the road and drove back to Birmingham.

We'd like to know from you, what was your favourite vegan festival and why?

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more vegan festivals, check out our post on "To Bristol VEGFEST we go!"

For more on Leicester, check out: "Dogs Trust and The National Space Centre"