Finale. Farewell to Holidaying. Amsterdam Airport.

After a nice train ride from the Hague we got to Amsterdam airport. From there we caught the free shuttle bus to our hotel.

The train in The Netherlands is super easy to use. It is very clear at the stations which train, and it lists all their destinations. We were a little confused with buying tickets from a machine (Which only takes card) Some stations have customer service desks where you can pay for tickets in cash though! Link to Train lines in The Netherlands here:

There is a shuttle bus waiting area outside the airport. It is where all shuttle buses to various hotels do their pick up. You look for your hotels name and stand near that bus stop.

A lot of hotels near the airport have free shuttle buses, and are convenient to stay in for an early flight. We stayed at Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol - It was a lovely 4 star hotel and we would definitely stay there again. Everything was clean and modern. Location was nearby to the airport, so we could watch planes fly over head. We had an amazing balcony and the hotel had a pool and sauna.

We found another 'I Amsterdam' sign.
We arrived at our hotel and it was better than we expected.

The hotel was out in the middle of nowhere on the side of a highway.

Not too bad for a hotel next to a highway overpass.
After spending time in two Easy Hotels, this place felt like we were living like royalty.

The bathroom was excellent and actually had real walls unlike the Easy Hotel in Den Haag.

We toured around the hotel.

There was a swimming pool, sauna, and steam room. We took advantage of these amenities. Once we had enough of the pool we headed into the outside world to find some food.

Next to the highway there was an overpass rest area with restaurants. We got some food from a buffet. It was well labelled with allergens so it was easy to find vegan food. We ended up eating rice, potatoes, vegetables and a smoothie.

After dinner we went to the hotel bar and had some beer.

We had a great nights sleep and got ready for our trip to the airport. We woke up early and caught our shuttle bus.

We got to the airport, went through security and were on the lookout for breakfast. We had an insane amount of Euro change left that we needed to spend.
Vegan wraps from Starbucks!
 We stopped at Starbucks in the airport for drinks because we know that they have soy milk. We were pleasantly surprised to see Chickpea and Hummus wraps!! They are labelled as vegan. However they were quite expensive. This is not surprising considering Starbucks is overpriced and airports are as well.
 We dropped off Mom at her gate and headed to ours on the other side of the airport. It was quite sad to see her leave, but we will be back in Canada before we know it.
Free Heineken! 
 We are used to flying with Ryanair, so we forgot that airlines give out free food and drinks. This time we flew with KLM. We were offered a sandwich and candy bar, but unfortunately they weren't vegan.

We were quite excited to drink our beer and continue our holiday on our flight home from Amsterdam.
What a relaxing way to end our holiday of cruising around the Scandinavian countries and playing in the Netherlands.

We really enjoyed our Scandinavian cruise. We had been wanting to see all these countries for awhile but the cost of flights and hotels in Norway or Denmark it is too expensive. This was a great way to see a bunch of different Scandinavian places with everything included.

The food on board was not bad. The key to being a vegan on a cruise is to make the staff aware that you are vegan so that they can talk to the chef to try and accommodate you. For the most part they did a good job. There was one dinner where we had to send some food back because it had cheese all over it. Aside from a few mistakes it went pretty smoothly. In the buffet you just have to ask the cooks what is suitable and they can tell you. There was some labelling of allergies on the food already such as vegetarian, lactose free, gluten free, etc. Not vegan symbol though.

The cruise ship offered excursions but all of them were pretty over priced. We ended up just finding our own way. We still had a good time. From talking to other passengers, we saw more of each port on our self guided walking tours than the ones that you had to pay $100 USD or more. We didn't end up looking for vegan restaurants in each port since we were full on the pre-paid cruise ship food.

The trip was 17 days and it felt like a blur. Going to so many places makes all of the ports blend together a bit. When you look back on the cruise you mix up what you did in which place. It was a good length of cruise though as it left us satisfied and a bit ready to get off of the boat.

The flight back was 50 minutes and we were back in England before we knew it. Back and ready to plan our next adventure.

Thanks for reading.

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