Climbing Kärnan Tower in Helsingborg Sweden

We arrived in Helsingborg, Sweden. We woke up pretty late but we weren't able to get off the ship until the afternoon because we had to take tender boat to shore. There was a queue for the tender boats where we had to take a number.
Once we got to shore we took a tourist map from the info booth that they had set up for us cruise ship people and used it to navigate around the town.

We made a little vlog about Helsingborg which you can check out here.
The weather was looking like it was going to rain just about any second.

Apparently this building was designed by the same person that designed the opera house in Sydney Australia.

We walked to the medieval tower called Kärnan.

We went up to the top in order to get a great view of the town. The tower is a museum and has little displays that tell you a bit about the history and what life was like back in medieval times.
We had some audio guides. You just had to point and click a laser pointer remote at the ear symbols and our guides would start talking. They even had English ones for tourists.

Mom didn't come with us so we took a picture of her from the top. Can you spot her down there?

There she is.

The view from the top was pretty good. You could see the whole town.

There is our cruise ship. It is huge.

We walked around town some more. Went went in this church. The church of St. Mary.

No walking signs to confuse tourists. Someone put a red line over the sign.
We walked around the shopping area.

We looked around for a coffee shop after checking out the main shopping area and we found an interesting one called Koppi. They had a map inside and free wifi. We asked if they had soya milk and the guy said "no sorry we only have cows milk, lactose free milk and oat milk". We were just looking for non dairy so oat milk was fine. They had one of our favourite brands Oatly which is Swedish so it makes sense they would have it there.
After enjoying our coffee and free WiFi we walked around some more.

We try and take lots of pictures all the time.

We walked through the park. There were people dressed as aliens and space men running around doing some sort of race. We kept seeing them all over town. Apparently they were too quick for us to get any photographic evidence of them though. ;)

Sweden is a beautiful country. We enjoyed being in Sweden again.

On our walk back to the ship we even spotted a vegetarian restaurant. It looked like it was closed at the moment but if you're ever in Helsingborg check it out.

After a good time in Helsingborg we headed back to the tender boats and went back to the ship to get ready for dinner. We had a great time being in Sweden again. Maybe we will return to Sweden again in the future. We've always wanted to go to Stockholm.


  1. Ah I lived outside of Helsingborg for 6 months a couple of years ago. This brings back memories. Great post!

    1. Nice! Glad it brought back memories for you. All good I hope.


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