Chillin' in Cardiff, Wales. Parks, Castle, Waterfront.

We finally did it! We made our way to Wales! Another country checked off the list! We decided to spend the May long weekend in Cardiff. 

We are always on the search for a place to stay within a reasonable cost.. We used Airbnb for this trip, as we use it when we are only staying a couple nights. Check in was very easy, our host had messaged us and let us know when would be a good time to check in, and this worked for us. Keeping in regular contact helps avoid disappointments during your travels.

We took the train from Birmingham New Street to Cardiff Central on Saturday morning. Using the Train Line website, keeps booking your trains across the UK simple. The website generates the cheapest times to travel, and keeps booking your tickets easy. We always pick up our tickets on the day of travel to avoid paying a delivery charge. If you cannot pick up tickets the day of your travel (for example a station we regularly use doesn't have a ticket machine) You are able to pick up your tickets at any station before your travel date. 

We arrived in Cardiff just in time for lunch, we generally walk everywhere, but  for information on getting around Cardiff check out their transit information at: 

Cardiff City Centre

We had fun making a vlog of our trip to Cardiff. Give it a watch.

 First we roamed around not knowing where we were. We had our back pack and our winter jackets. For some reason it seemed like a good idea to wear jackets when we left Birmingham but it was pretty warm in Cardiff. Our winter jackets were not necessary at all.
We found a vegan/vegetarian restaurant without searching for it. Since we were hungry we decided to pop in and see what kind of food they had.
The restaurant is run by Hare Krishnas and has plenty of vegan options on the menu. Hare Krishnas run veggie restaurants all over the place like Govinda's in London, Dublin and Gothenburg.

It was cool to see everything written in Welsh as we've never been to Wales before. We had a hard time being able to tell if people were speaking Welsh or just some other language. We haven't heard people speak Welsh before aside from the Welsh language BBC radio station. Hearing people's Welsh accents was fun too.

Cardiff Castle is a prominent fixture of the city centre area.

We walked past Bute Park on the way to our airbnb.

At this point Cardiff Castle was closing in an hour so we decided to come back the next day when we would have more time to look around since the entry fee was £12 each.

We headed to Bute park and took a walk around the trail.

There were lots of people there and after a ways we made it to this cool bridge.

It was starting to get close to dinner time so we headed back into town and found a Wagamama. They have some vegan options there. We got the yasai itame bowl which is vegan.
yasai itame

The food was pretty good. We headed back to the airbnb and relaxed for the night.

The next day we woke up and headed to city centre to visit Cardiff Castle.

There is animals on the bridge near Cardiff Castle.

We paid the £12 which is kinda steep but we really wanted to see the castle.
The castle grounds were well manicured.

There was a catapult.

Before we went to the castle we went shopping for new runners/trainers because we both needed new ones with all the walking around we do. We didn't take any photos of our shopping trip but here they are. We accidentally bought the same ones. We picked them out separately but we both went for the cheapest Adidas ones so now we have matching runners.

It was great weather to take pictures of the castle.

This tunnel was used as a bomb shelter during WWII.

We both took a turn being the laughing stock of Cardiff Castle.
Who wore it better?
There was wedding party getting their pictures taken. One little kid was standing in the photos who was a bit under dressed. The photographer asked the kid if he was in the wedding party and then the kid ran away embarrassed.
The tower was only for premium tickets.

We did get to go in the house though which turned out to be interesting.

All the rooms were elaborately decorated.

This is the Arab room.

We headed to the tower in the centre of the castle.

It was a long way to the top.
The stairs are steep.

Pretty steep eh?
The top had a nice view. There is a lot of green area in Cardiff.

Next we took a boat ride to Cardiff Bay.

Once we arrive in Cardiff bay we checked out the sights.
Welsh Parliament
This is the Welsh parliament.

The Norwegian Church.

We went into the Doctor Who experience even though it was closing.

We saw the Wales Millenium Centre.
We were pretty hungry so we stopped in a Wetherspoons for some cheap grub.
This is the Wetherspoons Curry. If you get it with extra pappadams instead of naan bread then it is vegan.
The Wales Millenium Centre has lots of concerts, plays and other productions.
We decided to take a walk from Cardiff Bay back to city centre which really didn't take that long. The weather was superb so we decided to take advantage and get some more exercise.
We ended up hanging out in Bute park relaxing and enjoying the good weather.

After spending the night at our airbnb we checked out and then headed to meet our facebook friend Queer Vegan at a restaurant called Anna Loka.
We walked past Cardiff city hall. and the National Museum of Cardiff.

We had a good time meeting Queer Vegan and eating breakfast.
We had smoothies...
a middle eastern breakfast plate...
and the best for last. A ice cream sandwich made with Welsh Cakes and topped with Maple Syrup. We hung out for a bit more walking back into the city centre and caught our train back to Birmingham.
We had a great time in Cardiff and it was fun to finally meet our facebook friend Queer Vegan and see Wales for the first time. We would definitely recommend checking out Cardiff and Wales.

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Thanks for reading.