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Chillin' in Cardiff, Wales. Parks, Castle, Waterfront.

We finally did it! We made our way to Wales! Another country checked off the list! We decided to spend the May long weekend in Cardiff. 
We are always on the search for a place to stay within a reasonable cost.. We used Airbnb for this trip, as we use it when we are only staying a couple nights. Check in was very easy, our host had messaged us and let us know when would be a good time to check in, and this worked for us. Keeping in regular contact helps avoid disappointments during your travels.
We took the train from Birmingham New Street to Cardiff Central on Saturday morning. Using the Train Line website, keeps booking your trains across the UK simple. The website generates the cheapest times to travel, and keeps booking your tickets easy. We always pick up our tickets on the day of travel to avoid paying a delivery charge. If you cannot pick up tickets the day of your travel (for example a station we regularly use doesn't have a ticket machine) You are able to pick up your ti…

Stratford Upon Avon Boat Trip

When the sun starts shining, we just had to get out on the water. We got a few of us together from the Birmingham Vegans and took a day trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon for a bit of rowing. We have a beautiful day, and we wouldn't change a thing!
 For a fun outing we decided to rent row boats with a couple of friends. It was wanderlustvegans, plantbasednurse and 12yearsavegan rowing on the Avon.

Finale. Farewell to Holidaying. Amsterdam Airport.

After a nice train ride from the Hague we got to Amsterdam airport. From there we caught the free shuttle bus to our hotel.

The train in The Netherlands is super easy to use. It is very clear at the stations which train, and it lists all their destinations. We were a little confused with buying tickets from a machine (Which only takes card) Some stations have customer service desks where you can pay for tickets in cash though! Link to Train lines in The Netherlands here:
There is a shuttle bus waiting area outside the airport. It is where all shuttle buses to various hotels do their pick up. You look for your hotels name and stand near that bus stop.

A lot of hotels near the airport have free shuttle buses, and are convenient to stay in for an early flight. We stayed at Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol - It was a lovely 4 star hotel and we would definitely stay there again. Everything was clean and modern. Location was nearby to t…

Den Haag Tower, Scheveningen Beach, and the Vegetarian Butcher.

After having an excellent time in Amsterdam it was time to see more of the Netherlands. We booked an Easy Hotel in the Hague or Den Haag if you will.
While the Easy Hotel is 'Easy', It wasn't our favourite place to stay. For one, you had to pay extra for EVERYTHING. Do you want internet, TV, extra towels, extra pillows, earlier check in, coffee, tea, hair dryer,  etc. It's all with an extra fee per day. (Which would be good for some, for ex: If you basically just need a place to crash for the night.) But when you are on holiday and spending time at the hotel or researching places to go, it's not the best option. Also, the bathroom walls were just glass. You could see and hear everything someone was doing in the bathroom. When we asked for directions to the train station from our Easy hotel in Amsterdam they told us walk to a bus, then take the bus to a tram, and ride the tram to Amsterdam Station Zuid. It sounded a bit complicated so we double checked on google m…

Leicester Vegan Market 2016

During our time in the UK so far we have been traveling around the country on mini weekend holidays and day trips. It's pretty cool because we wouldn't have been able to see so much of the UK if weren't for our working visas. Our friend plantbasednurse found the Leicester Vegan Market on Facebook and offered to do the driving to Leicester. We'd seen Leicester mentioned in the news before because Leicester City FC surprised everyone and won the 2015-16 premier league.

Boats, Diamonds, Pizza and Hummus. Good times in Amsterdam.

We were sad to leave the cruise ship but excited to be in Amsterdam for the first time. After we disembarked from the cruise ship we immediately got sucked in to buying hop on hop off tour tickets. These are something that we usually avoid but unlike most cities the tickets we got included bus and boat which we thought would be pretty fun.
We had a long time to wait before we were able to check in to our Easy hotel.

Free Self Guided Walking Tour of Copenhagen

We arrived by cruise ship in Copenhagen, Denmark. We had never been to Copenhagen before. It was our first time.
On board the cruise ship there were all sorts of excursions for sale including walking tours of Copenhagen. Most of them were upwards of $60 USD each. We opted for the free option, a self guided walking tour of Copenhagen. Luckily the cruise ship was not far from the rest of the city.
Our Maitre D had advised us that all we had to do in Copenhagen was to get off the ship, take a left and follow the shoreline into the city centre. There was a hop on hop off bus in front of the ship. We didn't get on the bus but we grabbed a city map from them and used it to navigate.
Join us on our walking tour of Copenhagen!

Climbing Kärnan Tower in Helsingborg Sweden

We arrived in Helsingborg, Sweden. We woke up pretty late but we weren't able to get off the ship until the afternoon because we had to take tender boat to shore. There was a queue for the tender boats where we had to take a number. Once we got to shore we took a tourist map from the info booth that they had set up for us cruise ship people and used it to navigate around the town.

Back From our Holiday Within a Holiday and our Summer has Started Early

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "April Showers Bring May Flowers"

We started off this month sailing aboard Celebrity Cruises, on our way to Amsterdam with Mrs. WLV's mom. We spent a week around Amsterdam and The Hague before heading back to Birmingham.

Deshima in Amsterdam 
Mrs. WLV returned back to work while Mr. WLV began his search for another job.
Saturday - Plant-Based Nurse came around to ours to catch up and play some board games - we really got into the game Fluxx.
Sunday - We caught up on our house hold non sense then made our way to the cinema with Plant-Based nurse to watch the film Captain America. It was quite good and was more like another Avengers movie than just a Captain America movie.
Tuesday - After work we headed to Handmade Burger - as you get a "buy one get one for a £1" voucher on the back of your movie stubs. We both got the super salad. Then we made our way to the New Alexandra Theatre to watch a play. We saw the Gree…

Fredericia, Denmark - Seaside Town

Our cruise ship stopped in another small town in Denmark called Fredericia. We got a tourist map and headed for the sights.
We made a mini vlog of our time in Fredericia which you can check out here.
This old car was parked in front of a cafe. It was pretty rusty as you can see.
There were a bunch of Corvettes hanging out on the pedestrian shopping street.
For some reason, there was this water flowing down the centre of the high street. Just for fun? Water for dogs? Clean your shoes? There was an international fair going on with stalls or goods and food to buy.

This is where the water was coming from. It was bubbling out of this flower looking thing.
There were some bootleg hats made in Peru for sale in the international market. There were a lot of fountains in this town. We took a walk to the beach. The town is not that big so it took no time to walk from end to end of the town.