Our Celebrity Life Onboard the Celebrity Silhouette

Ready to Become Celebrities.

We booked our cruise with Expedia Cruise - We have booked three now with Lori, and she is an amazing travel agent. 

Day 1: Southampton - Embarking

We woke up in the luxurious Travelodge ;) and made our way to the cruise terminal. We checked into the cruise at 3:00pm, our assigned time. There was virtually no line up to board the cruise ship. In no time, we got on board, found our balcony suite and unpacked.

We had a mandatory safety drill, which lasted about half an hour and then we were free to do as we pleased.

Cheers to a wonderful holiday on our Balcony.
We have the balcony with the obstructed view, so it was a little cheaper in price. The view was hardly obstructed and we could watch the sunset from our bed.

First we went to get drinks then we went up to the Oceanview Cafe and had some lunch.

The vegan selection wasn’t great, but we found enough to eat. We had them make us a veggie pizza with no cheese, and had veggie sushi. We also had a drinks package.. Unlimited dranks! We went to the library on board and checked out some books to read during the cruise.

How it works on most cruises is that you choose if you want a late dinner (8:30pm) or an early dinner (6:30pm) – that is if you want to eat in the dining room. You are more than welcome to eat in the buffet for every meal. They also put on a show every night. One performance is at 7:00pm for the people who eat at 8:30pm and the other is at 9:00pm, for the ones who eat at 6:30pm. We always go for the late dinner, in case we are on shore later than expected. That way we won’t miss dinner but might just end up missing our show.

We got ready for our first show and dinner.
Introducing the cast of  Shakespeare.

We happened to be on Celebrity's signature cruises that was commemorating 400 years since Shakespeare died. We also learned that he died on his birthday. They had mini Shakespeare performances throughout the cruise.

This first show was a Beatles tribute band. They were quite good, and got people excited about being on vacation.
The Beatles Tribute
After the show we walked around exploring the ship and taking pictures before making our way to dinner.

View from inside the glass elevators.
We stopped by our stateroom to freshen up for dinner and take in the sunset.
We made our way down the hallway and to the dining room.

When we got there they had told us that we should have told them when we got on board that we were vegan, but nobody told us to do that. (We have done this on other ships, but there is usually a letter in our stateroom telling us to do this.) Today we didn’t have a letter, so we assumed they knew as we told them when we booked that we are vegan.

It didn’t matter much; the chefs were able to whip us up a vegan meal for dinner.
Soup: Vegetable Consumee
Salad: Apple and Cranberry
Main: Mixed Veggie Indian Curry

Dessert: Raspberry Sorbet and Mixed Berries
After dinner we continued exploring the ship and had some vacation drinks. We checked out the card room, played "Sorry" and lounged around dranking.
This is the Solarium, the adults only pool. 

Day 2: At Sea

We decided to take advantage of the gym, so we got up early and made our way there. We ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill. 

On our way out of the gym, the spa ladies were offering free neck massages. We both got one, and Mrs.WLV ended up booking one for later that day.

We went up to the Oceanview cafe for breakfast, and then Mrs. WLV went for her massage. Mr. WLV and Mom went to the excursion desk to see if they could book a tour and spent some time in the casino. Rolling in the money!

We all met up later and hit the pool. It was pretty rough at sea, so it was like being in a huge wave pool. It was a good work out. After the pool we relaxed in the hot tub and talked to some fellow passengers.

We wore our robes, as we were being posh for the week. What goes perfectly with a robe? A Martini.

Martini in hand while walking around the ship in my robe. 

The show for tonight was put on by the production team – they put on a dance/singing/acrobatic performance. It was really good, we didn’t get any video or pictures, but we got video of them performing on other evenings. Which is in our Vlog 

For dinner the dress code was Evening Chic – we had to dress up fancy for dinner. Mr WLV packed Mrs. WLV's dress trousers/pants by mistake so he had to make due with wearing his jeans to the Evening Chic dinner.

They had professional photographers around the ship to take your photos (free of charge for the photo sessions, but you can buy the photos)

After our many photo sessions, we made our way to the dining room. Dinner was served!
Soup: Corn soup 
Salad: Watermelon and Tomato 
Main Eggplant
Main: Spinach Stuffed Mushroom 
Dessert: Raspberry Cobbler

After dinner we went to go find the Sunset bar our travel agent told us about. Turns out it's outside, and being on our way to Norway, meant it was flippin' freezing outside! We eventually found it, but ran back inside.

We found ping pong and had ourselves a game.

Still wrapped in my blanket from freezing outside.
There was a view from Deck 14 looking into the pool deck.

We carried on our way around the ship. We love to explore the ships. We found the hideaway room.
It had cool egg chairs and various other hiding places. 
We saw bird cages on the top! 

Pretty cool places to read.

It was pretty entertaining seeing all the different rooms and decks on board.
Dining room when it's empty. 

We had enough exploring and made our way to bed.

Day 3: Arrived in Norway

Sailing into Oslo! 

We docked in Oslo at 1pm. 

Our view for the next 2 days 
We made our way to the Oceanview Cafe and had some lunch before heading out to explore Norway.

View of Oslo from the Cafe onboard. 

We explored the beautiful Akershus Fortress before heading into city centre. - To see our day exploring Norway check out our vlog and blog post

After a very eventful and busy day in Oslo we made our way back to the ship. 

The evening show tonight was a mixture of talent from the cruise staff. One lady is just starting off her career as an Adele tribute singer. She sung three songs for us before we saw the production cast preform some more songs. 

After the show we made our way to the dining room for some grub.

Soup: Vegetable 
Soup: White Bean Gazpacho 
Salad: Mixed with Watermelon 
Starter: Mushrooms on Squash 
Main: Spicy Potato Curry 
Dessert: Sweetened Berries 

After dinner there was some party music playing in the Sky Lounge so we made our way there for an evening of dancing.

City of Oslo at night. 
After we exhausted ourselves with some calorie burning dancing, we headed to bed for the night.

Day 4: in Norway for a second day.

We got ourselves up early and headed back into Oslo. We decided to take a boat tour around the Oslo Fjord. To see our amazing trip of the Oslo Fjord - Check back May 25th for our Post on Norway.

Exhausted after our day in Oslo 

We decided to rest after returning to the ship. We watched some movies in bed and watched us sail away on our balcony.
Then, we watched a wonderful performance called 'Pearl' for our evening show.

The ladies from the spa were outside the theatre entrance giving out shoulder and neck massages again. We just had to sit down and enjoy one. What luxury, to walk out of the theatre and get a massage before dinner. We're really starting to feel the celebrity life.

Next, we made our way to the dining room to enjoy our meals.
Soup: Butternut Squash 
Salad: Mandarin and Beet 
Starter: Roasted Asparagus 
Main: Stuffed Pepper 
Main: Couscous Cake 
Dessert: Cacao cake 

After dinner we thought we would try our luck at the Casino.
Navigation map. 

On our way to Denmark

They had a Celebrity Cruises photo booth set up, so you could take a picture and post it on facebook.
Enjoying this too much 

Day 5: Arrived in Skagen

Skagen was the most adorable little town we have ever been to. It didn't feel like it was a real place, but more like a perfect movie set. To see our time in Skagen, Denmark - Click here 

View from the cruise 

After a day of walking in a fairy tale, we boarded the vessel and had a snack.
We continued to wander around the ship and found a arcade room.

The race is on! 
We decided to relax with a drink by the pool side.
Somebody is relaxed. 

The show for the evening was the very talented "Jayne Currie". She was from England and was a comedic singer. Jayne was a talented singer and was equally as funny.

After some good laughs we headed to dinner.
Starter: Summer Roll 
Soup: Tomato and Watermelon Gazpacho 
Salad: Apple and Pear 
Main: Mixed veggie Curry 
Dessert: Maple Crepe 
Extra Dessert: Orange Sorbet 

Day 6: Arrived in Helsingborg, Sweden

We had a great day in Helsingborg. Sweden is by far one of our favourite countries. We climbed to the tallest tower and enjoyed the views. To see our post on Helsingborg Click Here 

We made a little vlog about Helsingborg as well. Check it out.

We had to be back on board by 5pm. We had some time to enjoy some drinks and watch the sunset before heading to our show.

The lovely Brooklyn Brown Ale on board the celebrity cruise lines. 

Should have asked how much a bottle of Brooklyn Brown Ale was before buying it as it turned out to be $10 USD. Yikes! Why was it so much?
Look at that sun, Sometimes the sky looks like a painting.

We were pretty tired from our day in Sweden and ended up falling asleep. We missed our evening show.
We woke up with just minutes to spare before gorging ourselves with vegan eats.
Starter: Eggplant Caviar
Soup: Vegetable 
Main: Tofu and Vegetable Stirfry 
Main: Butternut Squash Rice Dish. 
This the look of a guy that has eaten too much food. 
Dessert: Apple Pie

We headed to the main staircase area to watch the dancers perform some songs like Time Warp.

They were even dancing in the elevators.

This is how we felt about the performance.

Day 7: Copenhagen,

We had a great day in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a city that we had overlooked. Whenever we are looking into city breaks we never usually consider Copenhagen probably because we don't know much about it. Turns out, it is a beautiful city with lots of sights to see. To see our blog post on our time in Copenhagen click here

We also made a vlog of our Copenhagen walking tour which you can see here.

Home of Hans Christian Anderson and the little mermaid. 
Starter: Asparagus. 
Soup: Mushroom 
Salad: Green Salad 
Main: Asparagus Ratatouille. 
Dessert: Chocolate with Raspberries. 

After dinner we, how you say, danced the night away.

Day 8: Fredericia, Denmark

We had a good time walking around the town of Fredercia. To check out Fredericia, click here. It was quite a small town but there were some cool sights there.

We got back on board and took advantage of the free lattes included in our drinks packages. They were able to make us soya lattes.

We got dressed up for our 2nd "Evening Chic" dinner. We walked around getting our picture taken by the different photographers.

The celebrity silhouette dancers and singers did a production called cosmopolitan.

We saw some ice sculpting which looked neat.

Not sure what it is supposed to be. A work in progress. 

This lady was a pretty good singer.

She sang Adele, Amy Winehouse and classic rock songs.

Oh dear, what did we get ourselves into?

After getting our picture taken some more we headed to dinner.

They accidentally gave us our dessert first.
Dessert: Fruit Salad 

We were able to watch the sun set.

Soup: Corn 
Main: Mushroom Risotto 
Dessert: Fruit Dessert with black cherries

Day 9: At Sea

On our last at sea day we pretty much just took it easy. We slept in a bit, then went to a scrap booking class. We had some drinks with lunch and wandered around the ship. We watched a presentation on Amsterdam to get some ideas for when we disembark tomorrow. Then we hung out at the casino and did some blogging.
Watching from the balcony. 

The last show of the cruise they put on a small video of footage they took while everyone was on board the Celebrity silhouette - then had a double performance with a saxophone player and they brought back Jayne Curry. She was hilarious again.

Here she is laying on stage after running up and down the rows of guests dancing with them. 

We made our way to our final supper.
Starter: Spinach and garlic 
Soup: Mushroom 
Salad: Mixed with Avocado 
Main: Spaghetti with Olives and Capers. 

Dessert: Apple Pie and Sorbet. 

Overall the food in the dining room was pretty impressive. It wasn't as amazing as the food you can get in a vegan restaurant but they did a decent job. They did a much better job than Norwegian cruise lines in our opinion. The Oceanview Cafe was a little disappointing as they didn't label all of the ingredients in their dishes.

They had labels saying Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Sugar Free and Vegetarian. It was not clear if the Lactose Free stuff was always dairy free or just used lactose free dairy products. It would be so much easier for us if they labeled food as vegan. We ended up just looking for the dishes that were vegetarian and lactose free to start and then asking if they were vegan or what the ingredients were. We had to make some judgement calls, as some dishes looked vegan and the staff claimed they were, but we still had our suspicions.

However, our life on board Celebrity Cruise lines was great. We enjoyed our time and would book again with Celebrity. Their entertainment was much better than Norwegian cruise lines. We just hope that they continue to improve their vegan friendliness. We are in the market for a full vegan cruise, if anyone wants to join us! Not sure when or where, but it is on the bucket list.

Departure: We arrived in Amsterdam in the wee hours of the morning. We had to be out of our stateroom at 8am and off the ship by 9am. We left our room and made our way to the Oceanview cafe for one last breakfast.

We decided to walk to our hotel since we had some time to kill before check in and we wanted to see Amsterdam!

Stay tuned for our adventure though The Netherlands. Where we tour by boat, train and bus in Amsterdam and The Hague. Check out our post on Amsterdam here.

We also made a vlog for good measure 

You can find the rest of our trip to The Hague here


  1. I read about a raw vegan cruise this summer, I think in Croatia. I'm sure I've seen non-raw versions too.

    I've always assumed that cruises are really expensive. How do you find it fits in with your minimalist lifestyle?

    1. A raw vegan cruise sounds like a great idea. If you are flexible in your travel dates you can find cruises that are very cheap. Especially if the cruise starts in a location you don't have to fly to like Southampton, England for us. When you factor in food, accommodation and travel, cruises can be a great way to see multiple destinations. The cruises that we've been on have fit our minimalist lifestyle because the amenities on board have meant that we were able to travel very light and also save money compared to other forms of travel. Trains and hostels around Europe can be surprisingly expensive especially if you don't qualify for the under 26 Europe youth rail passes. Basically, you can be a minimalist everywhere. Some people pack massive suitcases for a cruise but we managed to fit everything we needed in two back packs.

  2. A raw vegan cruise sounds like a great idea. If you are flexible in your travel dates you can find cruises that are very cheap. Especially if the cruise starts in a location you don't have to fly to like Southampton, England for us. When you factor in food, accommodation and travel, cruises can be a great way to see multiple destinations. The cruises that we've been on have fit our minimalist lifestyle because the amenities on board have meant that we were able to travel very light and also save money compared to other forms of travel. Trains and hostels around Europe can be surprisingly expensive especially if you don't qualify for the under 26 Europe youth rail passes. Basically, you can be a minimalist everywhere. Some people pack massive suitcases for a cruise but we managed to fit everything we needed in two back packs.

  3. I have always fancied going on a cruise, they seem like a really luxury way to travel around the world, it sounds like you had a good time. That adult only pool looks like a lovely place to relax by as well.

    1. Yes they can be a lot of fun. A luxury holiday.

  4. What an ultra-fabulous cruise! The last time I went on a cruise was years back. I need to book another cruise vacation ASAP. I'd love to stay in a large room like yours with a balcony. Thanks for sharing all the fun details of your latest trip!

    1. Thanks. It's the first time we've stayed in a room that big but we had 3 people. It was pretty nice having the balcony. Usually we get the inside cabins.

  5. My husband has been bugging me a lot about going on a cruise and I have to admit...it looks like so much fun! Everything looks fantastic, and that food!! Yumm!

    1. They can be pretty fun. We do like traveling other ways as well but a cruise is a more relaxing way to travel to a bunch of destinations.

  6. I have never been on a cruise and I am totally jealous. Your trip looks absolutely amazing with all those places and the ship!

    1. We were impressed too. We can see why lots of people go on cruises.

  7. Looks like you had a pretty great cruise when you went. I am in love with all of the different dishes they served you while you were on the cruise. Just highly impressed with their diverse menu. Need to go on a cruise myself.

    1. You can tell the staff try their best to make your cruise as great as possible.

  8. We love to go on cruises. It looks like you had a fantastic time, These are great photos. I want one of those egg chairs for my house.

  9. I haven't been on a cruise before, I like the idea but I always thought it will be mega expensive. Everything in these photos looks interesting. I might just look for a good deal on a cruise.

    1. Look for deals and find a few people to share a room with to keep the costs of a cruise down. Then it's a bargain.

  10. Cruising is one of my favorite ways to travel. I want to leave out of South Hampton, but I want to travel all of Scotland and Ireland.

    1. We saw some UK coastal cruises that looked fun. I can remember if they stopped in Ireland as well.

  11. This looks like an amazing time was had! Lucky you :) I will go on a cruise, one day!

  12. No doubt you guys had lots of fun. Always a good thing especially to help relax the mind.

  13. Seems like you had alot of fun on that cruise and the food looks amazing.

  14. wow! this seems do much of a great getaway! the food looks amazing, place is cozy.. and relaxing specially the massage!

  15. This cruise looks like it was so much fun! I love that there's such a large variety of food options, that's great for everyone. Hope you had a blast!

  16. It looks like you guys had so much fun. I love cruises with all the food, relaxation, and the shows. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Wow your adventure is amazing! I want to spend my vacation cruising :) Your post inspired me to truly plan for my own getaway soon :)

  18. One of my bucket list is to experience a cruise. I hope soon I can score on good deals for a cruise too. Sure it was fun and another memorable experience for you.

  19. Looks like a ton of fun. The amenities on the cruise ship seems great and the food, it looks like it's never running out on your trip.

    1. Yeah, there is so much food on a cruise you have to show some restraint or you will be uncomfortably full the whole time.

  20. I've never been on a cruise before but seeing your experience, I think it's a lot of fun!

  21. Such a luxurious experience. Everybody would want to have that even for once in their lifetime. I have been dreaming of a cruise adventure too but I still have to prepare a lot for it.


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