Fortress, Palace, and Boat Ride in Oslo, Norway

We arrived in Oslo in the afternoon. The cool thing about traveling by cruise ship, is that you aren't exhausted when you arrive at your destination. You are really full though. You also don't have to worry about what time hotel check ins are, or what to do with your luggage.

Not only did we blog about our visit to Oslo we also Vlogged about it so you can check out the vlog below before reading the rest of the blog.

 Oslo is a beautiful seaside city in the south of Norway. The cruise docked in the heart of their city centre.

We made our way off the ship and walked across the street to Akershus Fortress. (Which just happened to be our view from our balcony for the next two days.)

We were pretty happy about the nice weather. The skies were fairly clear.
First we had to find the entrance to the Fortress. It was across this bridge.

Inside the fortress there were lots of different places to see and lookout points.
There was a museum in the fortress. We didn't stop in because we wanted to carry on exploring.

We tried to get as many pictures as possible.
There was a pretty nice view of the harbour from the museum area.
Pinch me.
I think I can see our cruise ship from here.

The fortress is huge and right next to the harbour area and our cruise ship.
We walked along the outer wall of the fortress.

We finished walking around the fortess and headed into town.
The architecture in Oslo is beautiful.

We found the pedestrian shopping area in the city centre. The big main street is called Karl Johans Gate.

We bought a magnet of Norway and then we happened upon an old church.

We went inside Oslo Cathedral to check it out.
The roof had nice paintings.

We got a bit lost walking around and found this fountain.
We saw the Grand Oslo Hotel.
Grand Hotel

Universitetets aula
We found a cool fountain to do a selfie in front of.

We were making our way to the Royal Palace. Believe it or not is was briefly snowing while we were taking pictures of the palace. Not a lot going on at the palace it seems but what a nice Palace it is.

Selfie time at the palace

We walked back to the waterfront where you can see the noble peace museum.

That is city hall in the background there.

Oslo has ferries that go to different islands and other areas around Oslo.

We walked along the waterfront. There were lots of really swanky looking condos along the waterfront. They all looked brand new.

Down at the end of the waterfront is a modern art museum called the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art.
We were cold from walking around and we decided to find some warmth at the ship. We got back to the ship and got ready for dinner.

Our view from the ship was pretty cool with all the lights on the fortress.

Big City Lights

We said goodnight to Oslo. The next morning we woke up relatively early in order to get one of the Fjord cruise boats that cruise around the Olsofjord.

We bundled up as best as we could as it was pretty cold out. The day was really nice and the skies were clear.

We headed out on our mini cruise. A cruise within a cruise.

Snøhetta architecture firm.
This is the Opera house which is designed by Snøhetta to resemble a glacier and it is really cool because you can walk up the ramp and stand on the roof of the Opera house.

Close by we passed a sculpture that looks like an iceberg.

Oslo is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe which is apparent as there was construction everywhere.

Our boat was really cool. It felt like we were on a pirate ship or something.

The islands around Oslo have these cool colourful houses on them.

It was so cold!

 Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art

Our pirate ship Helena.
After the nice but super cold boat ride we went to the Noble Peace Center. The Noble Peace Prize museum.

The museum had lots of photo exhibits.

The was an exhibit on Tunisia and their progress towards democracy and human rights which was pretty cool.

There was also a exhibit that showed all of the different Noble Peace Prize winners.

After the Noble Prize Center we made our way back to the ship before the ship left without us. We said goodbye to Oslo, Norway. Oslo was very nice and hopefully we will get a chance to come back and find some vegan restaurants as there is actually a lot of restaurants with vegan stuff in Oslo as evidenced by the website.


  1. Norway looks absolutely stunning! It has been on my radar to travel to someday, but I will bump it up a little higher after this! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Oslo is an absolutely stunning city to explore. We hope you get to Norway one day!

  2. I would love to get to Oslo sometime with my family. We would totally love checking out that fortress!

    1. The fortress was very fun to explore! We hope you get there one day!

  3. Oh my god, I have wanted to go to Oslo for a long time, you made it look so gorgeous and fun! I want to visit even more now!

    1. It is such a gorgeous place! The fortress is so magical! Definitely go one day!

  4. Your photos are amazing and you traveled me there! I wish my hubby didn't get so sea sick in a boat, that way I could go on a cruise too!

    1. There are ways to prevent sea sickness. I get a little sea sick myself, but I would rather wear the wrist bands or take gravel to see some of the places a cruise ship will take you!


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