Behind the Walls of Southampton

We booked a Scandinavian cruise quite a few months ago which is unlike us since we usually book last minute deals but this one was for a special occasion. Mrs WLV’s Mom is coming to visit us again. Our plan is to take the train to London Gatwick, to pick her up from the airport, and then take the train to Southampton where we are going to be embarking on a cruise. 

We decided to hangout in Southampton for a couple days to see the sights as we've never been there before and we wanted time to relax and allow Mom to get over her jet lag before going on our cruise. Also, last time mom came to visit us for our Mediterranean cruise trip, the airline lost her luggage so this way if it was lost again it could catch up to us before we sail away.

We did a Vlog for our trip to Southampton as well. Which you can check out below.

 We left Birmingham on the 5:50am train to London. We got into London during the morning rush and got to cram onto the underground tube with everyone going to work. Once we we're at London Victoria we caught the train to Gatwick Airport. 

This time we used the Train Line website, which keeps booking your trains across the UK simple. The website generates the cheapest times to travel, and keeps booking your tickets easy. We always pick up our tickets on the day of travel to avoid paying a delivery charge. If you cannot pick up tickets the day of your travel (for example a station we regularly use doesn't have a ticket machine) You are able to pick up your tickets at any station before your travel date.

Mom’s flight was later than expected so we managed to beat her to the airport. It worked out perfectly, as we were at the gates waiting for her. We then caught the train to Southampton.

We arrived in Southampton in the morning and took the bus to the Travelodge. Travelodge is good value for money; it has no frills but at least you know what you’re getting.  We like the Travelodge purely because it’s clean and always in a good location. You do have to pay for early check in.

We let Mom sleep while we went out and explored the high street of Southampton. The high street looked nice but there were the exact same stores as every other high street in England. One advantage was that we knew exactly where to go to buy some last minute items. Superdrug has a lot of cruelty free products so we stopped in there for some toiletries and went to Forbidden Planet to buy a card game called Fluxx to play on the ship.

We used the Happy Cow app to find a place to eat called Rice Up Whole Foods.

For information on Southampton's Public transport here's the link:

 Rice Up Wholefoods is a grocery store that sells all sorts of produce, and food but everything there is vegan. They have a wide selection of vegan sandwiches, pastries, salads and desserts in their deli. 

 We got our food and ate it in the park.


Southampton Town Wall

 Then after doing some shopping for duct tape we got Mom and went out to dinner at Handmade Burger Co. We love how many vegan options they have here. We all got burgers, sides and the veggie kebabs.

 A random motorcycle event was taking place while we were in Southampton. We walked around looking at all the bikes on display.

 After dinner we took Mom to the shopping centre for awhile and then went back to the hotel and had some drinks.

The next day we had a nice sleep and went back to rice up whole foods for lunch, since it was raining we went back to our hotel to eat, as they have no seating at their establishment.
 Everything looks so delicious!!

Lunch food haul at Rice Up Wholefoods
We went back out to explore the town. We had booked the Travelodge in Old Town, which was great for seeing the town. We didn’t need to take transportation. We walked to Holyrood Church Ruins, which was basically behind our hotel.

Southampton Town Walls

Then we headed towards the sea front and walked on the pier area. The pier wasn’t set up for pedestrians, so we just walked through the parking lot.

After that we walked around the wall surrounding the old town.
Across the street is St Michael’s Church and down one of the streets is the Medieval Merchant’s House, where we spent some time taking photos.
Medieval Merchant's House. 13th Century building.

We were trying to make it look like the barrel was falling on our faces but we may have failed.

 Continued walking around the wall.

Top of the West Wall

We saw a Tudor building and a pub called Titanic named after the ship that sank in 1912 that sailed out of Southampton to New York. A bit of an ominous name for a pub.
Tudor House


Old Town is quite small, so it is nice for an evening stroll. 

 We built up an appetite from our exploring so we headed to West Quay Shopping Centre. The Food Court in this shopping centre had a lot of the big restaurant chains. This was quite helpful, as we knew which vegan options each place served.  Since we had already gone to Handmade Burger the night before, we decided to go to Pizza Express.  We could have also gone to Wagamama which has vegan stuff.  We ordered two Pianta pizzas to share. The Pianta pizza comes with no cheese, which makes it vegan.  We had Pineapple Chutney added to the pizza, which was amazing. We also got the Dough balls (make sure to order them with balsamic Vinegar and oil as the dip)

Pizza Express

 Pianta pizza
 After dinner we went back to the hotel and played Fluxx.  We made a game plan for the morning, then headed to bed.

The next morning we went back to Rice Up, for a third time. If you go to Southampton, do not miss this place! It is by far the BEST vegan cafe we have ever been too. The case changed every day! We stocked up on goodies then went back to the hotel. 

 We packed our bags then checked out. We couldn’t check in to the cruise ship until our assigned time of 3:00pm. We walked to Holiday Inn which was situated across the street from the cruise terminal. We ordered tea and coffee in their cafe and played Fluxx until check in.

Celebrity Silhouette 
Southampton is a lovely relaxing town. It was wonderful to just stroll around the town and relax before embarking on our exciting cruise adventure to the Scandinavian countries!

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