April Showers Bring May Flowers

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "Spring into More Fun Living Abroad!"

Since Christmas was so hectic, Mrs WLV's work didn't have time to have a Christmas party. So on April 1st we got together with her coworkers for drinks and a meal. 

We went to Jimmy Spices for dinner and we were able to find a few things at the buffet that were vegan. We don't think we would go back there, as there are many other places we would choose to eat at before them. It was lovely that they did have a variety of food for us during the work meal though. Our favourite dish there was the Dosas

The Work Girls.

We learned that Bodega has a separate vegan menu, so we headed there with The Vegan Engineer to check it out.We had a pleasant meal and will be back. Hopefully for an event as they have a space for 70+ people to rent out.
We were quite thrilled with the selection.
The burrito was top notch! 
3 Three's coffee cafe opened its doors this month in Birmingham City Centre. We could not be more thrilled to have a new Vegetarian/Vegan cafe in town.

Huge selection of vegan sandwiches.
All of their sandwiches and baked goods are vegan.Unfortunately they serve dairy ice cream and cow's milk for coffee. They are so close to being the first vegan cafe in Birmingham.
'Chicken' Style wrap and a chocolate cookie.
They also carry  a wide range of GF cakes.
Double Chocolate Muffin

Islands near Gothenburg, Sweden.
We made our way to Gothenburg, Sweden with a couple of our friends for a few days. We had a fantastic adventure. To read about our time in Sweden, Go here: http://wanderlustvegans.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/discover-breath-taking-islands-of.html and http://wanderlustvegans.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/exploring-bohus-fortress-and-goteborg.html

Or check out our vlog of Sweden:

When we got back to Birmingham we had to start getting ready for our next trip ASAP. We still left some time to make our way to more restaurants to check out vegan menu items that were on offer!

The following weekend we went to All Bar One with The Vegan Engineer and 12yearsavegan. They have a super salad and miso rice bowl. These items are labelled vegan on their menu. The miso rice bowl was very yummy. It is nice to have a few options at a food chain such as All Bar One, as now if we end up in a city where we aren't sure where to find a vegan meal, we can go to All Bar One. (We have also seen them in airports)
Miso Rice Bowl.
We are enjoying having 3 Threes cafe right in city centre. We can't stop throwing our money at them!
Ham Panini and Soy Mocha
 We decided to go for dinner at The Warehouse Cafe with 12yearsavegan one evening. We hadn't been since sometime last summer as they are always quite busy and you usually need to have a reservation. We were lucky enough to sneak in and have a meal before the people who reserved our table came for their meal.
 Both dinners were quite good. We will have to make a reservation and go again sometime soon. The Warehouse Cafe is a vegetarian restaurant with a variety of vegan options. Including dessert! However, tonight we were still dreaming of 3 Three's Cafe and made our way there for dessert.

Try the brownie! Make sure you ask for it to be warmed up, it's amazing.

As the month was coming to an end, we had to spend more of our evenings getting ready for our next holiday. We embarked on a 9 night cruise and made our way to the Netherlands.

To see our trip to Southampton where we embark on our cruise, check out our Vlog and Blog post: http://wanderlustvegans.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/behind-walls-of-southampton.html

We embarked on our cruise and had a lovely time. To see what it is like to live onboard a cruise ship, check out our vlog and blog: http://wanderlustvegans.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/our-celebrity-life-onboard-celebrity.html

To see what we are up to next month, find it here: "Back From our Holiday Within a Holiday and our Summer has Started Early"


  1. This is one super busy month. I have never been to Sweden nor Birmingham for that matter but both sounds really tempting. The food does look amazing! sounds like you had great fun

  2. That cafe sounds great for people who eat vegan or who have special dietary needs. That cruise sounds like a lovely time as well.

  3. Jimmy Spices looks like a great place to go for dinner. I am always looking for places that have a good selection of Vegan dishes.

  4. Wow it seems like you have been perpetually on the go. It's good to see that you are out and about all those places. Sweden does look lovely in the photo. I really should make a stop by there sometime.

  5. I can't wait to read all about living aboard a cruise ship! So amazing! I am also super jealous about the Netherlands, I have always wanted to go there!

  6. This was a good foodie post. I am drooling over your Warehouse Cafe spread yum!

  7. It looks like you are having the best time! All the food looks so good!

  8. I wish we had more vegetarian places around here. We don't, though. It looks like y'all are having a great time altogether.

    1. Just check the Happy Cow website to see what is close to you. You're from Minnesota, right? Minneapolis has the Herbivorous Butcher which we can't recommend enough.

  9. It's brilliant that Birmingham now has more vegan options. I like the diversity of the city food choices.

    1. Birmingham has lots of vegan options. It's fantasitc.

  10. the pizza looks delicious and i'm not even really a pizza type of girl.


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