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Fortress, Palace, and Boat Ride in Oslo, Norway

We arrived in Oslo in the afternoon. The cool thing about traveling by cruise ship, is that you aren't exhausted when you arrive at your destination. You are really full though. You also don't have to worry about what time hotel check ins are, or what to do with your luggage.

To Bristol VEGFEST we go!

We set off to Vegfest in Bristol again.
We caught the Mega Bus. Generally the more in advance you can book your tickets the cheaper they are. And they always sell the first seat for £1. The Mega bus is super easy to book online and they run all over the world. You can even show the driver the confirmation email on your phone. We have had a lot of luck with Mega Bus in getting great prices on seats.

For this stay, we got ourselves an Airbnb. Check in was very easy, our host had messaged us and let us know that our key was in a lock box outside the home and told us what the code was. This allowed us to show up when we were finished at Vegfest with an easy check in.

Our Celebrity Life Onboard the Celebrity Silhouette

We booked our cruise with Expedia Cruise - We have booked three now with Lori, and she is an amazing travel agent. 

The Wrekin: A Stunning View From the Top!

First we hiked around the Wrekin before climbing to the top at the end of the hike.
 The area was beautiful and it felt nice to get out into a bit of nature.
Be sure to watch our video of our hike at The Wrekin!

Behind the Walls of Southampton

We booked a Scandinavian cruise quite a few months ago which is unlike us since we usually book last minute deals but this one was for a special occasion. Mrs WLV’s Mom is coming to visit us again. Our plan is to take the train to London Gatwick, to pick her up from the airport, and then take the train to Southampton where we are going to be embarking on a cruise. 
We decided to hangout in Southampton for a couple days to see the sights as we've never been there before and we wanted time to relax and allow Mom to get over her jet lag before going on our cruise. Also, last time mom came to visit us for our Mediterranean cruise trip, the airline lost her luggage so this way if it was lost again it could catch up to us before we sail away.
We did a Vlog for our trip to Southampton as well. Which you can check out below.

Disastrously Positive Cuban Vacation

During our free time we enjoy travelling and going on new adventures. Our goal in life is to see the world. In July 2012, we didn't have any idea on where to go for our two weeks holiday. We went to a travel agent and told him that we didn't care where we went as long as it was somewhere new and fit within our budget. We didn’t have a huge budget for our travels but we were looking for somewhere different than Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) as we had both been there before. This is usually the cheapest option for holidays from Canada.

Our travel agent told us Cuba would be in our budget and leaves next week. We were more than thrilled with the idea of Cuba since it is hot and we've never been to the Caribbean before.  We bought the tickets, went home and packed. The following week we got on a plane and flew to our next adventure.

Our vacation to Cuba helped us adopt a new carefree attitude towards life by making us realise that sometimes things do not always go as planned; you …

April Showers Bring May Flowers

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "Spring into More Fun Living Abroad!"
Since Christmas was so hectic, Mrs WLV's work didn't have time to have a Christmas party. So on April 1st we got together with her coworkers for drinks and a meal. 
We went to Jimmy Spices for dinner and we were able to find a few things at the buffet that were vegan. We don't think we would go back there, as there are many other places we would choose to eat at before them. It was lovely that they did have a variety of food for us during the work meal though. Our favourite dish there was the Dosas