Exploring Bohus Fortress and Göteborg, Sweden

Välkommen to part two of our blog post on our trip to Sweden. If you haven't checked out part one then you can read it here: "Discover the Breath Taking Islands of Göteborg, Sweden"

We had a lovely first couple days Island hopping and falling in love with Sweden. 

After taking it easy for the night we woke up and met our friends at the coach station to take the coach bus to the Bohus Fortress. (Festung Bohus)

The bus took us about 30 minutes and brought us to a small town called Kungälv.

Again we had perfect weather which made for some good pictures of the fortress.
We bought some tickets to go inside the fortress which cost around 90 SEK. They gave us wristbands to put on.

The fortress looks pretty impressive from the outside.

They had some bins where you put your wristbands when you done with them to provide feedback on your visit.
Let the exploring begin!

We got maps of the fortress explaining a bit about the history and labeling the different points of interest. It was a self guided tour. They do have guided tours of the fortress but they only had Swedish language tours available until the summer season.

It's good to be the queen.

Ah the good old days... when people were jailed in dungeons.

Sir selfies alot.
Lot of staircases in the good ole days.
There was a little lake inside the fortress.

The view from the fortress was quite nice.

There's a light at the end of every tunnel.
We crossed the lake on this contraption.
Here we are getting ready for our journey to the other side of the lake.
We had to pull ourselves along using this wet rope.
There was a kid watching us that seemed quite jealous that we were having fun on this thing.

We brought some sandwiches so stopped and had a picnic in the sun. Good times.

We walked along the outside wall of the fortress. Good thing for the guard rails. It was quite high up.

There were some displays explaining the history of Bohus Fortress. The fortress was always under siege and control of the Fortress alternated between Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. The last siege took place in the 1600s.
Bye Festung Bohus. Tack!
We arrived back in Gothenburg city centre and decided to look for somewhere to eat.

The architecture in Gothenburg is cool.

Our friend Von asked some random people if they knew where a vegan restaurant was and they directed us to a veggie place called Hagabions Cafe Och bar Kino which had veggie options. The Gothenburg tourist website has a list of veggie places which is cool. http://www.goteborg.com/en/vegetarian/
We had some drinks and enjoyed the hipster atmosphere. They had tea, coffee, snacks and brewed their own beer at this place as well. The beer was very expensive by Canadian standards. Always check the price BEFORE ordering. I think the beer cost over $10 CAD. I think it was 80 SEK. Yikes!
Cool bar man.

This neighbourhood called Haga was cool to walk around.

We went to a veggie restaurant that had lots of vegan options. I think this is where all the hippy vegans hang out in Gothenburg. It had a hippy bohemian vibe to it. It reminded me of Green Cuisine in Victoria BC.
The food was excellent and good value for money. We got hot food and a salad bar as well for 95 SEK which is around the price I paid earlier for my beer.

There wasn't many people walking around. Look at the cobble stone streets.

We headed back to our hotel to chill after a long day.

The next morning we met our friends at a place called Open New Doors. Our friend used to live in Gothenburg so we all had lunch with a couple of friends she hadn't seen in a few years. It was a nice day and we enjoyed eating their vegan desserts and sitting outside enjoying the sun.

Chocolate and strawberry vegan cheesecakes. Drinking pomegranate Kombucha. 

We did a wee bit of shopping in the shopping centre called Nordstan. We didn't end up buying anything though which is how we like to do it. We stopped in a cafe for some muffins. Like much of Europe, public toilets cost money. They were 5 SEK so it is better to wait to find a cafe with a free toilet and buy something.
Saw this sign and it drew us into the cafe.
They had meals with a salad bar, but we opted for just having cake. We had sandwiches in our bag, as it can get expensive eating out for every meal.
We took a short walk to the park.

They had a greenhouse with loads of palm trees and tropical plants.

It was nice and hot inside the palm house.

There were many different plants in this greenhouse.

That is water you're looking at.

We walked around more of Gothenburg and did some shopping. We bought a magnet of Sweden as we are collecting magnets from all of the countries that we've been to.

Next we went back to the hotel for a nap. We then realized we still had most of our wine to drink. We ended up losing track of time and were late for meeting at Kelly's bar for Von's birthday.
Vegan Pizzas!
We finally made our way to Kelly's bar and had some delicious pizza. They had about seven vegan pizzas to choose from as well as burgers. Our friends all got burgers that looked pretty amazing as well. It was a good evening and we hope she had a good birthday.

Our hotel, Spar Hotel Majorna, was a great deal because breakfast was included each morning and they had loads of vegan options. They had cereals, oat meal, nuts, seeds, raisins, oat milk, soya milk, coffee, teas, fresh fruit, fruit salad, juice, veggies, vegan pate, crackers and bread. We were able to fill up on breakfast everyday and that ended up making this trip a lot more affordable.We would definitely stay at that hotel again.

Our final day in Sweden we took a bus to the airport which took only about 15 minutes from the city centre.

Next time we travel to Gothenburg we would like to go to the amusement park that is open during the summer season called Liseburg. It has roller coasters and lots of rides.

Goodbye Sweden! Despite the border guard claiming that we didn't bring enough money to Sweden and that it is an expensive country, we didn't even spend all of the money that we brought. The key was taking public transport, eating some meals from the supermarket rather than restaurants, doing tourist activities that are free or cheap, making use of the free hotel breakfast, and limiting your souvenir spending.

Gothenburg also had a tourist city pass that included 48 hours of public transport, access to the museums and access to the Liseburg amusement park which was SEK 335. Next time we are in Göteborg we might try this out. We stayed 4 nights which felt like a good amount of time to see Göteborg. We'd like to go to the amusement park Liseburg but we think next time we go to Sweden we will probably go to another town that we haven't seen before such as Stockholm.

We made it back to British soil. It's funny how landing back in England gives us a sense of being home. England is now our home away from home.
Back in England.
Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post, you may enjoy our trip to Helsingborg, Sweden. "Climbing Kärnan Tower in Helsingborg Sweden"


  1. The Bohus Fortress looks like a remarkable structure. Looks amazingly well-preserved. Goteburg looks like a nice city to visit too.

    1. We spent a good part of the day exploring Bohus Fortress!

  2. Goteborg seems like a very nice place to visit. I already been in Sweden but only in 2 places. Maybe i go back and discover this place also.

  3. Love the architecture of the Bohus Fortress! It is quite fascinating. Looks like there are so many things to explore!

    1. It was a lovely castle. We spent quite a few hours here.


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