28 Countries in the European Union

We have been thinking about achievable travel goals and what would be a realistic as far as travel. We decided to set a goal to see the 28 EU countries. We are already on our way since we have been to the Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

We aren't sure how long this journey will take us, but we thought it would be fun to give it a go. We will be updating this blog post as we see the different countries in the EU and writing a little paragraph about each place. Hopefully, this will help others in deciding where to go on holiday!

The European Union has 28 member countries:

1. Austria (November 2016)

We did a backpacking trip through Austria and managed to see Salzburg, Innsbruck and Bad Hofgastein. The train trip through the mountains was especially scenic. We enjoyed Austria for the Fortress in Salzburg, the Christmas Market in Innsbruck and the mountain views in Bad Hofgastein.
Innsbruck, Austria

2. Belgium

3. Bulgaria

4. Croatia (November 2016)

Croatia is an up and coming tourist destination especially Dubrovnik since Game of Thrones is filmed there. We were lucky enough to have a friend that was living in the largest city Zagreb. He was able to host us when we passed through on our backpacking trip and show us around Zagreb which is a really cool city with lots of great food.

5. Cyprus

6. Czech Republic (March 2016)

We had the pleasure of going to Prague and Kutna Hora in March 2016. Prague was by far the cleanest and most romantic country we have ever been to. It is a must see place and we would love to make our way back there. Prague is apparently the most veganised European city per capita.
Prague, Czech Republic

7. Denmark (April 2016)

On our Scandinavian cruise, we stopped in a number of places in Denmark: Copenhagen, Skagen, and Fredericia. Denmark is a very clean and picturesque country which we enjoyed visiting. The weather was nice and sunny, yet it was still cold in the springtime.
Copenhagen, Denmark

8. Estonia

9. Finland

10. France (July 2015, June 2016, August 2018)

We stopped in Cannes, France during our Mediterranean cruise. Most of what we saw of France was on the bus ride to Monaco so we definitely would like to see more of the country. We would like to see Paris and other places as well. France is known for not being a very vegan-friendly place but despite its reputation there are some vegan restaurants in France.

In June 2016, we made our way to Brittany to visit our friends. We had an amazing time exploring Auray, Nantes and some other small towns. We got to witness first hand how hard it is to be Vegan in France. Note: The French bread is usually vegan! Hooray!

We finally made it to Paris! We spent 5 days exploring this amazing city.
Port of Cannes, France

11. Germany (July 2016, November 2016)

We got our first taste of Germany on a week-long trip to Berlin. We had an amazing time there and enjoyed being in such a cool cosmopolitan city that had a lot of vegan restaurants and interesting sights to see. The city has a lot of history and culture and we had a great time walking around following a best of Berlin tourist guide.

During our backpacking trip in central Europe, we stopped by Munich to take in the beautiful Bavarian architecture.
Neue Kirche, Berlin, Germany
12. Greece

13. Hungary

14. Ireland (December 2015)

We went on a trip to Ireland for 8 days in December. It was really beautiful with all of the Christmas decorations. We only got to see Dublin, Bray and Cork so there are plenty of other places for us to see in Ireland when we return again. We liked the vegan restaurants we found, the scenery, the people and the Irish accents.
The Temple Bar - Dublin, Ireland

15. Italy (July 2015)

On our Mediterranean cruise, we stopped in Rome, Pisa and Pompeii. We liked seeing the historic buildings, learning about Italian customs from our tour guide and chilling at the beach resort while eating some vegan pizza.
Rome, Italy
16. Latvia

17. Lithuania

18. Luxembourg

19. Malta

20. Netherlands (May 2016)

On our Scandinavian cruise, we disembarked in the Netherlands. We stayed in Amsterdam and The Hague. Both places were beautiful and unique. Amsterdam had plenty of vegan options for us and the city was beautiful. The Hague was a smaller city, easy to walk around and a trip up the city's tower (The Hague Tower) gives you a spectacular view of the city. At the end of this trip, we stayed one night in Hoofddorp before flying home.

The Hague, Netherlands

21. Poland

22. Portugal (October 2015)

On our Iberian cruise, we stopped in Valença and Lisbon which were both really nice. Lisbon stood out because of its unique tiled buildings and different funky neighbourhoods along with the tram that took us to a beautiful viewpoint of the city.
Lisbon, Portugal
23. Romania

24. Slovakia

25. Slovenia (November 2016)

Thanks to our friend's recommendation we stopped in Ljubljana, Slovenia for a night and we are really glad we did. It is a walkable city with a beautiful old town, it's very clean, there is an excellent castle and plenty of places to eat. The people were friendly and we had a great time there aside from the rain on the second day.

26. Spain (July & October 2015, January 2017)

We stopped in Spain on both our Mediterranean cruise and our Iberian peninsula cruise. We explored Barcelona which is a colourful and metropolitan city with lots to see. We also went to Vigo, Tui, and Cartagena.

We escaped the cold and rainy winter in the UK and went to Madrid the capital of Spain to see the big city sights and eat the Menu del Dia at their many vegan restaurants. The weather was excellent for winter time. We were also lucky enough to meet up with some other vegan travel bloggers which was an added bonus.
Barcelona, Spain
27. Sweden (April 2016)

We joined some friends in Gothenburg for 5 days. We had amazing weather the whole time we were there. Island hopping is amazing. There are many islands just outside of Gothenburg which is really easy to get to by public transportation. We also stopped in Helsingborg on our cruise to the Scandinavian countries.
Gothenburg, Sweden.

28. United Kingdom (June 2011, March 2015 - March 2017, May-Aug 2018)

Edit: Since we have been living in the UK, they have voted to leave the EU. We will still, however, be including the UK in our post.

We first went to the United Kingdom in June 2011, when we did a road trip across Scotland. The next time we returned to the UK was March 2015, when we moved to England on a two year Youth Mobility Scheme Visa. We still have to make our way to Wales, which we will before moving back to Canada.

We braved the Scottish winter and went on an epic road trip around Scotland including most of the north coast 500 and the Isle of Skye. We covered a lot of ground and saw more of Scotland than we ever imagined. It was 9 days of taking in breathtaking scenery and staying in awesome Airbnbs.

In the Summer of 2018, we stayed in England for 4 months. We had a great time exploring more we hadn't seen and catching up with old friends. We saw more of England, Wales and Scotland. We even went on a cruise out of Southampton that went around the Scottish Islands, Norway and Iceland.
London, England 

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  1. This trip looks like a exciting adventure! Hope you have a blast!

  2. What an adventure! Most people haven't had the opportunity to do what you did. I would love to visit all the EU places as well!

  3. What a great idea and that trip(s) will be fantastic. I know that even if I visited 28 others states it probably would offer half the culture and experiences that you will get. State to state does offer their own uniqueness but I just think there's more excitement over there.

  4. Whenever I look at travel blogs, I get the travel fever. i have never left the US. One of my goals for the not so distant future is to leave the continent.

    1. Get on a plane and go! It will be the best time.

  5. Oh my - Denmark is so colorful! What a journey to be on with such colorful beauty!

  6. I love how you're keeping your various travels in one place for easy access - someday it will be really co for you to look back on and see reminders of your travel memories! I like that you've dated the edits too, to show when you we're able to visit the various countries.

  7. I think it's an awesome journey and I hope you guys complete it soon. It's nice to be able to go around Europe and just enjoy what it has to offer. There are plenty of beautiful places that you should see!

  8. It is interesting to see the colorful row of houses in Copenhagen, Denmark. We have something similar to that here in Charleston, South Carolina. The photos you shared are so beautiful as always!

    1. Copenhagen is fantastic. We hope to get to South Carolina!

  9. These all look like beautiful places to visit. The one I would like the most to visit is France.

  10. This is quite the list of places. I would love to visit even half of them. You are a very lucky person. Keep up the great adventures!

    1. It has nothing to do with luck. We work hard for our success in achieving our dreams.


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