Leap Year = Extra Day in UK

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "Veganuary"

We started off February with a delicious Birmingham Vegans pizza night. We had a really good turn out as usual. We were thankful to have found such a social group of vegans to hangout with.

On February 4th it was one year ago that we got approved for our working holiday visas. We were pleased that we were accepted. Our life changed drastically and it has been an amazing adventure. We have learned a lot about ourselves and are now truly living our life the way we want.

That weekend we went to La Tasca on the canal to support some friends playing music for the restaurant. It was quite good music and the food wasn't half bad either.
Beet salad and bread plate.
After they finished playing we left with our friend The Vegan Engineer and 12yearsavegan and headed to Brew Dog. We had some drinks and hung out in the downstairs of the pub. Then 12yearsavegan headed home and the rest of us went to Tilt. Tilt is a cafe/bar that has a bunch of pinball machines. It's quite cool. It's open but they seem to be still building another room with more machines. We think once its all finished it will be amazing. You can go and get some fancy beer or coffee and play pinball to your hearts content.

On Sunday the 7th of Feb, we started running the C25k program with our friend. He started the program before us, but we did our first run at Lightwood Park. It was very muddy and it didn't have a nice trail for joggers. We don't think we will go back there.

On the Sunday we went to an improv show that a couple of our friends were performing in at a pub in Moseley called the Patrick Kavanagh.  Who the hell is Patrick Kavanagh? Our friends took part in an improv course and then we got to watch the show at the end of the course. It was one of the funniest improv shows that we have ever seen. One of the performers was from Canada (Calgary) so we talked to him after the show about Canadian stuff.
the patrick kavanagh

The next Thursday we went to Cherry Reds for the Birmingham Vegans Drinks night. Beforehand we stopped at Wrapchic and had a tasty Indian burrito. At Birmingham Vegan's Drinks night we had a sound system and a number of people performed songs. It was fun socialising and watching people perform. 
We ordered our drinks, sat with some new and old friends, and enjoyed each others company.

Mrs. WLV decided that since it was a thursday night that she would enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage and go with the chocolate soy milkshake. Who said that drinks night had to only be alcoholic?
And obviously since we were in Cherry Reds we had to enjoy some cake. They have a large selection of vegan baked goods to choose from.
Deadpan Vegan performing
The performers were the highlight of the night.

It was a successful drinks night. Birmingham Vegans are hosting one of these every month now.

On the Friday after drinks night, Mrs. WLV got a tattoo touched up in King's Heath. We went on a walk to find the British Oak Pub because they have Tofu and chips which is really tasty. It's deep fried tofu in beer batter and chips. Basically it is vegan fish and chips.

We got lost because the GPS on one of our phones wasn't working very well so google maps wasn't helping us. We ended up in Cotteridge rather than Stirchley. Our phones died and we had to ask people for directions. Eventually we found the British Oak. All we did was miss a turn so we had to retrace our steps a bit. 
Tofu and chips which they called Fishy and Chips on the menu. It came with a side of mushy peas as well.
On Saturday we went for a morning jog with our friend. He invited us around to his house later that night for some board games. We kindly accepted and made our way there that evening. We played "cards against humanity" and a game called "Articulate". It was good fun, and we hope to play it again.

For Valentine's Day, we went for a morning run through the side streets. Then relaxed with some yoga and Mr. WLV recreated our friend The Vegan Engineer's amazing 'Chicken' Korma for dinner. It was really good. A lovely dinner.
The side streets we ran on.
'Chicken' Korma
On monday after work we walked from city centre to the Jewellery Quarter to meet our friend Plantbased Nurse.

Every Monday was meat free mondays at the Church. It's not a real church, it's a pub called the chruch. They had a BBQ pulled jackfruit platter. Afterwards we went to the Box of Frog Improve comedy show which was good as always.
One neat place to go shopping in Birmingham is the Great Western Arcade. We've never actually bought anything in the but it's fun to walk through. It's close to Colmore Plaza and the Cathedral.

Our friend Plant Based Nurse took us to his friends film night called the Magic Cinema. He hosts at a cafe called the Ort Cafe. There was a variety of different films. Anyone can submit a film to show to the audience.
We found this cool street art near the bus station in Digbeth. Digbeth is an area of Birmingham that used to be industrial but now a lot of the buildings are empty so graffiti artists have covered the place. 
The following day, Feb 20th, we bused to my friends place near the airport and she took us on an adventure. She drove us to the Cotswolds.

The Mount Inn, Stanton
 To read about our day trip to the Cotswolds click here!

The weekend came to an end and we headed back to work for the week.
Weather is starting to get nicer in Birmingham.
 The next weekend, Feb 27 & 28, we took a drive to Brighton for the first vegfest of the year!
 We made it to Brighton, and met a few of our friends from Birmingham, Brighton and London.
 To read our blog on beautiful Brighton, click here!

Brighton was awesome, and probably one of the best weekend trips we have had here.

Our video of Brighton:
We made it back to Birmingham and returned to work. It is getting much lighter in the mornings and evenings! Yay!
Beautiful Sun in the Morning 
We had a great month of February and sadly this brings us half way through our adventures in England. We have one more year left in England and we plan on making it amazing. Follow us over the next year as we make for the best of 2016!

To see what we are up to next month, find it here: "Spring into More Fun Living Abroad!"


  1. Sounds like a great month for you guys with a lot of fun stuffed in! I loved your photo of the street art too - I'm a sucker for good graffiti so it's always cool to see what the various artists can come up with.

    1. We had tons of fun. Birmingham is a great place for street art. Especially the Digbeth neighbourhood.

  2. Your posts always make me hungry. The food looks so delicious. I also want to check out more of England someday. We were there for 3 years since my husband is in the military, but were only around one area.

    1. That's good. I guess you must have seen it all around the area where he was stationed.

  3. Sounds like a fun-filled week and the food looks amazing! I love places that play live music, they are always so relaxing and friendly.

  4. Looks like such a great time! I love the brick streets :)

    1. Birmingham has no shortage of bricks that's for sure.

  5. I always love leap years. It sounds like you had a fantastic February. I would love to try some of these restaurants.

    1. Yeah if you are ever in Birmingham check them out.

  6. Thank you for bringing us on your trip. I love that you're enjoying yourself and traveling. Your posts always bring a smile to my face to see what adventure you're going to share with us next!

  7. The UK is so timely. I love the simple life. The food is beautiful

    1. We loved living in the UK. It is so vegan friendly.

  8. These posts always make me hungry. The food so good, I would love to visit here one day.

  9. Sounds like a lovely time was had by all. Are mushy peas good?

  10. Se manifique views and vibes! great photo journal and description, makes me wanna hop on a plane right now. lol

  11. Sounds like you had an amazing week! The Great Western Arcade looks awesome!

  12. i forgot the last time we had a leap year in the states. i always forget about it but glad you all enjoy yours and the food looks great.

  13. Looks like you've had some great adventures! Love the look of all that yummy food!

  14. It's so awesome that you have a lot of food choices available in Birmingham. It makes looking for good food easier, more than the places that I've been to. And since I'm following a vegan diet, a place like this is a gold mine!

    1. Thanks. Some places have more vegan options at restaurants than others.

  15. I love the idea of meet up groups to go out and dine. I used to belong to one and it's so much fun going to restaurants and testing them out. You suddenly become the expert amongst your friends of what the IN place to go should be. Looks like you enjoyed your meal and it looks pretty tasty.

  16. I would love to live in the UK! So much history and everything looks so beautiful!


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