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What We Learned in Our First Year Living Abroad.

When we decided to move to the UK we weren't sure exactly how it was going to go. We didn't have jobs lined up beforehand and it was going to be the longest we'd ever been away from our friends and family.  Turns out we did okay, we found jobs and didn't go broke either. We made it through our first year in England so we thought we would reflect on what we've learned about the experience.

  First off, moving to another country involves getting used to a different culture, attitudes and practices. Yes we moved to the UK, an English speaking country, so it doesn't feel completely foreign but cultural differences still make it feel like you're definitely not at home. When we speak, our accent gives us away as foreigners and people treat us differently. We are almost treated as exotic which was a bit unexpected and has worked in our favour in getting jobs and meeting people. Who would have thought we'd get compliments on our Canadian accents? Not us.

One Year in England! Let's go to London.

We were both feeling a little down having to return back to work from an amazing holiday to Prague.
That's why we booked a trip the following weekend to London! We were celebrating our one year living in England. It truly has been amazing and we are so grateful for all the people we have met here.

We went on Expedia and did the surprise booking. We picked our location and how many stars we wanted. You get a discounted rate but you have no idea what you are going to get. We got The Grange Fitzrovia. At first we were a little worried with some of the reviews it had but it seemed to have more good reviews than not. So we stuck by our booking.

Friday after work we took the 6:12pm train from Snow Hill to Marylebone Station. Our hotel "Grange Fitzrovia Hotel" was about a 15 minute walk from the station. We were pleased with our hotel upon arrival. Actually, we felt a little under dressed... We checked in and the receptionist was very polite. So far, so good. We went up to ou…

Sedlec Ossuary aka the Bone Church

My Dad went on a trip to Czech Republic a few years back and showed us some crazy pictures of this church he visited that was decorated with human skulls and bones. It really made us want to see it and we knew it was near the town of Kutna Hora. It's located in a suburb called Sedlec. We made our way to the train station in Prague to get to Kutna Hora.

We Heart Praha

Travel Diary
We started off our trip by meeting our friend The Vegan Engineer at New Street Station in Birmingham. We booked our flight out of the Stansted Airport in London because it was much cheaper than flying out of Birmingham.  We had to get off the train in London Euston and catch the tube to the train station Tottenham Hale.
We got to the airport and had a meal deal from WHsmith, as they have a few vegan selections. Then we boarded our plane to Prague!

Evesham Vegan Festival and Stratford-upon-Avon

We always hear people, such as Dolly Parton, complaining about working 9 to 5 but it's actually pretty good. Since we've been working 9 to 5 we've been able to have more of a social life since most other people work 9 to 5 as well. It allows you to go to more events because the world is geared towards 9 to 5ers.
Sure we just went to a huge vegan festival in Brighton but we decided to go to a little Vegan Fair in Evesham with Plant Based Nurse to get some food and stuff. Road trip! Evesham is a small market town. The great thing about going to random vegan fairs is that it gets us to go to places that we might not normally explore. You can pick just about anything that you're into and use it as the reason for travelling but going to vegan fairs works for us.

Leap Year = Extra Day in UK

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "Veganuary"
We started off February with a delicious Birmingham Vegans pizza night. We had a really good turn out as usual. We were thankful to have found such a social group of vegans to hangout with.
On February 4th it was one year ago that we got approved for our working holiday visas. We were pleased that we were accepted. Our life changed drastically and it has been an amazing adventure. We have learned a lot about ourselves and are now truly living our life the way we want.

...down to Brighton Vegfest! yo!

Just when it seemed like the work week would never end, the weekend came and now we start a new season of vegan festivals. The Birmingham Vegans went to Brighton Veg Fest last year but we weren't even in the UK last year...we were in CANADA!
Anywho, Plantbased Nurse drove us two, as it was much cheaper for us all to pitch in for gas, than it would have been for all of us to get the train there.
For this stay, we got ourselves an Airbnb. Check in was really easy. We told them when we would arrive, and they said they would be there for us. We checked in and they gave us a parking pass for the car. We were able to drop off our bags before check in, as they had another guest still in the room. They also gave us the house key and said the rooms would be ready upon our return. They were and it was a great stay.