If you missed last month's post, find it here: "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

Our month started out pretty good. January is also known as Veganuary which is a time when people are encouraged to take the vegan challenge and go vegan for at least a month. People can then carry on after that as well. Veganuary is also an organization as well. They promote the Veganuary campaign.

It was Mr. Wanderlust Vegan's (Mr. WLV) birthday. I'm not sure how we are going to refer to each other individually as we haven't thought up aliases yet, but for the blog we will be referring to each other as Mr and Mrs for now. Anyway, Mrs Wanderlust Vegan (Mrs. WLV) organised a surprise party for Mr.WLV as well as another one of our friends that has a birthday at around the same time. Many of the Vegan crew were there, or at least as much as Handmade Burger Co. was able to take a reservation for.

Handmade Burger has lots of vegan options. Mr. WLV had no idea that this event was planned and was even tricked into thinking that going out to Handmade Burger for Dinner was his idea.
Vegan Burger and Cajun Chips
Here are the birthday cakes for the birthday dudes. Both cakes were excellent.
Afterwards we went bowling which was completely spontaneous. It was pretty expensive but bowling is always fun so we're up for it regardless of price.
You'd think we had enough of Handmade Burger Co but no the next day we went there again because we found out that they had a Veganuary Special where if you got a vegan meal it was 50% off. Unbelievable! If only we had know the night before, then we would have got all of our burgers for cheap. We later learned you can't get the discount for parties larger than 4. The two of us met each other after work and then met one of our friends that was up for burgers two nights in a row.

We are still working full time to earn some cash to fund these travels. On the weekend we convinced our friend Plant-Based Nurse to drive us to Ikea for pretty much the sole purpose of trying the veggie balls that they have in the Ikea Restaurant. The were actually pretty good. Apparently people were upset before because they used to come with a sauce that wasn't vegan even though the veggie balls themselves are vegan. This is the new and improved Veggie Balls with Jambalaya and it was tasty.
The next day, we did some shopping and we happened to stop in a pet store to visit the animals. They had some cute Guinea Pigs for sale and to adopt as well. They are cute but it's a shame that they keep breeding these guys when there are plenty of pets out there that need to be adopted.
This guy is for adoption, his name is John or Geoff. (There was two in this pen, didn't know who was who)
Then we went for a walk into Selly Oak which is a part of town we hadn't seen before. It is crawling with university students because it is close to the Uni. We got some breakfast sandwiches at Selly Sausage that do a vegan option with the Linda McCartney sausages. We also went to the Korean Supermarket which had all kinds of Far East Asian food such as Tofu! Hurray for Tofu!
With the stuff we bought on our shopping trip we made some Vietnamese summer rolls and spicy peanut sauce to dip them in.
Summer Rolls and Spicy Peanut Sauce
Being January the weather has been getting really cold. At least the morning sunrise is beautiful.
Homemade Lasagna with VBites Cheezley

We made our way to London with our friends to attend a London vegan youtube meet up. To read about our travels to London click here. We also started a Youtube Channel to post some video clips from our travels. To go to our new Youtube Channel Click here! We think it will be a great addition to our blog and we can't wait to upload more videos.
Our pal put on an comedy show called the Cup O' Tea Comedy show which had a bunch of stand up comedians and it was really fun. He plans on putting these on monthly at the Mocking Bird Theatre in Digbeth so we are looking forward to going again.

In the Bull Ring shopping centre we went to the much talked about Wrap Chic to try their vegan option the soya amritsari burrito. This place sells Indian food in burrito form. It is excellent and well priced as well.

Another day, we wandered through the canals to get to our friend The Vegan Engineer's place to plan a trip. To see our day wandering around Birmingham Click here.

To end the month we had a pretty great weekend. On the friday, one of our friends had a going away party at Handmade Burger since she is going back to Germany now. Since it is still "Veganuary" we all got the 50% off deal for ordering their vegan options. We actually went there a couple days beforehand as well so I think the staff there are going to start recognising us soon.

We both like the sweet potato and bean burger the most along with their cajun chips. The super salad is nice as well.

We had a great time hanging out with our friend before she moves away. Although our friend is moving back to Germany we haven't seen that last of her yet. We plan on meeting up with her on our next holiday which we just finished planning.

The next day we made some pretty tasty baguette sandwiches with garlic mushrooms, tomatoes, houmous, vegan mayo, and lots of arugula. We did some holiday planning with our friend moving away and then we ended up playing Cards Against Humanity with our other friend Plant Based Nurse and our flatmates. Our flat mates own the UK Edition so some of the cards are confusing to us Canadians. Sometimes is makes it better because we don't even know the cringe worthy combinations that we are creating.
 On the final day of January we hung out with our flat mates and played a board game called Mansions of Madness which they own. It has to be one of our favorite board games. There is different stories each time but the idea is to move around the mansion investigating to find clues to solve the mystery laid out at the beginning. One player is the bad guy and tries to stop us and kill us with all sorts of evil creatures.

January was a busy month. Mrs WLV worked a lot of hours and while Mr WLV was laid off from his job, he managed to find another one fairly quickly though so it was no big deal.

We have more adventures coming up in February. It is gearing up to be even more jam packed with travel fun. Stay tuned.

To see what we are up to next month, find it here: "Leap Year = Extra Day in UK"


  1. Me too I need to have a partner so I can become vegan

    1. Having someone to turn to for advice and stuff makes it easier. There are lots of vegan group online which is one way to connect with people in your area.

  2. I love Glasgow! I have been living there six months and it was amazing! so many places to go! I haven't been to any of these places to eat though. The food looks so good! xx corinne

    1. That's awesome. Glasgow is a fun place. We really enjoyed our time there.

  3. Happy Birthday! That rabbit is so cute! I hope he gets adopted!

  4. I have to confess, the thought of going vegan has been coming up in y mind alot. Your post and the burger pictures make it more tempting. I started weaning off red meat. Maybe in Veganaury 2017 i´ll take the challenge and see how 1 month goes, All the best with your YT channel.

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah give it a try. There is actually a charity called Veganuary. They have a website There is a vegan starter guide and some recipes and other information.

  5. Those vegan burgers look amazing. You would never even know that they aren't beef. I really want to go there and try that food!

    1. They have some great vegan burgers at Handmade Burger Co. We wish we had them back in Canada.

  6. It looks like you had a really great day :) All the best and good luck with your vegan diet! Everything looks amazing yummyyyy :D

  7. This is so cute!! Happy birthday! <3

  8. happy birthday and happy vegan eating to you. i love vegan/organic..


  9. I love Wrapchic! I've eaten there a few times and the food is great. Glad you enjoyed it too.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! Finding really good Vegan earteries can be hard. This looks like a great place

    1. Thanks. Depends where you are. We didn't have much trouble finding vegan eateries in the UK.


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