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Road Trippin' Through the Cotswolds

We started off our travels today by making our way to our friends place near the Birmingham airport. We took the bus as we have National Express West Midlands travel cards for work. She met us at a pub car park and took us back to her place. We warmed up with some tea, got ready and made our way towards the Cotswolds. They are located throughout several counties.

6 Tips to Planning a Great Holiday for Less

For those of you who know us, you know that we are frugal. We love to save money to spend on our holidays. We love to get the most bang for our buck. People have said that bargains follow us around. We think it's because we are good at finding these deals. We've put together a few tips to help you save money on your future trips.

1. Comparing prices between different booking sites.
We're talking about websites such as Expedia, Last Minute, Hostel World, individual Hotels' official websites and even Airbnb. Make sure to read the reviews of the hotels/hostels you are booking so you can find the best value for money. Know your budget and work within it. See if there are cheaper hotels that have decent reviews. Sometimes hotels/hostels get bad reviews from users for completely stupid reasons or for things that don't concern you at all so check the reviews. Likewise, the reviews can prevent you from booking a disaster holiday.

Best Mobile Apps for Travel

We often hear people complain about how mobile phones are stopping us from living our lives and that we are all a bunch of zombies staring at small screens. We understand why people complain about this as we see it too. We always witness people staring at their phones in public rather than socialising. That being said, mobile phones are just a tool and it's all in how you use them. Here are our favorite travel related apps that we use on almost every trip.

1. Airbnb. Hotels are expensive and if you are travelling as a couple hostels are surprisingly not that cost effective either. Luckily airbnb has listings just about everywhere we've wanted to travel in the UK and the cost is low. If you sign up your friends they get credit and you get credit as well.


If you missed last month's post, find it here: "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

Our month started out pretty good. January is also known as Veganuary which is a time when people are encouraged to take the vegan challenge and go vegan for at least a month. People can then carry on after that as well. Veganuary is also an organization as well. They promote the Veganuary campaign.
It was Mr. Wanderlust Vegan's (Mr. WLV) birthday. I'm not sure how we are going to refer to each other individually as we haven't thought up aliases yet, but for the blog we will be referring to each other as Mr and Mrs for now. Anyway, Mrs Wanderlust Vegan (Mrs. WLV) organised a surprise party for Mr.WLV as well as another one of our friends that has a birthday at around the same time. Many of the Vegan crew were there, or at least as much as Handmade Burger Co. was able to take a reservation for.
Handmade Burger has lots of vegan options. Mr. WLV had no idea that this …