Resolution for 2016

Our New Years resolution for 2016, is to focus more of our energy on our blog. We will be dedicated to posting every Wednesday. These posts will include our travels, veganism and inspiration to live life to the fullest.

We want to become more open with our readers about ourselves and help others find their passions in life. We always knew deep down that we wanted to travel, and going vegan was the best decisions of our life. The only thing we regret is not doing any of this sooner. We put off leaving on trips for too long. We tried to be happy with a holiday once or twice a year. We didn't really have a social life, and ultimately we were not being ourselves. We were trying to please everyone else, and not living for us.

We are really happy where 2015 has taken us, and are super excited for what 2016 has in store. We've really enjoyed writing about our trips thus far and hope that within time they will improve greatly. This blog really helps keep us on our journey to live the life that makes us happy. As well as posting every Wednesday, we will be active daily on twitter and instagram.

If something amazing comes up and we need to post about it immediately we will have additional posts. For example: This New Year's post.

Happy New Year Everyone!

-Wanderlust Vegans xx

Update: Going forward from April - we will be posting our monthly blog posts the first Sunday of every month. We realised we have too much content and not enough Wednesdays. In order to keep our posts as consistent as we like, we need to post on some Sundays.

As well as an additional post a month, we will be adding vlogs to our trips. These are for those people who like to follow along with our journey who aren't into reading every detail of our trip.

Update: We have started adding "Travel Tip" blog posts on the second Sunday of every month.

We also post twice a week now! Sunday's and Wednesdays!

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