Best Vegan Food 2015

*Warning, do not view this blog post on an empty stomach!* Now that you have all been warned, prepare yourself for some amazing looking food. We have gone through and put together some photos and reviews of our favourite vegan finds of 2015. Food from Ireland, United Kingdom and Spain.


First off we have a Burrito from Saburritos in Dublin. We accidentally found this place when searching for dinner. Mexican restaurants often have vegan options or have a vegetarian option that can be easily veganised. For this burrito we removed the cheese and sour cream and added guacamole. They didn't charge extra for the guac and the burrito was fantastic. Unfortunately the options here are very limited, but they were open late.
Saburritos, Dublin, Ireland.

Continuting in Dublin we found Govindas very accommodating. Govindas is the restaurant that is run by the Hare Krishnas. They had a wide variety of vegan curries available as well as desserts. A plate of food piled pretty high is cheap at 9 euros. It fed both of us.
Govindas, Dublin, Ireland.
Hey guys, if you go to Dublin then you must go to Cornucopia. The food is delicious and healthy and the lunch special is reasonably priced as well. It included a choice of 3 salads, soup, bread and vegan pate for 8.95 euros. The garlic potatoes were the best.
Cornucopia, Dublin, Ireland.
In Cork we found a sandwich at the Quay Co-op Cafe/Shop which one of the wanderlust vegans dubbed the greatest sandwich ever made. Bold words wanderlust vegan, you might say. Sure that might be a little bit of hyperbole but it was damn good.
Quay Co-op in Cork, Ireland.
The Quay Co-op also had a restaurant above the shop which we didn't even notice when we went in the Quay Co-op shop for the first time. Good thing we went back. We had an excellent tofu Thai curry that came with chips and veggies! We were pretty full. They also had a vegan cheese cake, both cooked and raw as well as other desserts.

Quay Co-op Restaurant, Cork, Ireland..

We had lots of delicious food at Glasgow, Scotland VegFest but this Korean Raw Wrap was particularly delicious and nutritious. Their store is based in Sheffield, England. We tried to go when we were in Sheffield, but they are closed on Sundays.
Korean Raw Wrap, Glascow VegFest.

On our trip to Liverpool International Music Festival we were pleasantly surprised to find a food cart called Beets and Beans with some vegan hot dogs and garlic potatoes that were most excellent. We were able to chow down and chill while listening to the music festival. We've looked to see if they are based anywhere, but it seems they travel around the UK bringing good food to all. So, if you happen to be at an event and they are there, don't forget to check them out. 
Beets and Beans Liverpool cart hotdogs and garlicpotatoes.
The Church in the Jewelry Quarter Birmingham has a number of vegan options and on meat free Mondays their veggie options are 50% off! The Shia NoBeouf Burger is our favorite. Named after Shia LaBeouf of course. (Is he vegan?) They also have a couple other vegan options to choose from.
Shia NoBeouf Jackfruit Burger, Cajun Fries, The Church, Jewelry Quarter, Birmingham.
Mr Singh's Pizza is the best. We have it at least once a month at the Birmingham Vegans pizza meetup at the Wellington Pub but sometimes we get it delivered as well. This is the most satisfying, greasiest, amazing pizza you'll ever have. Comfort food at its best. We usually go for the Vegan pepperoni, but they do a mean vegan sausage pizza. They also do a deal on Monday's where if you order a XL pizza you get a classic small for free.  
Mr Singh's World Famous Pizza.
The Vegan Grindhouse is a food cart that does a take over the kitchen at the Mockingbird Theatre in the Custard Factory every Monday. They make some pretty tasty vegan junk food such as this chili cheese dog. They started having an open mic night so we get to watch lots of talented people while eating. The rest of the time, they post their location on their facebook page. Their food is veganised American fast food.
Chili Dog, Vegan Grindhouse, Mockingbird Theatre,Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham.
The Northern Vegan Festival in Manchester was really busy. We could barely squeeze past anyone it was so crowded and we were getting pretty hungry. The food stall that didn't have a massive queue was the Caribbean food stall. Turns out vegan Caribbean food is amazing and flavourful. They are based in London.
Caribbean Food, Northern Vegan Festival, Manchester.
In Manchester you will find V Revolution, it is like a punk rock/1950's American diner with all vegan food.Their burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches are all very tasty and they even have milk shakes. We already tried their food at a stall at the the Greater Yorkshire Vegan Festival in Leeds but we were excited to check out the restaurant. 

Blueberry Milkshake, V Revolution, Manchester.
The Egg Cafe in Liverpool has a few flights of stairs you have to climb to get to the top. I think it's on the third floor or something. We got to the top, entered the restaurant, and then saw the Cash Only sign.

We walked out and went back down the stairs to go to a cash point. It was funny because when we came back the guy behind the counter said that he thought we took one look at the menu and then walked out. We ended up getting the lunch special  which was a vegan scouse (veganised local dish). They had other vegan mains and desserts as well.

Vegan Scouse, The Egg Cafe, Liverpool.
The Hill Field's Animal Sanctuary was having an open house/event to raise money and Mex It Up was one of the food carts there. Tex Mex vegan tacos! Need I say more?
Mex it Up, food cart, Birmingham Area, Jackfruit Tacos.
We did a lot of walking on our second trip to London showing Mom around and we knew we needed to check out the Tofush and Chips we'd heard so much about. It definitely lived up to its reviews. We will be headed back there to eat it again. Seeing as how the Coach and Horses pub is the the West End we ended up see the musical The Commitments. It was a spur of the moment dinner and a musical.
The Coach and Horses, London, Veggie/Vegan Pub, Tofush and Chips.

After visiting Lincoln Castle our friends took us to Pimento Tea Room where we had this Sri Lankin Sweet Potato Curry. They had many vegan options to choose from and we were happy to have tried this one.
Sri Lankin Sweet Potato Curry, Lincoln.
Alfie Birds in the Custard Factory makes a great Neopolitan style Vegan Pesto Pizza. We're down with any excuse to go to the Custard Factory because it is so cool there and there's lots of stuff to see. This pizza is well worth the visit.
Vegan Pesto Pizza Alphie Birds, Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham.
Since being in the UK our sushi intake has drastically plummeted since there isn't as much vegan sushi here compared to in British Columbia. That being said, these sushi wraps are the best we've ever had and such a simple/creative street food. We are definitely going to find this food cart again. Happy Maki's the name and vegan sushi's their game. You will have to go to their websites to find their next location.
Happy Maki Sushi Wrap, Bristol VegFest.
Luckily we had just enough cash to buy these falafel wraps at Falafel King before leaving Bristol. These were the smaller sized ones believe it or not. They did not disappoint. I definitely regret that we bought a falafel wrap from Tesco earlier that day. Tesco meal deals have their use, i.e. taking the pain away but if only we had known earlier this was just around the corner.
Falafel Wrap Falafel King Bristol.
Vegan donuts?! All these vegan junk food choices are amazing. Good thing we did a lot of walking on this 1st London trip to make up for the food we ate. These donuts can be found at Ruby's in Greenwich Market. The whole stall is of vegan baked goodies.
Chocolate Chai Donut, Ruby's, Greenwich Market.
Also in Greenwich Market you can find Block B. This falafel wrap was wrapped so tight that it doesn't make for much of a photo but trust us when we tell you that it was one of the best. Bristol falafels had a lot of sauce which was excellent but these had so many different veggies, and pickles and deliciousness. Plus he wrapped them in a no nonsense manor that made them easy to eat without spilling all over yourself which is a relief.
Block B Falafel Wrap, Greenwich Market.

A regular spot for us to visit is Cherry Reds in Birmingham and Kings Heath.We enjoy their Vegan breakfast. Cherry Reds rules. You can go there any time of day and they have a great selection of vegan food, breakfast, jacket potatoes (baked potatoes), sandwiches, wraps and cakes. They also can tell you which of their alcoholic beverages are vegan.
Vegan Breakfast Cherry Reds.

While walking through Barcelona searching for a Vegan place we found on Happy Cow we spotted Dos Trece and their vegan menu. It was difficult to decide what to get because there were quite a few different choices. 
Vegan French Toast, Dos Trece, Barcelona.
Vegan Nachos, Dos Trece, Barcelona.

We got a bit lost trying to find Cat Bar in Barcelona. We ended up going through a bunch of alleys but it was neat because we got to see all the little tapas restaurants and bars in the Gothic Quarter. Eventually we found CAT BAR and enjoyed the Vegano food. All of their food and alcohol is vegan
Cat Bar Burgers, Barcelona.
CAT BAR even had some dessert as well.
Vegano Cheesecake, CatBar Barcelona, Catelonia.

It's been a fun year and food wise it's been a yummy year. We've found lots of places to eat with great food and atmosphere as well. If you ever get the chance, check out one of these amazing places.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Gosh this post makes me soooo want to be back in England! I'll have to check out these places when I head back. Thanks for all the tips :)

    1. Enjoy them! England has gotten very vegan friendly, it is incredible!

  2. I love vegan pizza! Those all look so great. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Us too! We could have pizza every night! Thanks for reading.


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