Best Memories of Twenty Fifteen

Looking back on 2015 we went through our blog posts and put together a compilation of our favourite memories and photos. We've sorted them and added links back to the original posts as well. This is our story for the year and these are our best experiences of 2015.

January: We applied for our working visas to live in the United Kingdom.  It's easy to lose track of something you are doing, or to keep putting it off. We used the pictures as our wallpaper on our cellphones and computer to remind us of our goals everyday. Such as "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough" and "If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it"

February: Our visas got approved. We packed up our apartment, stored our belongings at our parents house and prepared for the adventure that awaited us. This is a photo of us the last few days before we moved out of our apartment. We used a world map to put pins into the destinations we have been to. (It's now in storage, and we have made a paper one out of travel magazines to have on our wall in England)
Pointing to Europe.

On the beach in Bournemouth
March: We tied up loose ends, said farewell to our friends and family and bought a one way ticket to  England. We stayed in Bournemouth for two weeks before heading North.

Flight from Vancouver to Gatwick

Durlston Country Park

April: We moved into our flat in Birmingham, England. We settled in and started exploring. Birmingham is the biggest city we've lived in by far and it took awhile to get our bearings. We explored the neighbourhood in Edgbaston, Harbourne and the City Centre as well.
Birmingham City Centre.
We made our way to London to see what the fuss is about. London is a must see and we had been excitedly waiting to visit the big city. London did not disappoint and we had a blast there. There is so much going on there and it is very exciting.
Neal's Yard in London, England

May: Our tour of Vegan festivals in the UK started with VegFest in Bristol. We had so much fun at that festival and visiting Bristol that we decided that we would go to more vegan festivals as a way of exploring the UK. Vegan festivals are a good excuse to travel to different cities in the UK. We chose the following photos because they are our favourites from Bristol.
Vegfest festival goers.
St. Peter's Church

Ship in River Avon

June: Although we were both working full time in June we managed to find the time to visit Leeds for the Greater Yorkshire Vegan festival. We visited Lincoln to hang out with some vegan facebook friends and we further explored Birmingham as well.

Briggate Leeds

View of Lincoln Cathedral from Lincoln Castle

July:  We flew to Barcelona and met Mom where we embarked on an amazing cruise through the Mediterranean . We stopped in Italy, France, and Spain.

Norwegian Epic
Leaning tower of Pisa

We had such wonderful weather and it was an awesome trip.

When in Rome!

Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona

August: Travelling to the Isle of Wight to hang out with my uncle and see where some of my ancestors lived was fun. The Donkey Sanctuary was definitely a highlight of the trip as well.

September: We started off in Liverpool for the long weekend. We really liked Liverpool and plan to return there. We tried to go through all of the love locks to find our names, but we were unsuccessful on finding our names together. It was still really fun to read the love locks and see what people wrote on them.
Love Locks
October: It was a very busy month. We found ourselves in Manchester for the Northern Vegan Festival. 
Graffiti in Manchester 
Then we made our way to Southampton for a 6 night cruise through the Iberian Peninsula.
Standing in Vigo, Spain looking over to Valenca, Portugal. The river separates the two countries.
Gloria Funicular in Lisbon, Portugal

Bank in Cartagena, Spain

November:  We enjoyed exploring more of Birmingham. We took a journey through Middle Earth and joined in the Birmingham Christmas festivities.
Sarehole Mill. 
Edgbastion Reservoir
December: We had a great time on our road trip to Glasgow to attend the first Veg fest in Scotland.
River Clyde
We also had an amazing time visiting Dublin, Cork and Bray in Ireland.
Scenic drive from Dublin to Cork

We had a wonderful Christmas in Lincoln and a great New Year spent in Birmingham. 2015 was a fantastic year and we cannot wait to see what happens in 2016.

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  1. That sounds just perfect!!! You're right, before taking the first step, its really very scary, but once in, there's obviously no turning back! Durlston & Bournemouth are indeed beautiful! Glad you know that you managed to see so many places even after june with your full time work!

    1. It was an experience of a life time! We can't believed we waited so long to go!

  2. What an eventful year. I've only been to London once, and it was only a short visit. Ireland is definitely on our list for sooner rather than later!

    1. Ireland was amazing. I hope you get there. We had a great year

  3. Looks like 2015 was indeed a great start for your journey! I am sure you will have a lot more fun years ahead! :)

    1. It was s wonderful year. We love to go on adventures.

  4. Looks like you guys hit a lot of hot spots! The donkey sanctuary was an interesting one! Hope you have more fun adventures!

    1. The donkey sanctuary was a great place to visit.

  5. I am interested to join a VegFest in Bristol. It would be so much fun to eat and see what they offer.
    I have watched some of your videos and you two look so sweet to each other always.

  6. That's a great start...lots of explorations around England and even a cruise! 2015 seems to have been full of wonderful memories.

    1. 2015 was a fantastic year. We enjoyed it. We had some wonderful memories.

  7. Sounds like a perfect year! Even with work you where able to travel and see some interesting places. I love that. It's nice to read about other peoples travel years and compare them to your own. I know they are all different, but still it's nice to see how others do it all.

    1. I find it inspiring to read about other peoples adventures. There is just so much to see and do.

  8. Sounds like an amazing year of travelling. I would love all those vegan festivals you visited throughout. I have yet to hear of any out here in Vancouver, Canada. Glad you took the leap and went out on your adventure. A year goes by fast, right?!

    1. The vegan festivals were a great way to see the UK. Vancouver usually has one in July.

  9. Wow, that's really great that you managed to see so many places with your work. We are also doing the same though it takes lot of efforts but it's fun!

    1. It sometimes becomes a little exhausting, but it is so worth it.


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