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Top 5 Must See Vegan/Animal Documentaries

This post is a bit of a change from the travel blog. Instead of travel photos and vegan food we're looking at documentaries that meant something to us. There are plenty of documentaries out there that support veganism and animal rights. We watched many when we were first going vegan and I think that it helps support your decision with more information and reminds you on why exactly you wanted to be vegan in the first place. Here are some of the vegan documentaries that stood out to us when we went vegan.

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1. Forks Over Knives. This documentary looks at the health benefits of veganism. While you probably should go vegan for the animal rights issues, the health benefits are an added bonus. You don't have to sacrifice your health to stop eating animals and in fact when you don't eat animals your health improves.

Wandering, Hoummus, Curry and Planning.

We went over to our friend The Vegan Engineer's place on Saturday. We thought we would walk instead of taking transit, as we love to wander. The walk was just over an hour and we knew the general direction, so we didn't get too lost. We aimed to walk off the beaten path and head in the directions of parks and canals. The first park we came across was quite nice. The trees look beautiful in winter.

Best Memories of Twenty Fifteen

Looking back on 2015 we went through our blog posts and put together a compilation of our favourite memories and photos. We've sorted them and added links back to the original posts as well. This is our story for the year and these are our best experiences of 2015.

January: We applied for our working visas to live in the United Kingdom.  It's easy to lose track of something you are doing, or to keep putting it off. We used the pictures as our wallpaper on our cellphones and computer to remind us of our goals everyday. Such as "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough" and "If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it"

February: Our visas got approved. We packed up our apartment, stored our belongings at our parents house and prepared for the adventure that awaited us. This is a photo of us the last few days before we moved out of our apartment. We used a world map to put pins into the destinations we have been…

Vegan Youtuber Meet-up and Camden Town, London

We started off our day by getting up at 4:30am and heading to Birmingham New Street station for our 6:14am train.

Joining us on the trip this time was Plant-Based Nurse and The Vegan Engineer. When you travel on off peak times, trains can be very affordable. We paid £12 return trip to London for the two of us.

Deadpan Vegan, nearly didn't make it there on time. We kept calling and texting him but we were getting no response. Finally at 6am he sent us a message saying that he just woke up and was on his way. We had serious doubts as to whether he would make it. Turns out he did, which is good considering this meetup to see the London Youtubers was his idea in the first place. He's the one who wanted to start a YouTube channel.

Best Vegan Food 2015

*Warning, do not view this blog post on an empty stomach!* Now that you have all been warned, prepare yourself for some amazing looking food. We have gone through and put together some photos and reviews of our favourite vegan finds of 2015. Food from Ireland, United Kingdom and Spain.


First off we have a Burrito from Saburritos in Dublin. We accidentally found this place when searching for dinner. Mexican restaurants often have vegan options or have a vegetarian option that can be easily veganised. For this burrito we removed the cheese and sour cream and added guacamole. They didn't charge extra for the guac and the burrito was fantastic. Unfortunately the options here are very limited, but they were open late.

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "Food, Friends and Festivities."
If we could sum up December in one word, it would be BUSY! December is usually a busy month, no matter where we have lived, but this year, it was exceptionally busy. 
We started off our month like any other with a Birmingham Vegans pizza meet up.

Resolution for 2016

Our New Years resolution for 2016, is to focus more of our energy on our blog. We will be dedicated to posting every Wednesday. These posts will include our travels, veganism and inspiration to live life to the fullest.

We want to become more open with our readers about ourselves and help others find their passions in life. We always knew deep down that we wanted to travel, and going vegan was the best decisions of our life. The only thing we regret is not doing any of this sooner. We put off leaving on trips for too long. We tried to be happy with a holiday once or twice a year. We didn't really have a social life, and ultimately we were not being ourselves. We were trying to please everyone else, and not living for us.

We are really happy where 2015 has taken us, and are super excited for what 2016 has in store. We've really enjoyed writing about our trips thus far and hope that within time they will improve greatly. This blog really helps keep us on our journey to live th…